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$6,548 pledged of $25,000 goal

Update and Character Spotlight: Hue-Lit Ozuma


Captain Ozuma was born with a lame right leg. As a child, she underwent numerous surgeries to ensure she could live a healthy life, but still requires a cane to walk. Despite her handicap, she enrolled in an officer program during academy, and through exhaustive effort rose to the rank of Captain and was given command of the Shooting Star on an assignment into deep space.

While on duty she is very focused on the task at hand and her smile fades and she shows the diligence and seriousness that got her to this position. Off duty however Captain Ozuma acts more maternally, which she feels is important in the isolation of deep space.

She has a finely developed palate for alcohol, especially hard spirits, though she only gets a shipment of real liquor once every couple of months. Outside of that she will often drink synthesized booze made from collecting interstellar ethanol which she doesn’t much care for.


Currently we're behind where we estimated to be at this point in the campaign. Although we are certain we will have The Stargazers funded in the end, we have some very well known voice actresses & actors on the project that we'd love to work with. It might not be fair to them, or their fans if we cannot deliver on the goal of voice acting.

Notable reasons why we're behind have to do with timing, when right as we launched, one of the largest Hurricanes in US history hit Texas. The audio engineering team Sound Cadence is based in Texas as well as several of our VAs for their work with Funimation. This caused some initial trepidation on the project that we might have to cancel it and wait until later.

However, MangaGamer our publisher who has been helping us with PR are doing their best to get more awareness about The Stargazers! We may have missed the initial first days of hype, however we are committed to spreading the word to those who've missed our first announcements.

We don't ask for much, but if you have friends who play visual novels, you can help us out a lot simply by following us on Twitter and retweeting us.

Lupiesoft on Twitter

You can also help by reading this thread on /r/visualnovels, upvoting the thread and asking questions AMA style and we will be there to answer any and all of your questions so others can get a sense of our commitment to getting this project funded, and with voice acting!

Lupiesoft's thread on /r/visualnovels

Thank you, we really appreciate the support we have gotten so far, and we have some pretty cool new stuff to share with everyone coming this September!

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