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$6,548 pledged of $25,000 goal

Update and Character Spotlight: Viiflidi ‘Vii’ Ylvida Camilladilly Marjoram-ana

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Vii has a very calm, passive exterior, never really bothered by anything. She’s optimistic and carefree no matter the situation, even when getting lectured by Tem. Vii is a woman that’s very true to her desires, lacks a behavior-filter, and never lets herself be held back by reservations.

Vii is fascinated with humans, and human society. She could easily spend an entire weekend in her quarters doing nothing but watching human shows and reading boards over HoloNet. Her room is usually messy with things like junk food bags and clothes strewn about, which drives Tem crazy. Risty is often found in her room (Some of the clothes strewn around are her own.)

Because Vii doesn’t have access to food from her homeworld, she actually maintains a healthy diet through mineral supplements. When taking physicals she will get resupplies on her supplements. These consist of various metals like iron, tin, copper, aluminium, graphite, etc. powderized and taken in pill form.


Kickstarter experienced a image server issue earlier today, which has since resolved that messed up our Kickstarter page for a few hours. Thanks for everyone who helped point out all the issues so that they could be fixed!

We have changes our position on Stargazers Remaster on Steam, and how we offer the patch. Due to how Steam works, and how we wish to be consumer friendly as we can. When this Kickstarter is successful. The Stargazers will automatically update to the remastered version of the original game's length, then the sequel content will be available as a $7 DLC that is 5x longer than the original game with hours of new content!

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