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    1. Creator Tales of Game's on January 25

      It's coming, baby... believe in your H.E.A.R.T.

    2. Creator SavageHenry on January 24

      i still want the game

    3. Creator SavageHenry on December 25

      give me the game

      i want it

    4. Creator Chris Conley on December 8

      The devs started a devblog. Not sure why it hasn't been posted here yet.

    5. Creator Mike Waters on December 3

      it's been a few months with no updates. what's going on?

    6. Creator Gnomebitten on November 10

      my body aches for barkley 2

    7. Creator Tales of Game's on November 6

      That's the spirit, Alexander!

    8. Creator Alexander Curto on November 6

      Only 5 more days until the 8 more year mark. I'm pumped.

    9. Creator SavageHenry on November 2

      i want the game

      give it to me

    10. Creator Asholay Distribution Ltd on October 21

      Ah, just seen the updates - so it is still brewing!

      Any ETAs floating around?

    11. Creator Asholay Distribution Ltd on October 21

      Has this turned into vapour-ware? Been quite some time...

    12. Creator Lie Murder Profit on September 24

      Can you add Prince? Charlie Murphy said he's a cat, a real baller. (Re: "True Hollywood Stories Prince" / Dave Chappelle)

    13. Creator Tales of Game's on August 26

      Smooth as my moves on the court.

    14. Creator Salim Carlberg on August 26

      will this game run at a silky smooth cinematic framerate?

    15. Creator Tales of Game's on August 11, 2015

      Hey hey, we are gonna be in the MEGABOOTH again for PAX Prime, showing SOME BONK NEW STUFF. The booth is gonna be dope this year, and we'll be sharing all kinds of info over the next few weeks as we lead up to PAX.

    16. Creator Billy Caufield on August 5, 2015

      plz 2 hav update?

    17. Creator Tales of Game's on July 26, 2015

      If it proves worthy... or perhaps... if we ourselves are worthy of canon...

    18. Creator Sporophyte on July 23, 2015

      With Space Jam 2 possibly on the horizon I gotta know: Will Space Jam 2 be Canon?

    19. Creator Dante on July 2, 2015


      Can't wait to play this vidjyagame with Patrick Chewing in it. Definitely excited for the thing.

    20. Creator SavageHenry on July 1, 2015

      i want the game

      give it to me

    21. Creator Shans on June 30, 2015

      Oh our dark and malevolent ToG overlords, this humble servent of yours bears a request:
      I ask... nay, I BESEECH thee to grant my aching heart a moment of respite, by imparting unto us but a small fraction of the terrible and dark secrets contained within the deepest entrails of thine shadowy B-Ball Tomes of Official Barkley 2 Updates for Doom-Murder® Gamers !

      Though I am but a mere backer, I hope that in thine blackened hearts filled with infinite wisdom thou can find a slimmer of mercy and grant us an update.

    22. Creator Tom Day on June 24, 2015

      Can I give you more money so you send me the soundtrack? Everyone wins.

    23. Creator Reaktor on May 12, 2015

      delicious <3

    24. Creator Tales of Game's on May 10, 2015

      Sure -

      It's not the final version of the song, but it should be close to it.

    25. Creator Sigurjón Valur Ragnarsson on May 9, 2015

      Speaking of big asses, any chance of (Big) Ass of the Minotaur being made available for download?

    26. Creator Tales of Game's on May 2, 2015

      We're working on it, Noah! It's a big ass game!!

    27. Creator Noah Thompson on May 2, 2015

      I thought I had never backed a game, but I backed this one for :10bux:. Now I'm irrationally angry it's not out yet. I need something to sooth my savage soul.

    28. Creator theweirdn8 on March 12, 2015

      Wii U port please....

    29. Creator Tales of Game's on February 23, 2015

      Glad you're still looking forward to it! We're working really hard on the game and we'll definitely take your advice into consideration. We're sorry it's taking so long - when we made 3 times the money we asked for, the game became 10 times as big, but we're working hard on getting it done.

    30. Creator Raul Rosado on February 22, 2015

      Guys, I'm really worried this game is going ot go the way of Duke Nukem Forever. My Bball dreams have been nightmares as of late, 0% slam dunk goodness.. Will we ever get to fight along side X114JAM9 and truly escape from corporate attitude?

      In all seriousness, your updates on game mechanics are neat, but I'd really like to see more actual gameplay, perhaps even a playable demo (not if it adds another year to production though!!!)

      Been there since Shut Up and Jam Gaiden, This true DOOM-MURDER HEAD is eagerly awaiting the release!!

    31. Creator Steve Bernard on December 27, 2014

      Whenever I catch Frankie Coulombe streaming Barkley 2 artwork, I'm totally floored by how successfully you've duped this poor artist into giving you wonderfully animated, vibrant sprites (with animated dialogue portraits) for tertiary characters who would absolutely be recolored clones in any other game.

      Anyway, it's looking like you're not going to hit your Q4 2014 target, but I just wanted to say I'd wait another two years if it meant that you guys actually fulfill your grand pipe dream vision for this game. Rock on, dudes.

    32. Creator Joshua Porter on November 22, 2014

      Thank you Josh F. Beautiful

    33. Creator Josh F on November 18, 2014

      a hand slammed onto the alarm... a toothbrush dipped into a bowl of Surge™, such was another day of life in the post cyberpocalypse. But today wasn't like the others... the public ordinance was very clear. Violations couldn't be tolerated, he had to discipline the boy. But could a dad dunk his own son?

    34. Creator Tales of Game's on October 31, 2014

      I'm sorry Shatterbrain! We're working hard!! Not sure if you're all aware, but we recently showed at the Tokyo Game Show!

    35. Creator Shatterbrain on October 31, 2014

      m-maybe it'll only be 1 year late?


    36. Creator Tales of Game's on October 19, 2014

      Greets. Working hard on the game as always, always pushing for more content and quests and inane bullshit. bort and chef are working on Brain City, the biggest town area in the game, bisse and Neonlare are making improvements to AI, enemies, under-the-hood mechanical stuff and our boy laz got DwarfNET up and running. I guess the biggest news is that we just implemented our Dark Souls-style autosave system. We'll try to post a bigger update soon, but we are always working.

    37. Creator Godewijn on October 19, 2014

      Any news?

    38. Creator Dylan Bias on September 28, 2014

      I demand a Shrekmono

    39. Creator Josh F on September 23, 2014

      A flicker of light..a gleam of gold on the Slam Dunk trophy, grandpa's eyes met the childrens' over their Ecto Coolers. "..and then they lived their days out in happiness, playing PIG and Lightning until sunset. The End." he concluded. "Will we get to play too grandpa? Just like your stories?" "Grandpa hasn't really played, they're just stories! Like the boogie man, or Ron Artest!" "But his troph..!" "Hush children...go to sleep," grandpa said calmly. So innocent they were.. spared the horrors his eyes had been forced to endure at their age. He collected the empty juice boxes and tried to empty his head of bball.

    40. Creator Josh F on August 14, 2014

      The crusty old man's eyes opened slowly. The layup had felt so real...but he knew it was only the stuff of his dreams now. He fondled the referee whistle token underneath his pillow, yearning for even the memory of a slam or jam to return to him. A dribble echoed off of the dirty hut's wall, but was it real? The old man hollered and hooted, blowing into the whistle and pump faking a phantom ball. Did he even remember who he was?

    41. Creator Tales of Game's on August 2, 2014

      Just PC, Mac and Linux for now theweirdn8!!

    42. Creator Evan Williams on August 2, 2014

      You are doing God's work, Betty Crocker Moderator. Surely thou hath a place waiting for thee in heaven. Game on you beautiful sex magistrate...

    43. Creator theweirdn8 on August 2, 2014

      Wii U port on it's way?

    44. Creator Michael Retherford on August 2, 2014

      Ok, looking forward to it. Otakon is shaping up to be very legit, I'm excited to be there.

    45. Creator Tales of Game's on August 1, 2014

      Hey Michael, I'm not exactly sure so let me get back to you on it, but we're going to have a larger space because we'll be doing a physical demo of our turn-based b-ball game.

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