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High school, heartbreak, and cats. In two new full-color books!
High school, heartbreak, and cats. In two new full-color books!
High school, heartbreak, and cats. In two new full-color books!
355 backers pledged $35,495 to help bring this project to life.

All done! ... Mostly

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Non-Canadian backers should have received Amazon shipment notifications by now, and with the packages in those emails, this whole Kickstarter journey comes to an end!

Gosh, we really do hope you like the books.

A few notes

  • Do not always trust the Amazon delivery estimate! It could arrive sooner than they promise. (We hope it does!)
  • If you’re outside of the USA and ordered a figurine, you’ll be missing one in your book package because Amazon won’t send them overseas! But don’t worry, it’s shipping out to you in an individual box.
  • IF YOU’RE CANADIAN none of this applies and we’re waiting on a big book delivery before we can pack and send them to you direct. But we’re ready to go and it shouldn’t be long!

There’s nothing much left now! Once we sort out the Canadian orders, this Kickstarter project comes to an end. This all feels too routine to be our proper final update, though, so what we’ll do is round everything up once the Canadian stuff is on the way.

Otherwise, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you! The books will be there soon.

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    1. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Kikimmicoa, the tracking says they were all delivered to you in May! I will contact you over PM to work this out, though.

    2. Kikimmicoa on

      I still haven't received my Books or figures...

    3. Missing avatar

      Emilee on

      hehehe thank you hunny that's all i needed to know and also p.s. i loved the candy i was divine <3 so ya have a supper day.

    4. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Emilee, looks like it's out for delivery today! I guess they chose to ship yours in two different packages :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Emilee on

      hunny i just got my figurine but not my books is that normal.I also live in Tennessee when should i expect them to arrive. Thank you for your time dear and have a wonderful day. <3

    6. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Kristian, you are one of three exceptional backers who live in countries (other than Canada) that Amazon won't ship to! I thought I sent an email about this to you guys but I guess it didn't go through.

      I can say here, though, that you're on the list along with the Canadians to have your order sent via USPS. You will get a confirmation email from us (and not from Amazon) when it's on the way.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kristian Thomas Lizardo on

      does this apply to those in SE Asia?
      because I haven't gotten the Amazon thing,
      and I know its really far away,
      but I'm just so excited to get my books.