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A sleek, multi-channel, wireless headset that monitors your brain activity and translates EEG into meaningful data you can understand.
A sleek, multi-channel, wireless headset that monitors your brain activity and translates EEG into meaningful data you can understand.
A sleek, multi-channel, wireless headset that monitors your brain activity and translates EEG into meaningful data you can understand.
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4,459 backers pledged $1,643,117 to help bring this project to life.

Slick “Stealth” Color Option For The Emotiv Insight Unveiled

We are excited to unveil the Emotiv Insight in a new Stealth color option and additional reward tiers to give Kickstarter backers the chance to get your hands on these first, before general release. What color will you choose?

We are less than $250,000 away from our first stretch goal to incorporate 6-axis inertial sensors! We can't wait to add these new capabilities to the Emotiv Insight!

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    1. Will Isaacs on

      Of course, please add me to the list. Would like to have the epoc and insight match each other. Thank you

    2. Missing avatar

      general scott on

      I dont know how to request the black edition, but put me down for it. And for the guy that says its not a fashion show think again. The main goal of any company is to get their product into as many hands as possible, and people want what they see. If you dont see people wearing them the masses wont buy it. Now first how many people have you seen wearing a epoc in public, "dont worry ill, exactly" . Now the insight is something that might get mistaken for a large, yet super large bluethooth headset,"yes i can wear it without making a scene". You must remember its hard out here for us super nerds.

    3. Missing avatar

      eason on

      Hi Tan, +1 for the request for stealth support for us Early Birds.
      i love this color.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Sandhu on

      Hi Tan. Remarkable insight and great project to back up. I have the original Emotiv which is a little bit tedious to use, I'm looking forward to the easy setup with this new upgrade. I'm in the field of health advocacy and elder care. I'm passionate about making a difference in people's lives. I would like to capture and measure happiness in my clients when we take care of their unexpected needs. I don't know how I will do that but I am crazy to find out how this device may help.

    5. Missing avatar

      Keith Gurgui on

      I am going to be so incredibly happy to have an EMOTIV INSIGHT I don't give a damn what color it is, it's not a fashion accessory.

    6. Mike McFarlane on

      Black looks awesome, but white matches my robot. Will need a new white iPhone though so everything matches lol

    7. Roman Semenov on

      Wow! Black looks o cool.

    8. John M. on

      It's always good to have different color options. How about a exclusive Silver Color for early birds as an stretch goal?

    9. Tan Le Creator on

      @Brian, LOL! Thank you! We hope to break the $1M mark soon too! :)

    10. Brian Lo on

      Surely the Insight will be able to BREAK the 1 MIl mark and BEYOND!
      *crowd chant

    11. Tan Le Creator on

      @Jonathon, thank you very much for your feedback! It's much appreciated.

      We hope to be able to offer the option to Early Bird backers for no additional charge, subject to achieving a later stretch goal. We still have 30 days to go so fingers crossed that we can make all our Early Bird backers happy soon enough! Many thanks for the support and help in answering questions too! :)

    12. Watts on

      Black version cost $30 more, early bird or not. Come on people, not so hard to comprehend. I'll save $30 and keep my early research edition. Its not like I'm going to wear this in public anyways lol.

    13. Jonathon Cook on

      @tan this does seem a little unfair to early birds, as if they want the stealth they will have to pay the same as newcomers. A little late now, but I would have suggested pricing the stealth at $259 for newcomers and allow early birds to upgrade for an additional $30. That way, everyone that wanted the black colour would have been willing to pay $30 extra and early birds would still be paying less than everyone else. This idea is obviously not going to be popular now as the stealth has been advertised at the same price as the non-early bird addition. However, it would have avoided the early birds feeling a bit cheated.

    14. Matthew Ibarra on

      +1 for the request for stealth support for us Early Birds. :)

    15. Tanner Marsh on

      I'm so confused. I pledged $229 a few days ago when the early bird special option displayed "All gone!" and I REALLY want the stealth option. Will I receive it or do I have to select the other $229 "stealth" specific option? Right now, it shows I'm backing the regular $229 Emotiv.... :confused:

    16. Missing avatar

      Gary Chappell on

      i can haz early stealth bird? nom nom nom... ;-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Tolulope Bukola on

      @ Tan:

      This is what you get when you try to do nice things for people on the interwebz :-)

    18. Tan Le Creator on

      @everyone, if you are an Early Bird backer, please keep your pledge at the Early Bird level and simply add $30 for the "Stealth" color option.

      If we later add and reach a stretch goal to cover the additional costs, we can make it possible for you to simply choose your color at the end. You can always reduce your pledge back to the Early Bird price then and still take advantage of your Early Bird status.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kumar Tanj on

      Then why the black option?

    20. Missing avatar

      Keith Gurgui on

      Okay everyone, yes the new color looks nice and sexy. But are we all interested in the appearance or the purpose and use of the device?

    21. Heri Sim

      Stealth color to early backers by adding $5 dollars to their existing pledge. - waiting to see this...

    22. Zlata B. on

      So... the new color option is only available to those who DIDN'T back you early? We are being actively punished for helping you out at the start? Are you kidding me?

      And raw EEG data, which is incredibly trivial to include as it's there *to begin with*, is only available for an extra few hundred bucks...

      All these decisions seem a bit backwards to me.

    23. Missing avatar

      mwkaicz on

      It's good to see, that you really read our minds. It looks awesome :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Gary Chappell on

      Based on Tan's feedback, it would appear that the extra $30 for Stealth color was needed since it costs more to produce than white. So the various proposals to only do Stealth, or let backers choose color at the end, wouldn't work financially at the current funding level. Perhaps Tan can further clarify in case I'm mis-interpreting? Either way, I upped my pledge to Stealth :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Kumar Tanj on

      @Jay and @arckal,
      You wrote exactly what I want to ask?
      It is little unfair not to give this option to early birds - the ones who kick-started this project;referred and spoke about this wonderful project to many of their friends. Please, if possible, reconsider your decision and that will make all the early birds very happy.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mehul Desai on

      Of course the stealth color...I still remember the EPOC headset from this thing has come a long way... looks really cool..

    27. Missing avatar

      Uday Gurnani on

      Looks awesome! Yes do please allow us early birds the option to choose the "stealth" color!

    28. Missing avatar

      Dan Kilty on

      .....or drop the white altogether. Stealth colour looks way better.

    29. Missing avatar


      Why it not available to Early Bird Research Edition?

    30. Jay Cady on

      Loving the black color, looks very sexy! But not loving having to lose the early-bird developer to get it. I think it's pretty unfair to make the people who supported this project first have to pay extra to get something that is just a different color. It doesn't make sense that the normal tier can switch to the stealth color and not pay anything extra, but your early supporters have to pay $30 extra.

      If it is the fact that you need an extra month to get the black color out, I'm sure I speak for most of the early-birds in saying that those that opt for the black wouldn't mind waiting the extra month.

      I think a lot of us would be supportive of offering the three early-bird tiers the option of stealth or white at no additional cost.

    31. Tan Le Creator on

      @everyone, THANK YOU for the overwhelming excitement for the "Stealth" color option.

      This is a complex product with sophisticated and expensive tooling requirements. Adding an additional color option in black involves significant further investment on our part.

      We have added this color option for our backer community, without a stretch goal requirement, in appreciation of the support we've received to date. We can certainly consider adding the option for Early Birds as a later stretch goal so that you can elect the color you want.

    32. Benjamin Juang on

      +1 for the request for stealth support for us Early Birds.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      @Tan Le, wow, this is awesome as I have asked for the black version, but could have been a colour option rather than an additional reward category

    34. Garron Lewis on

      Even as an early bird, I'd be willing to wait an extra month to keep my early bird advantage, although if it comes down too it, I'll probably just pay the extra $30 to get the stealth color scheme, but it'd be nice to retain the advantage of being part of this project early on.

    35. Zane Lee on

      @Brian: Heh that's true. I guess there might not even be a need to add the new Stealth pledge tier if choosing colors would just be available to all backers in the survey. All existing pledges are eligible to choose for both colors at the end of the campaign (or when surveys are sent out). Problem solved. :P

      Anyway Brian, you can already choose the color, just back the Stealth option at $229! They have already added it! >>>> (to the right)

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark Spohr on

      I have to agree with the others.
      You should give all of the early-bird adopters the option to choose their color at no additional cost.

    37. Brian Lo on

      Now Now , lets not be hasty.
      Although most techies will want Pierce Brosnan on their head, some people will want Marilyn Monroe instead.
      Let them choose.

      I just want to say . AWESOME WORK on the Emotiv Insight!
      Can't wait to hear more on the Insight , and the most of all , CAN'T WAIT for its official release.
      Just a little question.
      When will we be able to start choosing the color scheme for the Insight?
      This waiting is REALLY KILLING ME hehe.

    38. Robert Turrall on

      Same question as others: As an european-based early bird developer edition backer (who has therefore already pledged an extra $30), would I need to pledge a further $30 for the non-early bird stealth option? The pledge amounts and rewards are starting to look a little complicated and there does seem to be a gap at this level... Why not give all existing (at the point this version was announced) early bird backers the option of the stealth option at no extra charge?

    39. Missing avatar

      Jay Falck on

      I'm in agreement with those that suggest this new "stealth" color be available as an option to the "Early Birds". If we switch now to the "stealth", we lose the advantage we had as early birds.

    40. Jonathon Cook on

      This is cool.... Just a shame it is gonna cost early birds an extra $30. I would pay the extra, but as it is a later delivery as well... I'm undecided.

    41. Erik

      soooo much nicer!

    42. Isaac Lundall on

      I would much prefer a black one.

      I propose that all early birders are offered the black option. ;)

    43. Zane Lee on

      ): There should be an option for the Early Birds to choose Stealth color (because we were Early - I was first 10-20 backers). Or why not this way, just have a vote and settle for a single color? I think most, if not everyone would rather just have the Stealth color instead of white.

    44. Tan Le Creator on

      @Robert, the "Stealth" option has been added at $229, $329 and $429 respectively with delivery slated for April 2014.

      @Brian - we LOVE the "Stealth" option too!!! :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Brian Cornell on

      Is there an option for early bird backers to get the stealth version or do we have to increase to the non early bird price?

    46. Missing avatar

      Robert Carlsen on

      Is the "stealth" option going to be made available for "early bird" reward tiers, or are they mutually exclusive?

    47. Brian Lo on

      Ohhh this is SO SEXY!
      If EMOTIV Insight was a person , this would be Pierce Brosnan