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Dizzy Hearts is the story of a young girl who travels far from home. She meets Mercilia, a young elf at odds with her destiny.
Dizzy Hearts is the story of a young girl who travels far from home. She meets Mercilia, a young elf at odds with her destiny.
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Dizzy Hearts: July Progress Update


It's been a little bit since our last update, but we have some good news and we wanted to wait until it was right to share it.

Dizzy Hearts is nearing the final stages of development with this update going into detail on our plans as we finish writing the story. After that we are going to begin the much anticipated testing phases for Dizzy Hearts.

Seriva ends up running into Mercilia quite literally. (Is this becoming a theme?)
Seriva ends up running into Mercilia quite literally. (Is this becoming a theme?)

Alpha and Beta Testing Phases

Alpha for Dizzy Hearts will be starting early November! Following a programming and editing phase, backers will get access to a very early complete build of Dizzy Hearts to test and share their opinions. 

Afterwards we plan to put Dizzy Hearts through a second, more thorough editing/programming/testing phase as final assets are added, scene transitions, proof reading, and things like Voice Acting start going in.

The Beta for Dizzy Hearts will be open not just to backers but to friends, patrons on our Patreon, and testers as well. This will start in January as we prepare for release in Winter at the beginning of 2019.

It's our feeling that this extended multi-phased testing approach will give backers familiarity with the project and also offer their feedback on the story, what they feel worked and what didn't. There will be further details in September as we start emailing backers, getting them in Discord, sign NDAs and get them prepared to play the game!

In Closing

That's all we have for right now, there's a lot more to see, but you'll just have to wait until Alpha starts I'm afraid!

The next few months until we start testing, updates will be much shorter than usual as we focus on preparing for Alpha this Fall, as well as our big reveal event where we share the opening for Dizzy Hearts to the world! Thanks for all your love and support for this project, we're ecstatic that people will be able to soon play this project we've been trying to make for so long.

See you all in November!


Dizzy Hearts: May Progress Update


We apologize for the delay in getting this update out 2 weeks late, but we felt it best to update folks as we still have things to share!

We've just hit 50% done!

Keep in mind, once the music, art, writing are all done we expect to do all the major programming and editing in about 2 months, so much faster than making the assets! After that we'll have periods of backer beta tests, more editing passes, etc.

Aunyrae & Her Wives
Aunyrae & Her Wives


We're on track to finish the game this winter, with late fall and early winter dedicated to polish of the game before release. It's been a long journey what with Dizzy Hearts being our longest, biggest game ever! With more art, characters, music, and writing than any of our previous games.

What's Next?

Right now our plans are to focus on art & writing, while catching up on music. After the game is fully written (which we hope will be this summer), we'll be working on our VA Master Sheet, which is all the dialogue in the game, and we'll be selecting scenes we want to voice, while also compiling the 'voice bank' which will be 50~ or more lines per characters that express all ranges of emotion from surprise, happiness to anger. That way our talented voice actresses can record those lines, and the engineers & directors at Sound Cadence can edit and master them!

P.S Please be sure to follow our Steam Dev page so you can be notified of news and information regarding our games!

P.P.S We plan to be holding the Q&A as well as the Design-A-CG reward sometime this summer, these will be private sessions. We'll email everyone at once when we're ready to do them, and arrange appointments for these rewards individually!


Dizzy Hearts: April Progress Update

It’s been a couple months since we ran the VA Kickstarter, and things have been chugging along at a steady rate. Today we’d like to give everyone a general progress update, but also talk about how we’re going about add-ons, surveys, feedback on those things, and the post-KS Backerkit.  


You may notice from last month that writing and art has not moved very much. Currently we are in an important phase of the story now where all the major story of Dizzy Hearts has been fully outlined, and all that remained was plotting and outlining the endings. Once this is done it’s simply a matter of delivering scenes.

To give transparency into what our process looks like, we aim to finish writing the entire game within the next couple months, and then begin the process of light editing, rewriting, editing, scripting, testing. All of these phases in Dizzy Hearts are going to last much longer than they did for Mutiny!!. For comparison, editing and testing took about a month long each. Whereas we plan to devote more time on Dizzy Hearts.

That’s not to say we find Mutiny!!’s writing to be bad, far from it. Mutiny!! Is Lupiesoft’s best title, and we chalk a lot of its success up to the time spent polishing.

This is true for the art as well! Dizzy Hearts has 16 characters in it, with up to 6 outfits each, sprite variations, more expressions than any of our other games. Dizzy Hearts also has more backgrounds, and custom graphics (CGs), than any of our other titles, it’s a huge undertaking! That is chiefly why we have been so transparent, not only from an investor perspective, but with the influx of new funding and voice acting added, it’s important to show backers and fans in general the progress we are making.

Rewards & BackerKit

Once Dizzy Hearts is done, and all writing and art has been finished, and we move on to editing/testing/playtesting we’ll be working on the custom rewards in add-ons and rewards, as well as BackerKit. I know at the end of the VA Kickstarter I said it would start soon, however we thought it best to wait until we were ready to start drafting rewards.

This means showing off and getting feedback on: 

  • T-shirt designs
  • Dakimakura designs
  • Tarot designs
  • Artbook covers
  • Chibis

And more, we expect this will happen in a couple months once the writing/art aspect of Dizzy Hearts is complete and that frees up more room for myself (Taosym), to do the art for those things, and make them as high quality as they should be.

Physical copies And more, we expect this will happen in a couple months once the writing/art aspect of Dizzy Hearts is complete and that frees up more room for myself (Taosym), to do the art for those things, and make them as high quality as they should be.

Expected Release

For thematic reasons, we are aiming strongly to release Dizzy Hearts this winter season. This means both that we have taken extra time to polish the project, and make it better, and to do more in terms of the writing and the art. 

That isn't to say we are bloating the project. Over the past few projects Lupiesoft has proven itself capable of delivering very high quality games under tight deadlines, such as Mutiny!!, without having to resort to painful crunch periods. We plan to do the same in Dizzy Hearts through effective budgeting of our time and money.

Every dollar we have spent has been spent to make the project better, from acquiring more music, voice acting, and art supplies. Even the original assets drawn 4+ years ago lead us to the quality you see today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below!


Dizzy Hearts: March Progress Update - The Opening


Thank you to all our backers who supported the Dizzy Hearts VA Kickstarter, again, you helped deliver professional, studio-quality voice acting to this project.

Today I'd like to talk about what we've been doing besides just writing.

Over the course of the last several months we've been in contact with an amazing editor & artist, Lucia Retamales who has been making the Dizzy Hearts opening. It's a joint project between me and Lucia as we plan out and deliver on the amazing visuals she's designed!

As well as some adorable character animations for the opening as well.

The entire storyboard is being planned out, and we're currently hard at work developing more visuals so look forward to that. We expect the opening to finished alongside the game!

You got to see a teaser of the opening song in the VA Dizzy Hearts Kickstarter video, we're also proud to announce that Michelle "Amree" Marie is singing our opening song! You'll unfortunately have to wait to the end to hear it I'm afraid.


Earlier this month our lead writer, Colleen (from The Reject Demon: Toko & Menagerie) had to step down as lead writer due to real life issues, but remains on the project. The position of lead writer will be fulfilled by SKoW who joined Lupiesoft with Mutiny!! and helped make that our most successful project ever. We're proud she's leading up this project in it's final stages.

In the last month we were hard at work finalizing all the endings for Dizzy Hearts and all that remains is writing the remaining 50% of the project. Writing progress should pick up quite a lot in the next few months.

Stages of Development & Estimated Release

Since Lupiesoft invested 16k of our own money into Dizzy Hearts, writing, art, and more has all progressed at a very fast rate, this you could call development 2.0, where we picked up after the stagnation of the past and finished this project the way it was meant to be.

We expect to be finished writing in the Spring, to do edits and redrafts in the Summer, and to playtest, and do a second pass of editing in the fall. With a release in Winter of this year. We are on pace to complete that goal.

Voice Acting

With voice acting funded, it will be one of the last steps of development, when the script has been 99% finalized. We'll be sharing sample audio and scenes closer to release, look forward to that!

Thanks for your support thus far, and as always I'm available to answer any questions you may have


February Progress Update, VA Kickstarter & More

Court of Flowers
Court of Flowers

 We're officially over our halfway point in development. Let's first brief everyone of where we stand progress wise and what we're up to now.

Currently we are above 50% in overall progress, however we're just now starting to catch up in terms of overall music, while programming will not be done until near the very end of the project. It will be done mostly over the duration of one month, with testing and feedback from backers and testers helping us refine, bug fix, and more.

So while the average is hampered somewhat by the programming schedule requiring everything else to be finished, the overall progress internally looks very good!


Art is doing quite well. Sprites are all finished, with the remaining 15% being just in extra outfits, such as winter clothes, these are quick to do, taking only a couple hours each to design. All important background art is done minus one, however me as well as 2 artists Lupiesoft is sub-contracting are helping to make sure the quality of these backgrounds are high for the sheer amount we have to do in this game.

The UI has been designed, but only the individual screens need finishing, progress remains static as there are other priorities we must deal with first. The big hold out is CG art, which we have waited on until the bulk of scenes have been written in order to make sure it matches the writing well. You should see in April, and May a lot of new CGs being shared!


Writing wise, many routes are done, and we've begun outlining all the extraneous various endings, now that the major endings have been determined. Writing should spike a lot as we get towards the end.

Overall we are still on schedule, and plan to finish the writing of the game this spring, and begin the process of drafting/editing/testing in which backers will be strongly a part of. Your feedback will be crucial in this critical stage of development!

Discord Member's Room

We're setting this up now, as we begin testing/feedback phase, we'll be inviting our backers in there to discuss the game, see sketches, rough works in progress that aren't promo ready, and more.

Dizzy Hearts the Visual Novel: Voice Acting Project Over 50%!

Thanks to your support, our second Kickstarter for bringing voice acting to Dizzy Hearts has crossed over 50% and we're on track to hit 100% by the end of the month, if you haven't seen it, please check it out.

We've attracted a lot of world class voice actresses as well as up-and-coming talent to the project. The goal is to make Dizzy Hearts not only the biggest Lupiesoft project, but one of the biggest western VN releases of the whole year. 

Thanks to everyone for your supprt, and we hope we can show through our hard work and continued transparency that we're committed to realizing this project, and release it at a far greater scope than our fans ever expected so many years ago!