Funded! This project was successfully funded on December 28, 2012.

    1. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's 1 day ago

      Well Josh, that's a hard question to answer without spoiling anything. Let's just say that trying to get in as much as we can without overstepping our bounds.

    2. Missing_small

      Creator Josh F 1 day ago

      We all love the slams and jams, even if one is a bit lacking. Some of the best parts in the original game were cameo appearances of real ballers. I know it has been said that for legal reasons you can't go dropping names anywhere you please, understandable. Does this mean characters such as Vinceborg are no longer possible? Either way, I'm sure this game will dunk my mind into oblivion.

    3. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on March 19

      Haha, yes! We're working full-time on this bad boy like always. It's actually currently playable at GDC if you want to fork out $2000 or whatever for a ticket. We'll update soon!

    4. Unclephil.small

      Creator Michael on March 19

      Almost forgot about this game. Is this still slated for release?

    5. Missing_small

      Creator Shatterbrain on March 15

      Update pls ;__;

    6. Legacyofkainseries_avatar_02.small

      Creator FlamingFirewire on February 21

      Anyone interested in SNATCHER or Policenauts over here?

      This is a kickstarter from some of the same guys who worked on those games and it really could use some help. Take a look if you're interested in adventure-style games!

    7. Missing_small

      Creator JOlenic on February 21

      How will the news of Space Jam 2's announcement affect the Barkley series?

    8. Missing_small

      Creator Brad Trainer on February 6

      Yinz Gonna be at PAX East?

    9. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on January 31

      Right now we're working on the end of the game, the main story stuff. Pretty soon we'd like the game to be completable from start to finish. We've also got a new programmer, Neonlare, working on enemy AI too. Plugging away every day really doesn't make for very interesting updates, but the game is coming together and I'm pretty pleased with what we've accomplished so far.

    10. Avatar463729_1.gif.small

      Creator Reaktor on January 30

      Any updates coming soon?

    11. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Alex Huus on January 7

      It's been a year. I thought the pain would diminish, but it has only intensified with time. Every day I'm filled with pain and soul-crushing regret. Every day that I wake up and can't bear to open my eyes, knowing that the bodypillow I clutch is not emblazoned with Cyberdwarf's gentle yet stern visage. Please. Please. PLEASE let me increase my backer level and claim my reward - nay, my birthright.

    12. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Andrew Frye on December 9

      I backed this game a year ago, and just today I realized that the thing he is holding on the homepage is a basketball...

    13. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on November 20

      That's a good Q, Shans and that's a big part of what we're working on right now. I'm sure we'll post something about zaubers, classes and how they work when we've got something really solid.

    14. Redirect.small

      Creator Shans on November 20

      Do you guys think we'll see some Zaubers and classes before the end of the year? My hype levels compel me to bother you with such questions.

    15. Missing_small

      Creator Evan Curtis on October 29

      Please let this be true my heart can't take any more betrayal

    16. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on October 29

      We will make it a priority, Evan.

    17. Missing_small

      Creator Evan Curtis on October 29

      Hello Tales of Game's I would like you for you to put a scorpion enemy in the game because I want to shoot a scorpion they are really scary kthx

    18. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on October 24

      Hey Reaktor, yeah camera is linked to mouse position to a point. It's not fully following your cursor, but it allows for a little more viewable area. It'll be on a toggle probably, but with our zoomed in view, we like to be able to look around a bit more.

      I agree that it's a little wonky for video footage, but I don't think its even noticeable from the player's perspective.

    19. Avatar463729_1.gif.small

      Creator Reaktor on October 20

      The Camera looks a little bit shaky. Have you somehow attached the mouse movement to the camera? I dont know how it feels when you play it, in the video it looks kind of annoying.
      Overall it looks fantastic and i cant wait to see more, keep up the good work!

    20. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on September 25, 2013

      Hey JetStrange, missed your comment, sorry! We just had a public demo at PAX earlier this month and people were able to play the game for the first time. It was a pretty awesome and fun experience. We should have a big update about it soon, but here is one of the interviews we gave -…

      J - we have many thoughts on a Chapter 3, but we are focusing on 2 for now!

    21. Missing_small

      Creator J on September 25, 2013

      Are there any thoughts towards a Chapter 3? If so, how much longer do you think you'll be able to make its title be?

    22. 40897431_8879335.small

      Creator JetStrange on September 20, 2013

      Soooo any news?

    23. Missing_small

      Creator Godewijn on August 15, 2013

      Also very curious to that 'imposter' backer whio will pose as you guys... such a fun idea :)

    24. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on July 25, 2013

      We're in the same room and we had no idea we were responding to the same thing. Tales of Game's. We've got a big announcement coming up soon though!!

    25. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on July 25, 2013

      Nice, 2 dudes both responded at the same time.

    26. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on July 25, 2013

      Zachary, December is still the plan! That said, we have been falling a little behind on a few of our internal milestones. I don't think we are ready to push any dates, and definitely not now, but we'll keep you in the loop. Obviously, the only reason we'd be pushing the game release is because we're adding more, tweaking more, slamming more, jamming more. We have some big news mid August as well (with video updates), but we'll update before then with some other stuff too.

    27. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on July 25, 2013

      Probably not, although I don't think we ever announced a release date. There's an estimated delivery date in the pledges because Kickstarter makes you select them, and it would be very nice if we could get it out by December, but unless we suddenly get a bunch of volunteers, the game will probably be out in 2014.

    28. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Zachary Comeaux on July 24, 2013

      Are we still on track for a December release?

    29. Missing_small

      Creator Kareem H on June 26, 2013

      DX id love a video update!

    30. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on June 14, 2013

      Oh yes, we also sometimes stream work as well, which we are doing right now - - it's extremely boring.

    31. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on June 14, 2013

      Mystical greetings, Godewijn! We are working hard on the game every single day. Like we have mentioned before, it is our day jobs and Chef, Frankie, Bhroom and bort generally work a minimum of 8 hours a day, with others like programmers offal and bisse working part time. Speaking of bisse, he was on temporary leave because he was working on his thesis, but he's back now and will be working full-time over the Summer. Things are progressing well with Barkley, Frankie is currently implementing gun modifiers, Chef is working on dialogue and scripting, bort's working on mechanical design stuff. Everyone is busy and working hard!!

    32. Missing_small

      Creator Godewijn on June 14, 2013

      *Bump* :p

    33. Missing_small

      Creator Godewijn on June 11, 2013

      Today I got that feeling again... I want to know what's happening guys :D

    34. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on May 11, 2013

      Hey Alex! I'm out of town at the moment but I know for a fact (I saw it with my own two eyes even!) that we've got an update on the way.

      I'm also pleased that you enjoyed Vinceborg's error message. Barkley 2 has been a long time coming. . .

    35. Missing_small

      Creator Alexander Curto on May 11, 2013

      You know, I bugged you about this before, so I feel kinda annoying doing this, but...

      Well, no monthly update happened for April, and today was the day for the May monthly update. I'm really sad I didn't get these updates. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, because the reason I want these is because I'm so damned excited for this game. Even a paragraph apologizing for a lack of information would be nice, really.

      I also got drunk last night and started replaying Barkley 1 to tide me over, and I realized that when Vinceborg joins your team, he says the error that prevents him from remembering his purpose is X114JAM9. My jaw dropped as to what this twist could mean, and my excitement was renewed. Please keep up the great work.


    36. Missing_small

      Creator Zapf on May 10, 2013

      I just got my tsunder cyber dwarf body pillow - what size pillow do I need for this?

    37. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on April 26, 2013

      Yeah, sorry, we've been working diligently! Our production dude, who handles the emails, updates and so on, also runs the DC Film Fest, which ended on Sunday. He's back now, but he wasn't around to do much update and managerial stuff; we'll have a real big one soon, but things have been running very well lately.

    38. Stock%20market.small

      Creator nick on April 26, 2013

      The lack of updates will do nothing but drive your backers up a wall. Once a month, a tip of the hat, a peek behind the curtain, ANYTHING, would eliminate any backers fears.

    39. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on April 21, 2013

      Yeah, we should be posting an update fairly soon, but to give you an idea of what's going on, we're working on the game every day. We're currently working on the Wasteland area (this is a working name! we hate this name!!) which is the area outside of Tir na Nog. It's probably the largest and most complicated area in the game. Frankie is currently working on alien enemies for the Wasteland, bort, Bisse and offal are designing and programming the game's mechanical systems (we call our RPG system the G.L.A.M.P. system - Guts, Luck, Acrobatics, Might and Piety (kids love the G.L.A.M.P. system)), Chef and Hundley are working on writing and scripting all the NPCs and quests in the Wasteland and hope to have it done in the next two weeks, laz is working on character creation, and bhroom unfortunately runs the DC Film Festival, which is happening right now, so he's been a little occupied. He's the dude who manages all our updates and everything, which is probably why we've seemed a little quiet recently; because he's been working on this film fest. But rest assured that the rest of us are working diligently on the vidcon.

      Things are going smoothly and we'll elaborate more in a future update.

    40. Missing_small

      Creator cows on April 21, 2013

      So, any updates? I mean not to be riding you, but just a "here's what's up" thing would be nice.

    41. Missing_small

      Creator Alexander Curto on March 20, 2013

      Well, that's just swell! Thanks for the timely reply.

    42. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on March 20, 2013

      Hey Alexander,
      It's coming, it's been written forever, I'm not sure what the holdup is but it will be sent soon.

    43. Missing_small

      Creator Alexander Curto on March 20, 2013

      Beloved ToG,

      I've waited quite patiently for your newsletter that comes on the second Friday of each month, but it seems I simply won't be getting it this month. I pledged over $40, have checked all of my junk and spam folders (a helpful tip I received on, and I even received the first newsletter a month ago without issue.

      Maybe you guys never sent out the second one... I really was looking forward to reading it! Any info on this?

      Best of luck on your continued development. I really can't wait.

    44. Betty%20crocker.small

      Creator Tales of Game's on March 14, 2013

      There are monthly updates going out to people who pledged $40, but they're also more about the team and our ideas and what we'd like to do with the game than actual progress. We'll be posting progress updates via Kickstarter. The monthly email updates are much less formal (and interesting).

    45. Missing_small

      Creator J on March 14, 2013

      Is it only the people who pledged 40+ that are getting monthly updates, or will we be seeing monthly updates for everyone?

    46. Tane.small

      Creator risbolla on March 3, 2013

      who takes home the cup this season?

    47. Missing_small

      Creator Godewijn on February 12, 2013

      Okay, shit... So I saw this game on Kickstarter, it seemed to me to be some kind of awesome weird cult game, and I backed it. Then I checked the maker's site and they had this earlier game, for free: Barkley: Shut up and Jam, Gaiden (chapter 1 of the hoopz barkley saga). I have been playing it a lot today and yesterday (I am ill, so have the time) and I must say it AWESOME! I just arrived at Proto Neo New York. If anything the old game makes me SOOOO stoked for this one :D Just wanted to share. If you're like me and hadn't played the free 1st game yet: do so!! you will not regret it :D

    48. Dsc00403.small

      Creator Michael van Dam on February 8, 2013

      I`m still waiting for my mail, I have mailed you guys got one response but after that no response....

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