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Dizzy Hearts is the story of a young girl who travels far from home. She meets Mercilia, a young elf at odds with her destiny.
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Voice Acting and the New Stretch Goal!

Yesterday, we hit the $8000 stretch goal, meaning singer Amanda Lee will lend her talents to singing the OP/ED to Dizzy Hearts!

Everyone's been so amazing, and these last few weeks I've had tons of people come to me asking about voice acting. Now full voice acting would be ridiculously expensive. It is technically possible, but it would mean raising tons of money, around $30k just for voice acting alone! This might be a future possibility, but I am not sure in the remaining 15 days we can hit an extra 40k. So instead I figure a more partial voice acting path might be good for now.

So key scenes can be voiced, I will be limiting the amount of scenes so that money can be spent on high quality voice acted scenes that add to the game rather than detract from it.

Who knows, in the far future I might explore possibility of more voice acting talent.

Thanks everyone, you're great~!

With that I give you another music clip, Irraere's theme!

I'm sure the meaning behind this song will become more relevant as you learn more about Irraere's past, however this should give you a her zany mindset~!