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I need people to help Playtest a new modular board game I have made but lack the funds to produce enough prototypes!

TalkingBull Games

Who Am I? - My name is Jonathan and I am a soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan. While deployed, I have spent most of my off time developing card and board games. Recently, I had a successful Kickstarter Campaign which was used to help fund my website ( which is still in development). I also have been printing copies of a game that I created so that I could send them out to publishers in the hopes of mass-producing them. Now that I have TalkingBull Games off the ground and running, I am working hard to finish some games that I have been developing.

My Goal - This campaign is much different than my last. I am almost completely done designing my ant game which is tentatively titled "ANTS! The Battle For The Backyard Has Begun!" and need to get it play-tested. In order to properly play-test a game, it is important to have as many people/groups try it out without having me sitting there trying to explain it to them (This really helps nail down the rules). I would prefer to find 5 groups of people to play-test my ANTS game and that of course costs money.

I thought that Kickstarter would be a unique way of finding gamers who might like to play-test and review a game... not to mention, it would mitigate the cost of producing so many copies for the purpose.

If you are interested in play-testing, please contribute at least $40 and I will send you the latest prototype version of the game. This cost covers the printing & shipping from (Which is where I develop all of my games). I ask that you play the game with at least one other person and then send me an email letting me know what you think but also if there are any problems... General issues with playing the game or suggestions/ideas that you think might make the game better.  This interactive development will help me create a game that will be better suited for publishing and also offer a unique opportunity for my contributors to help create a new game!

My Thanks - In thanks for your contributions, I will feature your name and a link to your website/company on my website's Contributors section (Still in development). For those contributing $40 or more, I will send you a copy to play-test and for those sending twice as much, I will send you a copy of the final published version of the game.

The Future - As I get my company off the ground, I will continue to make games that I think people will love! In addition to the Ants game, I am working on a Zombie game with some new mechanics I have never before seen in a card game. I also have some historically-themed card and board games in development as well as some strategy-based Space games. Check out the Board & Card Game sections of my website for a snapshot of what I am currently developing.

Overfunding – If I exceed my funding goal and continue to receive donations for play-testers, that is great! The more the better! If I do go over $400, I will develop a companion Poker Deck of cards and include it with the final version of the game for those who contribute at the QUEEN level.

*Sorry for the lack of video. At the moment, I don't have very reliable or fast Internet access where I could create and upload a video. I will continue to update the Campaign with the cards and designs I create so you can see the progress I am making on the game.

** For International Backers - Please add $21 to your contribution to cover additional shipping costs for donations of $40 or more.

*** I chose a 30 day Campaign so that I would have enough time to finish all of the artwork for the game.  As soon as the campaign has ended and the money arrives, I will send out the prototype.  That should be around the 1st-2nd week of April.


  • Once the play-testing phase is complete; if there are no changes that need to be made to the cards, drawings, parts, etc and the only thing I do change is the rulebook (Which I always make available for download), I will refund the second half of your contribution if you donate at the QUEEN level. Since I am not looking to profit off of the play-testing phase, I wouldn’t have a reason to keep your money which would normally go towards printing a new copy of the game. It is highly likely that I will end up changing quite a few details though as that is pretty standard in a plat-testing period… but if I don’t, I will send you back your $40 (Through PayPal or some other means that is easy for us to use) and just send you the updated Rulebook.

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  • Yes... and sort of. The delivery of the the prototype for playtesting will still be sometime in early-mid April but the final version will be ready a couple of months later. I plan on having it completed in May but gave myself until June just to make sure I could meet the deadline. Don't worry though, the prototype will be ready as soon as the campaign is over.

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  • ANTS! The Battle For The Backyard Has Begun! is a modular board game which established a battlefield between a colony of black ants vs. a colony of red ants.

    The game will come with 24 hexagonal tiles which will be used to make up the game board (Randomly). Each player will be able to put all sorts of ants into play as well as some other insects who have come along to help.

    Here's the 'back of the box' I am working on:

    "ANTS! The Battle For The Backyard Has Begun is a card and modular board game where each player takes command of the Black or Red Ant Queen and battles for ultimate control of the backyard!

    Every play-through will be different with a large hexagonal play area that changes each time you play!

    Players build armies of ants with various bonuses to go and take out the rival queen. Action cards offer the ability to ally with spiders, caterpillars, wasps, and hornets to aid in your conquest but beware; there is a large glass eye in the sky that fries your warriors without notice!

    Build your colony and attack your opponent at will in this game of skill and strategy!"

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    SCOUT - Thank you so much for your donation! For helping me get this game off the ground, I will include your name and link to your website on my website as a contributor!

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    WARRIOR - Thank you so much for your donation! For helping me get this game off the ground, I will include your name and link to your website on my website as a contributor as well as feature your name in the rulebook once the game is complete!

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    WASP - For donating $40, I will send you a copy of the prototype for playtesting! I will also add your name and website to my website as well as your name in the rulebook once the game is complete.

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    QUEEN - For donating $80, I will send you a copy of the prototype for playtesting and once the game is complete, I will send you a final version of the game. I will also include your name and website on my website as well as feature your name in the rulebook for the game.

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