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We are tank9 & Mary Nine: Connecting friends through dance and documentary videos.

Thank you so much for helping us reach our $1500 Goal in under two days. Your pledges support everything that matter to us.

tank9 & Mary Nine Patrons! Update #3

For Anime Expo 2012, we aim to create two videos 

  • Anime Expo 2012 Dance Video: This video showcases cosplayers who gladly dance to music which is kindly provided by talented musicians: AKTioN 51. Our video promotes the hard work of cosplayers, musicians, Etsy Fashion Designers, store owners, and many talented individuals! Above is an example video.
  • Anime Expo 2012 Documentary Video: Hosted by Mary Nine & tank9. We promote Anime Expo 2012 by covering the highlights of the convention, Etsy Fashion Designers, Store owners, cosplayers, vendors, musicians, artists, and many other collaborators.

The tank9 Sakura Con Documentary 2012 project showcases our work as press for Sakura Con 2012. We covered Atelier-Pierrot, Chantilly, and h. Naoto Fashion shows, Dream Dance Backstage, attendees, vendors, Shattered-Tranquility, and much more!  We were also excited to receive permission from talented singer and cellist, Kanon Wakeshima, allowing us to include video clips of her performance at Sakura Con 2012. Above is an example video.

tank9 produces dance videos that have inspired many fans since "Anime Expo 2009 Dance to Industrial," interviewed and written about on Liz Ohanesian's LA Weekly Blog. The video "Angry Industrial Dancer in Little Saigon," made it's way to Dave Hughes' Off The Air - Dance TV show on Adult Swim. Mary Nine soon joined tank9 in making Dance & Documentary videos at conventions. Later, we teamed up with author and travel TV show host La Carmina, to help raise donations for Japan's One Year Anniversary of The Tsunami/Earthquake Disaster. Now with our growing fan base, our appearances at conventions are requested through out the world by fans that want to participate in tank9 dance videos.

Your funds cover two round trip tickets from Seattle, Washington to Los Angeles, California, for Anime Expo 2012. Mary and I are saving on accommodations by sharing a hotel room with creative Steadicam operator, Aksonl and 2 other people. We will be requesting for transportation to Anime Expo and around the area through family and friends. By obtaining Anime Expo 2012 press passes, we will gain in depth coverage and save on admittance fees. We will arrive on Day Zero, June 28th and leave on the 3rd of July, the day after the convention so we can cover night events at Club Nokia.

Funds would also cover buying a much needed quality microphone to improve the sound quality of our interviews. 

Production time will be under a week, after the convention, for the Anime Expo 2012 Cosplay Dance video, and the Anime Expo 2012 Documentary video will be released once we receive publicity approval by appropriate person(s) for their creative works.

We reached our goal of $1500. GREAT! Your money will do much more than you think! Your pledges support everyone involved! Our goal is to make Anime Expo more visible, by creating our Dance & Documentary! Cosplayers and fans will be given opportunities to dance and be on film, musicians such as AKTioN 51 will be spreading their galactic music through out the universe, artists like Rhodora Jacob will be creating art, Etsy Fashion Designers and store owners will have their items seen, and attendees at AX2012 will have the chance to voice their opinions in our documentary interviews. When you pledge, you support all the things that matter to us. Everything made possible from Kickstarter and YOU! Thank you!


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