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Create a beautiful mobile experience for the fun free Japanese learning website
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About this project

"Tanoshii" means "fun" in Japanese, and at we are focused on delivering a fun, free learning experience for anyone who is learning Japanese. The Tanoshii Japanese website has since 2012 provided a wealth of online tools such as online dictionaries, interesting lessons, and fun practice games to aid both beginner and advanced students.

In this project we will be developing a rich and immersive mobile experience for the hundreds of thousands of users who visit the website each month.

The mobile experience

So that you know exactly what is being developed, we've already made a select few pages mobile ready. You can visit these pages directly on your mobile phone, or you can browse the screenshots and descriptions we have provided below. Our next step is to convert all the rest of the website - all of the dictionary pages, the practice games, the community forum, and everything else that had previously only been designed for a desktop experience. We are always striving to provide the most beautiful and immersive learning experience for our students as possible. If you have any comments or suggestions to improve what we are doing, feel free to let us know.

Completed sample pages

Fun lessons for learning Japanese

This page displays the different lessons that are available on There are currently lessons and practice games for learning the Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and for practicing vocabulary. We are also really pleased to have video lessons which teaches you grammar and some of the nuances of the Japanese language, courtesy of our friends from Easy Peasy Japanesey.

Learn Japanese with fun videos from Easy Peasy Japanesey

This page contains the list of video lessons from our content partner Easy Peasy Japanesey,  The video lessons from Easy Peasy Japanesey analyses famous quotes from anime & games, and threads on 5channel which is the biggest internet forum in Japan.

Learn Japanese with Anime - It’s Fried Noodles!

The lesson details page includes sample sentences, vocabulary and Kanji lists, and comments from users, all presented in a simple easy to read format, with links to practice games to help you learn quickly and easily.

Pages yet to be completed

The sample pages above should give you an example of the quality of work that we are striving to achieve.  There is still lots to do though, including the dictionary pages, practice games and the community forum.

Why a Kickstarter campaign, and why such a low target?

Back in 2012 Tanoshii Japanese started as a passion project, something that the developer, as a fellow student of Japanese, used and continues to use while studying Japanese. The ideals of the site was to provide a fun learning environment for anyone to be able use, and as an educational site, it should be completely free of charge. By running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund changes, where it is completely optional for users to contribute, we can still keep to the ideal of providing a free learning environment for anyone to use.

We've chosen to run the project with a minimum target that doesn't come anywhere close to covering the actual costs to do the changes. Rather than a reflection of the amount of work involved, this is a reflection of our determination to complete this project. Any shortfall in costs we are fully prepared to bear. At the same time though, any contribution will allow us to focus more completely on this project and complete it on a tighter schedule. And once this change is complete, we will move onto developing more new and exciting features and continue to improve the learning experience.

The future for Tanoshii Japanese

The list of new features and improvements we want to make on Tanoshii Japanese is enormous! Our next big challenge after this project is to do a major overhaul of the Japanese to English dictionary (similar to the changes we recently completed on the Kanji dictionary). Then after that, some of the future projects we will be looking at include, developing iOS and Android apps, a grammar dictionary and grammar practice games, improving the playability and the visual aspects of the games, and much much more. We hope you can join us on this journey!

Risks and challenges

Tanoshii Japanese is an established website that has over many years continued to deliver new features and improvements to its users. We've taken care to plan our projects into discrete blocks of work with well defined outcomes and benefits so that there is minimum risks in completing work on schedule. We look forward to continuing to working with the lovely community of Japanese learners.


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