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    1. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry 3 days ago

      you rotten jagoffs

    2. Tim Broughton on April 13

      The oldsters were right

      Barkley is still just a myth

      And ain't no zaubers

    3. Missing avatar

      Rohit on March 16

      0/10 dawg

      Would not reccomend

      Smoke a pole

    4. nick on February 22

      Thank you for announcing this for Nintendo Switch

    5. Missing avatar

      Josh F on February 15

      Big jams. Big Dads. Big Sneakers. Big Dads.
      Uncle Tito poked his head into the bedroom, secretly slightly nervous what Timmy and his friend Brian were doin' in there. "You boys uh...... alright in there?" He sighed relief, they were just playin' that gat damn bball vidya game. One child, fat as a bull mastiff, sprayed the screen with the finest mist of Mt Dew Code Red. The other squealed in a rhythmic tone. Uncle Tito didn't want to seem like a square, he offered the boys a few "real" cold ones,

    6. Spook on January 15

      Most Anticipated Vaporware

    7. Missing avatar

      Needle_hacksaw on January 10

      It's that time of the year again when people make lists of what games they're most excited about in the upcoming year, and I still can't help adding this one. Every. Single. Year. Somebody still loves you, ToG, and keeps on believing.

    8. Missing avatar

      Harrison Monroe on January 7

      Ay bb i got the bodypillow on display still, when is this boi gettin ans update �

    9. Josh Bossie on January 4

      Barkley 2s released per year:
      2013: 0
      2014: 0
      2015: 0
      2016: 0
      2017: 0
      2018: ? (0)

    10. Missing avatar

      Brittany Friedman on January 1

      Updates per year:
      2013: 8
      2014: 5
      2015: 6
      2016: 4
      2017: 3
      2018: ?

    11. Missing avatar

      Mike Shay on December 27

      I Believe In Cyberdwarf

    12. Stagg on December 26

      I still believe in you ToG, make something great. How about an update for the new year?

    13. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on December 15

      just admit you ate our money so we can move on please

    14. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on December 12

      This should be renamed to Barkley 2: Shut Up and Code. So you all get the clue that you should actually finish.

    15. Josh Bossie on December 8

      i don't not like tog

    16. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on November 14

      Wow. Four years late. Is that a new record? Are you guys ever going to finish?

    17. Missing avatar

      Bonerer on October 29

      listen ya'll better release something because you sullying my perfect KS record. i'd be 2 for 2 if your asses actually made a game

    18. Missing avatar

      Sheryaar on October 5, 2017

      They're still working on it. Don't lose hope ya togsters!

    19. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on October 5, 2017

      just admit it's dead so we can all move on please

    20. Missing avatar

      Justin J. Petoskey on September 24, 2017

      Got my fingers crossed that the next update is the release date AND that's why everything's been so quiet.

    21. Josh Bossie on September 23, 2017

      well, i think the first bad sign was when the game was indefinitely delayed 4 years past its release dat

      the whole update-followed-by-half-a-year-of-silence thing is the norm for TOG. their last tweet promised a KS update before PAX West. i guess they never did specific they meant PAX 2017.

    22. Missing avatar

      Josh Anderson on September 22, 2017

      It's been awfully quite here for over 6 months now... bad sign?

    23. Missing avatar

      Rohit on September 1, 2017

      No bueno amigos

      Grande mierda

    24. Joshua Porter on August 19, 2017


    25. Tim Broughton on August 15, 2017

      When will we have a clear cut deadline?

      We are 3 years past the original "long" estimate.

      It's obviously incredibly complex, but we are deep in the abyss now.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dinsdale Piranha on August 14, 2017

      This week we'll be at five months with no KS update (a new record?)

    27. Missing avatar

      Rohit on August 9, 2017


    28. Michael on July 30, 2017

      Dead game is dead.

      Just fucking put out what you have and let us have it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Brittany Friedman on July 26, 2017


    30. Joseph William Greene on July 5, 2017

      What will be out first? This or Kingdom Hearts III? Place your bets

    31. Missing avatar

      Rohit on June 26, 2017

      5 YEARS






    32. risbolla on June 24, 2017

      i don't get all the complaints when the project is not even halfway through the planned 11 year development cycle. 2023 isn't in 6 years still.

    33. Chris Conley on June 13, 2017

      I've still gotten more out of this kickstarter than Star Citizen

    34. Josh Bossie on June 2, 2017

      to answer TOG's last post, the answer is no, this wasn't the start of something bigger, and once again promises of "we're back and this time in competent form" felt felt almost immedioately

    35. Missing avatar

      Josh F on April 26, 2017

      the middle aged man wept as the b-ball mutants presented him with a token, a letter explaining that he had helped them.. to present to the Adidas Allied powers. "You saved so many from the bball flaying chambers...take our gratitude." The weeping man collapsed, "I much...I should have done more....50 neo shekels...2 more of you.....this car...1500 neo shekels....60 more lives...I..I..." bballs squeaked together into a tight embrace around the man before he advanced into the night to surrender himself.

    36. Tales of Game's Creator on March 16, 2017

      Update is up. The start of something ... bigger? Only the tick of the clock will tell... Keep your eyes peeled on that scoreboard.

    37. Missing avatar

      Russell Rose on February 23, 2017

      Honestly I just wanna say that as frustrating as the wait for this project has been, especially with the long periods of silence on here, I still believe in this project. Every time you've actually showed us the game in project it looks fantastic, from the art, to the dialogue, to the gameplay. I'd much rather have supported a good game that takes years to finish than a turd that comes out on time.

      That said, more frequent updates leading up to the release would be very nice. I don't even particularly care if they aren't long or detailed, but at least a monthly notification that you're all still alive and kicking would be nice.

    38. Missing avatar

      on February 6, 2017

      Yay an update! Whoa.mid

    39. Missing avatar

      DDay on February 2, 2017

      Rene M has the right Idea, if you want your Update go fellow one of the pixel Artist that makes the dam thing

      Just so we are clear as I know of, the money been gone and they been working on the project out of pocket at this point. Frankie the pixel artist is going by revenue share now and so are the rest of the team. As I know of there on crunch right now and are looking to bring you something soonish on the kickstarter.

    40. Harley-James Gravel on January 30, 2017

      Will this fucking game be released this decade?

    41. Missing avatar

      Brian on January 19, 2017

      Whats the deal champs? Any update would do. If you don't have the time to write one, please post, "Busy working, getting closer". I give you full permission to copy and paste that.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kareem H on January 15, 2017

      I think they may be in development crunch... and are close.... or they may actually not be making the game anymore XD. Idk I treat this like ff 15 it will be great if it comes out but there are other games I can get excited for in the meantime.

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