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$6,548 pledged of $25,000 goal

Update and Lore Spotlight: Cosmatons


The 1042nd Stargazers Squadron of the A.D.F.S (Allied Defence Force Signals) A group of 3 pilots in deep space on the outer rim of one of the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Signals are always first on the ground so to speak. This region of space is less explored but it’s the ongoing mission of the 1042nd to patrol space in this part of the Galaxy, lay probes and set up the information infrastructure for larger operations in the future. Not much happens in this region of space. It’s a backwater but occasionally there are missions such as scuppered merchant vessels in need of rescue. Anti-Smuggling missions Etc.

The standard ride of space squadrons are retro-future mechs called Cosmatons(Cosmata).

They are built with a standard body chassis skeleton that allows for attachments of various armor, thruster configurations and load outs. Their primary thrust are usually large engines at the shoulder and medium engines at the back of the legs. However dotted at key points on their bodies are mini thrusters. These are designed almost completely for space as such they are incredibly nimble and fast. They are capable of using these thrusters to spin along any axis.

Cosmatons are catapulted from the hangar of the ship much like jets are today, getting them up to speed and into space before they fire their engines.


Handlegrips are on a sliding control system, each side controls thrust to it’s respective engine. The handlegrips tilt up and down and this controls pitch of the thrusters. while a thumb stick controls the arms and pushes in to open/close the hand.

Pedals in flight mode slide backwards and forwards, providing thrust to the feet. While tilting the pedals moves the legs, allowing the pilot to change the angle of thrust. In ground mode sliding the pedals moves the upper leg and tilting the pedals moves the knee down.

The entire center seat tilts slightly, controlling the roll of the mech.

Cosma pilots use the combination of hand controls and a targeting computer to acquire and lock on targets in the case of engagements.

Launch Protocol

Prior to launch a Cosmaton is fitted to a crane rack system on the back of the chassis. At this point the pilot enters from a catwalk and closes the cockpit and begins pre-flight system checks. At this point the crane hoists the cosma to a lock at the end of the Cosmabay, here atmosphere is pumped out and the rack locks into the Catapult assembly. The launch bay doors open, final preparations are made and then the cosma is launched from the ship.


We don't have a big update today. We're getting into some of the big updates planned for the Stargazers Kickstarter, but we still lag behind in interest and pledge %. However we have much more planned to entice backers to the project still to come!

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