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$6,548 pledged of $25,000 goal

Update and Character Spotlight: Joanna Starlark


A brash Cosma savant who quickly turned into an ace pilot within the ADF. Initially encouraged by her peers and commanding officers for her reckless style, she was promoted and gained notoriety by the public around her. But this reinforcement only fueled her ego to further heights, causing her to engage in more outlandish behavior. Suddenly she was being reprimanded when before she was being celebrated for bravery, and started becoming disillusioned with the ADF as a whole.

After a few months of playing straight-laced pilot she backslid into her usual behavior. Excessive gambling, stunt piloting, drinking, bringing girls on base wherever she was stationed, and using military funds for parties. She became a one-woman PR disaster for the ADF, and was on the verge of being dishonorably discharged. Betrayed and shunned by the peers who once celebrated with her, she became bitter and vengeful. Before being discharged, she commandeered her Cosma on an unsanctioned sortie mission, never to return.

Now a mercenary in the Outer Rim, she flies for the highest bidder and anyone who can promise her a thrill. Despite regulations against it, she had undergone many experiments in the uncharted regions of the cosmos, risking genetic manipulation and gene splicing to increase her senses and reflexes behind normal human limits. This also had the effect of making her become much more wolf-like and aggressive. When she’s not merc’ing for smugglers or pirates, she’s bouncing between seedy casino and resort space stations to drink, party, and chase girls.


We've altered the way we're releasing the Remastered/DLC on Steam.

To avoid confusion the game will stay at $13 on Steam and be updated to the Remastered base game for everyone.

The DLC will be $7 which has all the bonus content.

Everyone who pledges to Master Chief tier and above gets the game and the sequel DLC together just like before.

If you have the game already you can get the special $5 price sequel DLC as an add-on in the add-on section.

We hope this helps simplify things, and answers everyone's questions regarding how the base game and the sequel are handled!

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    1. Taosym 3-time creator on August 31, 2017

      It will be patched and updated for the remastered version. And there will be a patch that adds any of the mature content to the Steam version.

    2. Missing avatar

      on August 31, 2017

      What's going to happen to the current version that's available on MangaGamer?
      Will it be removed or changed?