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Dizzy Hearts is the story of a young girl who travels far from home. She meets Mercilia, a young elf at odds with her destiny.
Dizzy Hearts is the story of a young girl who travels far from home. She meets Mercilia, a young elf at odds with her destiny.
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February Progress Update, VA Kickstarter & More

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Court of Flowers
Court of Flowers

 We're officially over our halfway point in development. Let's first brief everyone of where we stand progress wise and what we're up to now.

Currently we are above 50% in overall progress, however we're just now starting to catch up in terms of overall music, while programming will not be done until near the very end of the project. It will be done mostly over the duration of one month, with testing and feedback from backers and testers helping us refine, bug fix, and more.

So while the average is hampered somewhat by the programming schedule requiring everything else to be finished, the overall progress internally looks very good!


Art is doing quite well. Sprites are all finished, with the remaining 15% being just in extra outfits, such as winter clothes, these are quick to do, taking only a couple hours each to design. All important background art is done minus one, however me as well as 2 artists Lupiesoft is sub-contracting are helping to make sure the quality of these backgrounds are high for the sheer amount we have to do in this game.

The UI has been designed, but only the individual screens need finishing, progress remains static as there are other priorities we must deal with first. The big hold out is CG art, which we have waited on until the bulk of scenes have been written in order to make sure it matches the writing well. You should see in April, and May a lot of new CGs being shared!


Writing wise, many routes are done, and we've begun outlining all the extraneous various endings, now that the major endings have been determined. Writing should spike a lot as we get towards the end.

Overall we are still on schedule, and plan to finish the writing of the game this spring, and begin the process of drafting/editing/testing in which backers will be strongly a part of. Your feedback will be crucial in this critical stage of development!

Discord Member's Room

We're setting this up now, as we begin testing/feedback phase, we'll be inviting our backers in there to discuss the game, see sketches, rough works in progress that aren't promo ready, and more.

Dizzy Hearts the Visual Novel: Voice Acting Project Over 50%!

Thanks to your support, our second Kickstarter for bringing voice acting to Dizzy Hearts has crossed over 50% and we're on track to hit 100% by the end of the month, if you haven't seen it, please check it out.

We've attracted a lot of world class voice actresses as well as up-and-coming talent to the project. The goal is to make Dizzy Hearts not only the biggest Lupiesoft project, but one of the biggest western VN releases of the whole year. 

Thanks to everyone for your supprt, and we hope we can show through our hard work and continued transparency that we're committed to realizing this project, and release it at a far greater scope than our fans ever expected so many years ago!


Dizzy Hearts Voice Acting Project: Mini-Update


Hello, mid month mini-update for you all. But first enjoy this teaser video!

The voice you're hearing is Amree who is singing the Dizzy Hearts opening.
Look forward to next month when we tease the in-development assets for the opening video of Dizzy Hearts!

Lupiesoft is releasing a second Kickstarter for Dizzy Hearts to fund professional voice acting from Sound Cadence. As we posted in our last update and I just would like to reiterate, that Kickstarter project, whether it gets funded or not has no effect on this project. The $16k that Lupiesoft reinvested back into the project came entirely out of pocket based on our success!

I say this because I want fans of Dizzy Hearts going into this with full confidence, it is why when we reinvigorated this project with new finances, we have made it a point to talk transparently about our progress, our failures, and out success. This project means the world to me, and us at Lupiesoft.

The Voice Acting for Dizzy Hearts Kickstarter starts Saturday, February 17th

The Court of Flowers
The Court of Flowers

We talked about this a couple months back, in our original Kickstarter we had a stretch goal that came to $3000 for voice acting, that's not going away. I have to make it clear because I want no misunderstanding that any costs for stretch goals, rewards, etc are going to be directly incurred by Lupiesoft, and anything we make in the VA project will go to Voice Acting, in addition to the $3000 originally planned.

We've been teasing our desire to push more into voice acting for a while now, to push western visual novels, and Lupiesoft in particular, to do greater things each game.

Finally here's a reveal of the new pledge rewards, all the white highlighted rewards are new physical rewards, whereas the non-white rewards are rewards that were available for this Kickstarter as well. The new rewards will be available as well as Add-Ons (except for the A4 Commission).

We want to offer new fans a chance to get the stuff they missed out on. Closer to Dizzy Hearts release, and some during the campaign, we will be sharing our designs new & old for these rewards.

It is our goal to release Dizzy Hearts on budget, which we have the means to do, and to fulfill every reward we promised. In 4+ years you can tell the quality of our games has grown immensely since we first started.


In the end the Dizzy Hearts that you will play will not go up in price at all, and both the game, and rewards will be far higher quality than you paid for when you first backed the project.

Thanks everyone, both new and old fans, your support means everything to us!

January Progress Update, Voice Acting & More!



Check out our new logo!
Check out our new logo!


Streets of Lungarde
Streets of Lungarde

 Another month, another progress update. This month we heavily focused on music, outlining endings, and more UI work.

Last month we were at 38% on writing, our requirement was to hit 40% on writing to meet quota, and we hit 47%. We focused more on music this month as it was lagging behind.



In Conclusion

Right now we have several backgrounds in progress, and soon I will be switching over to doing CG scenes full time, as the key backgrounds are finished, and the 17 characters of Dizzy Hearts all have the expressions and outfits completed. with an average of 15 faces, and 5 outfits per character. It's been a massive under taking, more than any other game that we've done so far.

However the difference now is we have the experience and training necessary to complete large workloads within deadlines, without resorting to dangerous crunch at the end of the project.

At this rate we plan to finish the main scenario by April, and begin editing and testing. We plan to have a demo soon, but it's our goal to first assemble a critical mass of assets so that the demo is as representative of the final game as possible.

Voice Acting!

Good news, we completed our auditions for Dizzy Hearts. As mentioned in a previous update we teamed up with the fine folks over at Sound Cadence Studios to provide Lupiesoft with casting, direction, engineering and professional studio recording.

Sound Cadence is a growing studio like Lupiesoft, and have previously worked on the dub for RWBY seasons 4&5, Rio: Rainbow Gate, and more! Together we assembled a cast of 17 actresses who have worked on some of your favorite shows and/or games to bring the characters of Dizzy Hearts to life!

Voice Acting Kickstarter

It's our goal to start the Dizzy Hearts Voice Acting Project Kickstarter next week, the goal is planned at $10,000 and will give us full voice bank style voice acting (such as Danganronpa) for 17 characters, and offer new rewards for backers of this project, as well old rewards you missed out on!

Here's a cast list!  


Kimberley Anne Campbell

Twitter: @kixee

  • Hina (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Teony (Phoenix Drop High)
  • Ginxhou (The Reject Demon: Toko)


Sarah Wiedenheft


  • Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)
  • Non Toyoguchi (Keijo!!!!!!!!)
  • Shihoru (Grimgar of Fantasy and Illusions)


Diamond Hendricks

Making her debut in Dizzy Hearts!


Bryn Apprill


  • Christa (Attack on Titan)
  • Hiyori (Noragami)
  • Shirahoshi (One Piece)


Michelle Deco


  • Announcer (Heroes Arena)
  • Talkshow Host (Backstage Pass)
  • Charlotte (Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense)


Cynthia Cranz

Facebook Fangroup:

  • Chi Chi (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Botan (Yu Yu Hokusho)
  • Mitch (Case Closed)
  • Bellamere (One Piece)
  • Paninya (Full Metal Alchemist)
  • Death March To A Parallel Universe (Mosa)
  • Citrus (Mineko)


Jad Saxton


  • Carla (FairyTail)
  • Megumi (Food Wars)
  • Kanna (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
  • Sena Kashiwazaki (Haganai)


Laura Faverty


  • Yui Kitamura (His Chuunibyou Cannot Be Cured)


Nina Sumter


  • Nora-Sensei (Minecraft Roleplay Series: Hope Peak's High) by Carflo
  • Romance Audiobook Narrator (Loving The Biker) by Cassie Alexandra
  • Nell (Phoenix Wings) by Noble Alexandria via iTunes


Kristen McGuire


  • Loop (Yuri!! On ICE)
  • Hinano Kurahashi (Assassination Classroom)
  • Rin Toyama (New Game!)


Amber Lee Connors


  • Mai Kawakami (Myriad Colors Phantom World)
  • Vernal (RWBY)
  • Nozomi Kaminashi (Keijo!!!!!!!!)
  • Devon (The Reject Demon: Toko) 


Chasity Conner


  • Shandrita (Celflux)
  • Raksha (Peace of Evil)
  • Maru (Higanbana)
  • Abigail Ambrose (Never Ending)


Kira Buckland


  • 2B (NieR: Automata)
  • Meari Saotome (Kakegurui)
  • Umi Sonoda (Love Live! School Idol Project)


Samantha Chan


  • Yuuna Misaki (ACE Academy)
  • Naomi Patterson (Seduce Me)
  • Hana Mizuno (Asagao Academy)
  • Nemmy Tenshi Tenshi (The Reject Demon: Toko)


Caitlyn Elizabeth


  • Croix (Little Witch Academia)
  • Mai Valentine (Yu Gi Oh Abridged)


L. W. Salinas


  • Jefferson (Misadventure by Death)
  • Monica (Season 2 of Subject: Found)
  • Karen Bellford (Friend of the Family)


Kayli Mills


  • Fiore (Fate/Apocrypha)Hina (March Comes in Like a Lion)
  • Miyuu (Occultic;Nine)
  • Runa (Kakegurui)

Dizzy Hearts December Progress Update!


As promised in our last major update, we invested another $16k into Dizzy Hearts from our own private savings. From here we are updating every month as we push towards finishing the main scenario in April. With a demo to release this Winter sometime, along with monthly and sub-monthly scenario/progress updates to come.

Queen Llend's Ballroom, open to the moonlight, the nobles are bathed in the light of the goddess Mylbriia as they dance.

First News First

Our goal is to finish the whole Dizzy Hearts scenario, not including playtesting by end of April 2018, it is a long game, longer than Mutiny!! was (our last title) which was 200k+ words long(longer than most novels!). So we are making sure that in this 5 months allotment we make steady, consistent progress each month, not just overall, but in each field.

Which means that every month we must progress at least 20%. December was technically Month 1 under this measurement. Which means we are currently ahead of schedule. It will be my job as the producer and lead artist on the project, to ensure every month we progress consistently.

Breakdown of Art

The number of BGs/CGs aren't final and may fluctuate during development. However the percentage is pretty accurate, and CGs/BGs will begin to fill out much more this January, than they had in December as we finish all of the required outfits for every sprite in Dizzy Hearts.

Dizzy Hearts has the largest cast of any game we've made yet with SEVENTEEN characters.

Five Main Characters (Princess Mercilia, Seriva, Aunyrae, Irraere, Nail)

Four Royal Characters (Queen Llend, Princess Eleyna, Princess Elza, Princess Yuliana)

Four Side Characters (Incl. Design-A-Character tiers) (Miima, Chloris, Nydimia, Billarae)

Four Side-Side Characters (Chesa, Aamu, Maiju, Panna)

We'll be releasing a website for Dizzy Hearts VERY soon that goes into detail on each and every character. There are a lot of characters, and one way we get around that is by minimizing the expressions/outfits side-characters have, they don't appear often and do not need to change their outfits often.


Every single person who helped create the Dizzy Hearts demo 4+ years ago has been a staple member of Lupiesoft since we started, including Ponyo, our main musician. An artist from Latvia, he has been perfect for this project. 

From the demo people complained the music felt too digital, too much like a regular VN and not fantasy enough. We've spent a lot of time discussing music and getting the mood and feel of the Dizzy Hearts universe perfect.


These are just small samples of the tracks we've planned, we have loads more music to come on this project as we plan to have the longest soundtrack of all our games for Dizzy Hearts.


Dizzy Heart's UI is very unique compared to Mutiny!! or Toko, Dizzy Hearts follows a very storybook aesthetic, black and white is a common theme in the visual design of Dizzy Hearts, between the daylight side, and the nightside, the white of the moon, and the blackness of the night sky. The black foliage and the stark white of white-haired children of Queen Llend.

In Conclusion

There's much more to talk about, but these are some new elements no one else has seen before, there's plenty more to tease however as we gear up to release the updated demo to backers this winter. We will keep everyone updated on our progress towards it. However we are also investing in making sure it's much higher quality, a release-quality demo that will represent the final product. So we have spend a lot of time making sure that everything that goes into our new demo is of the highest quality, with finished art, and writing.

If we take longer, we will keep backers in the loop.

Final Thoughts

We are running an audition right now for Dizzy Hearts, we're working with Sound Cadence Studios to reach out to actresses, both on the indie scene and those who work for high-quality studios like Funimation. 

Sound Cadence is running our audition and will be finding us many professional, high quality VAs as part of a Dizzy Hearts voice acting project. From there Lupiesoft will be running a crowdfunding campaign after the audition has been taken place to add voice acting to Dizzy Hearts. 

We will be starting our goal low at first, enough to allow us to fully voice the game with a voice bank. If you've played Danganronpa, you'll know what I mean, key scenes will be fully voiced, while all other scenes use a voice bank. With stretch goals expanding the amount of voice acting we can afford. With the highest level being full voice acting.

Sound Cadence Studios will be handling the auditions, the directing, the recording, and the final mixing. As such we can focus entirely on making the game. I'll have a new update later, but please share your thoughts, and consider supporting the Dizzy Hearts voice acting Kickstarter, all funds go directly to voice acting on the project! 

Get involved with Lupiesoft on Discord!



Dizzy Hearts & Voice Acting (mini update)


Happy holidays to our backers, this is a mini update (we have a bigger progress update coming closer to new years showing our development progress for December, along with a new progress bar. Today I wanted to ask Backers their opinion on something.

When Kickstarter completed we hit the stretch goal to have voice acted endings. As well as voice acting for crucial scenes. However, overtime we've come to understand that if you're going through the effort of auditioning a cast for your game, only to have them speak a few lines maximum (because funding is limited and VA is expensive), it's better to invest more for a better experience.

Dizzy Hearts and Funding for Voice Acting

We recently released "Toko: Remix" on Steam, this was a free patch update to The Reject Demon: Toko this added new art, but also added a voice acting DLC. We wanted to do voice acting small scale before attempting it for Dizzy Hearts, to learn the right and wrong way to do things.

It took over a year to finish, as I was editing Toko VA audio on the side while developing games and drawing art for Mutiny!! and Dizzy Hearts.

If we're able to do a smaller crowd-funding project, we could hire a director and dedicated ADR to accomplish the Voice Acting without delaying the development of Dizzy Hearts in any way.

Please check out this Strawpoll and cast your vote.

What is "partial" voice acting?
More than just endings, partial VA voices all important scenes while bulk of the game is unvoiced.

What is "full" voice acting?
Every line in the game is voiced, it will require more funding, but will be a much higher quality game.

If you have more complex thoughts than just yes or no, let me know in the comments!