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A new theatre work for piano and bondage artist that explores surrender, pleasure and trust Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 4, 2012.

A new theatre work for piano and bondage artist that explores surrender, pleasure and trust

About this project

I'm raising money for my project Tame Your Man, my first-ever work to explore my sexuality through classical-based music and choreographed performance. Tame Your Man is a piece for piano, electronics, short narrations, and bondage artist, and will explore the ideas of pleasure, trust, and surrender in an otherworldly atmosphere. The pianist is bound to his instrument over the course of the work, and the music evolves so that he has less and less room on the keyboard to play from beginning to end.

I've put together many large projects before, including a piece for a 60-person orchestra and an outdoor performance ' walking tour' in Pittsburgh involving over 45 musicians, three sound systems, and technical assistants. Tame Your Man will be my first composition in a theatre setting, and I'm excited to work with professional lighting design, a state-of-the-art surround sound system, and moveable staging.

The performance will happen on two nights so a large audience can see the work. The performances are free and open to the public (though mature audiences suggested). I want to welcome not just the campus crowd but to the surrounding communities as well--gay, straight, Boulder or Denver, kinky or vanilla, all are encouraged!

The funds raised for this project help in a variety of ways: there's money to fly Jack, the pianist, to Colorado; stipends for all of the performers (I always want to pay my performers for their time and hard work!); money to have the video of the work professionally edited and turned into DVDs, and even funding to buy all the rope that we'll need to wrap the piano (and the pianist) up in beautiful intricate knots.

This project is a big step for me in doing something very close to my heart. Thank you for your support of my work, as I wouldn't be able to do what I do without you!


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    A personal thank you for your support! And a big bundle of digital photos surrounding Tame Your Man, from promo photo shoot images to rehearsal candids and shots of the final performance.

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    A high-quality digital audio recording (not just mp3!) of the half hour long performance, and all awards at the $10 level as well.

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    A DVD recording of the performance with multiple camera angles, your name in the program as a sponsor of the performance, and all rewards above!

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    1 reserved seat at the performance (if applicable), and a score of the work, professionally bound (get it?!), plus all rewards above.

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    2 reserved seats at a performance, your name on all posters and web publicity for the event, an invitation to a private afterparty with the performers, and my undying gratitude. If you're not in town, we'll make something amazing just for you. Plus you still get all the awards above!

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