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A hardcover printed comics collection, covering the foibles and frustrations of 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog games one act at a time.









We know video game webcomics are a dime a dozen. Especially Sonic ones! But in all our years on the internet, we never came across the comic we wanted. No sprite recolors, no tribal Echidna warriors, definitely no werehogs — just a real comic retelling of the remarkable games we grew up playing.

So we made one. With a clever Sonic reference for a name. And we’re posting it online, one act at a time, for each of the classic 16-bit games. You can read it right now, for free!

So far, it’s been a labour of love. Our day jobs paid for the material, web hosting and other bits of work required. And after an intense month of writing and drawing last year, the series is complete. The final strip (Doomsday Zone) is scheduled to be posted on the site on the last day of 2013.

But there is one last thing we’d love to do before we put the project to rest, and we’re gonna need your help.

The “Not Enough Rings” art style was kind of accidental.

Veronica decided on brightly-colored Copic markers to emulate the distinctive fantasy worlds which make up the “Zones”. The rough-textured Bristol board used to soak up the ink naturally followed.

But after we scanned the first few strips, we realised it all felt fairly… tactile. Physical. It kinda gave us the sense that Not Enough Rings belonged on real paper, not the web. And after getting deep into book production with our 2012 Kickstarter project, we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads:

Nothing huge — just a lovely little keepsake to remind us of the games we grew up with and the time we spent memorialising them. We’re hopeful that with the support of a few likeminded people, we can make it happen!

“Not Enough Rings” will be 106 PAGES9.5″ × 5″ in size and printed in FULL COLOR. And while it used to look like this, it will now be a COFFEE TABLE-QUALITY HARDCOVER, with FANCY PAPER, a SONIC-LOGO-RIBBON BOOKMARK RIBBON and BLUE PAINTED EDGES. Thanks for meeting the stretchgoal(s)! It covers every act and special stage from:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • Sonic & Knuckles

And by buying the book, you’ll read them months ahead of being posted on the site! Plus, we’ll include a few strips we almost forgot to make:

All the stages are complete and will be book exclusives! Whoa!

We wanted to capture the spirit of our little parody comic in a shirt. So we went for the obvious subject: the Carnival Night barrel. Even if you figured out the mysteries of the D-pad back in the day, wear it to make your friends feel bad!

We will screen print on high-quality American Apparel shirts in a variety of sizes, for men and women!

For those who have favorite moments they’d like to keep forever, we’re selling original Not Enough Rings strips. There are a few reasons why this reward is unusually cool:

  • Copic markers look amazing in real life. There’s a vibrance to them that’s impossible to replicate on-screen! You just have to see the originals.
  • We’ve sourced some custom-made timber shadow box frames painted with the same blue color we used for Sonic: PANTONE 2925 C.
  • Basically every strip is available! If you’re quick, you can likely pick your favorite stage!

Finally, there’s a special something for the readers of our other webcomic:

We’re going to offer some advance copies of Upstage, the Bittersweet Candy Bowl card game. We’ve been collaborating with people for about a year to make this happen, and now that it’s ready we thought it’d be a nice extra to include for the BCB readers out there!

In Upstage, players set the scene and tell a story. Each player draws a “script” and takes turns to change up the central “scene” to match the story elements their script requires — 2 characters, a day and a place. You’ll need to blend your skill, creativity and deceptive ability to succeed!

Upstage is suitable for 2–6 players, requires no prior knowledge of the BCB comic, and features 94 cards and a ton of unique artwork, in-jokes and references. It’s simple enough for your family and friends, features deep strategic elements and is a lot of fun to play!

We have combined the rewards in different bundles. Take your pick!

This section is now moot! Every backer new and old will get the fancy version of the book. You guys are awesome! Old stuff follows:

We’ve been quoted $6,500 to print “Not Enough Rings” as a perfect-bound matte softcover. That’s what our basic goal covers, and we’re sure it’ll look great!

BUT: it would cost $10,500 to change our order to a cloth-bound* hardcover with nicer paper and a custom Sonic-logo-ribbon bookmark ribbon. (*Or cloth-like material.) That “book upgrade” is our single stretchgoal, it would go out to all of our backers and it’d be just plain AWESOME. We hope we can make it there. 

We know that old-school Segasonic fans are hard to come by these days, but we have had wonderful feedback from readers and we think it’s all worth a shot to finish this project properly by getting it into print. Come help us make a lovely object!

And thanks for your support!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Not Enough Rings will be our fourth printing project. We know how to do this, and we don’t foresee any problems printing and shipping a high-quality book to everyone.

However: delays happen. For one of our last books, we were let down by a specific printer and missed our estimated delivery date by a few months. There’s a chance that could happen again. However: this time we’re sticking with a tried and true printer who has a record of delivering on-time, and we’ve made sure to finish the book in advance. All it’s gonna take is the funding and we should be able to ship all these items within three months of project end!


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    NOT ENOUGH RINGS, THE BOOK: A full-color collection of the whole series. All books include the bonus Competition strips and a PDF download!

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    TIME OVER T-SHIRT: A tribute to the most terrifying obstacle ever to find its way into a Sonic game, printed on a quality unisex American Apparel shirt. We’ll ask for your size later.

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    BOOK & UPSTAGE BUNDLE: Get an advance copy of our new Bittersweet Candy Bowl card game, “Upstage”, alongside a lovely new Not Enough Rings book!

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    SIGNED BOOK & SHIRT BUNDLE: A book signed by the two of us, with a quick Segasonic drawing inside from Veronica! Plus the shirt.

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    SIGNED BOOK, SHIRT & UPSTAGE BUNDLE: The book, signed by us with a Segasonic drawing inside (we’ll ask for your request later!), the shirt and an advance copy of the BCB card game!

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    FRAMED ART + PDF DOWNLOAD: Your choice of Not Enough Rings strip, signed and placed in a beautiful blue shadow box frame. First-come-first-serve, but we’re sure you can find a strip you want. (We will let backers at this level and above look at the eBook early so they can select from the full range.)

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    I WANT IT ALL BUNDLE: A framed, signed original strip, the “Time Over” T-shirt, card game, and — of course — a signed book with a Segasonic drawing! What a deal!

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    CAN’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER BUNDLE: We will write and draw a “Not Enough Rings”-style strip for a Sonic stage of YOUR CHOICE, from ANY SONIC GAME. Any one. Then we'll frame it and send it to you. Plus you get a signed book, card game and shirt!

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