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Dizzy Hearts is the story of a young girl who travels far from home. She meets Mercilia, a young elf at odds with her destiny.
Dizzy Hearts is the story of a young girl who travels far from home. She meets Mercilia, a young elf at odds with her destiny.
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New Stretch Goals and VA Auditions

Posted by Taosym (Creator)

This morning we broke 11k! it's quite awesome. We have a new stretch goal now, Vagabond at 16.5k. This is the full game 500k words, without OP/EDs like we've secured for DH. However if we hit 16.5k, anything more will be used to improve my games overall. I'll also be using profit from DH to help fund Vagabond as well. Depending on how well DH does, we might be able to realize Vagabond as well!

That said, tomorrow morning I'm going to posting another update, the voice acting audition update.

What I'm going to be doing is providing a few sample lines for Mercilia and Seriva from the game demo available for everyone. I will list my contact information so people who audition can email me an .mp3 of their dialogue. You can voice as many lines, as few lines, either or both characters. The idea is not "more is best", but to show you in character.

I will be posting details about fees I'm offering, contact details, scripts and more tomorrow. The current time frame for audition entries is March 22nd - April 22nd. Then I'll select two VAs and announce them here, of FB and my new website~!

Thanks everyone!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Still Gaming on

      "Voice Acting Get!" Glad to see this stretch goal reached. Don't lose heart if you don't reach the Vagabond stretch goal. Just pour everything you've got into Dizzy Hearts and if widely successful, people would throw cash at the monitor for Vagabond. There's some fairly good voice actors at VoiceActingAlliance if you're looking for more submissions to find the right voices.

    2. Simon Do on

      Oh god, i see Nyanners as Mercilla, hnngh

    3. Federico on

      Thanks for the lenghty explanation. I understand your concerns about Kickstarter, but i also invite you to consider that neither Inxile (which is quite a big developer!) doesn't seem to have any problem in funding every game through kickstarter, and nor its backers. Remember that basically these kind of kickstarters act as pre-order (on trust), so it's really nothing shameful, especially if their aim is to increase the quality of the final product! I also think that if you ran a poll and asked most of your backers, we wouldn't be against the possiblity of funding another kickstarter, and help your studio. Though, it's true that it if you wait until after DH release this 2nd campain will be much more successfull (hey, maybe even 55k wouldn't be out of question!). We'll wait for your decision, in the meantime, good luck with the auditions!

    4. Taosym 3-time creator on

      What Ian said, mostly I was planning on starting on Vagabond after DH. The plan is to have Vagabond be a massive game and that also requires having concept artists to help me behind the scenes. I also want to see how Dizzy Hearts does and how I can make Vagabond even better.

      At this point Dizzy Hearts will be 200k words long, and to make Vagabond it's full length of around 1mil it might need something like 55k instead of 11k. I might even endeavor to have it voice acted. Thing is I just don't want to run a Kickstarter for every project, a lot of the money everyone is helping me with isn't just being put forth into the game, I'm also setting up Lupiesoft as a studio. Kickstarter I think is really great for kick starting that. I might need some help in the future, but I want to wait till after DH before I decide that. The ultimate goal I think is to be totally self-sufficient and one game funds the next. I have the ideas on paper for 2 more games after Vagabond. So there's no shortage of things I can do! :)

      As for the voices, part of what makes people cringe over english voice acting is that it doesn't sound natural or "right". Japanese is totally different and when you try to fit English dialogue in a Japanese model it sounds wrong, and off. So that's why the voices I want, and the dialogue I want is going to sound as natural as possible, and I endeavored to make the dialogue sound like things people would actually say.

      So the voices I'm picking for Mercilia and Seriva will totally fit their characters.

    5. ThaWulf on

      I would assume he will do that if we dont hit Vagabond status. He said he planned on making it either way. I think it was more of a "this is waaaay higher than the goal but if we hit it I'll give all you guys my next game too, but the funds will only cover this much, the rest will come later."
      I don't think he means that if we only hit 16.5k he'll make vagabond at 500k words then move on
      I'd also be down for getting Vagabond through this kickstarter then having another one later thats like, lets get this thing expanded and stuff to twice the game with more music and voice acting.

    6. Federico on

      I'm just curious, so don't take this as criticism. Why don't you make a separate kickstarter campaign for Vagabond? it's a project even bigger than Dizzy Heart, so it would be perfectly justified. I only ask this because i think that these two projects, which both have great potential, deserve an adequate funding to express themselves (like with OP/END, or minor voice acting, etc). Thanks

    7. Missing avatar

      Dar Rivkin on

      Oooh, can't wait. Do you already have an idea for what voice each character should have, or are you browsing?