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High school, heartbreak, and cats. In two new full-color books!
High school, heartbreak, and cats. In two new full-color books!
High school, heartbreak, and cats. In two new full-color books!
355 backers pledged $35,495 to help bring this project to life.

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The end

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Here marks the final update to the “Starting Over” Kickstarter project! The books were made, the sketches were drawn, all the rewards are on their way, everything! So let’s do a quick recap:

Delivery times

Most backers will have received everything now. You should only be waiting in these cases:

  • Your reward included books, and you live in Canada (in which case your items will be arriving in 1–2 weeks)
  • Your reward included a figurine, and you live outside the United States (in which case it should be arriving in 1–3 weeks)
  • You live in an odd country (in which case we’ve already emailed you about it, but your stuff will be there in 1–3 weeks anyway!)

That’s basically it. If you are still waiting on any of your rewards in other circumstances, or if anything arrived with problems, please send us a Kickstarter message so we can look into your order and make things right!

We thank you for your patience!

How it all went

Well! Running this project has been a time-consuming job, that’s for sure. We knew what we were getting into, for the most part, but we’re glad it’s over.

For those who are curious (and may wish to run their own projects in the future!) there were a fair few cost overruns...

  • We thought our total shipping bill was going to be $3,000 but it ended up at about $5,500. :(!
  • The printer for Volume 2 ended up printing 9% more books than required, adding about $1000 to the bill. (Normally when you print books you accept 10% over\under, but it was a shame for them to bump right up against that ceiling!)
  • The Ask Roseville High book was originally quoted at $2,500 but ended up blowing up to $4,500. (Oh, and the printer was so dreadfully bad at their job that they delivered it 4 months late, delaying final reward delivery for almost everyone.)

So yeah! Most things cost a bit more than expected. But it’s alright. When it comes down to it, not counting tax and, uh, the price of our time, the project costs totalled about $27,000, leaving about $10,000 for us as profit.

Considering book sales are our main source of income, and that we spent many months of the year working full-time to complete these books, it’s kind of a disappointing number on its own, but! This was really just a means of covering the big upfront cost to have the books made, and we’ve been doing very well selling them directly in the BCB Store. And we just can’t wait to do our convention tour where we’ll have so much neat stuff to sell — including candy — that was only possible as a result of your generous Kickstarter contributions!

We are very thankful for the massive amount of support we got and the patience you’ve offered. We hope you like what we made for you!

So, would we do it all again?

What’s next

Well! We’ve actually been planning another little Kickstarter project. You might be able to guesS which ONe of our webcomICs it might be for. We will let you guys know when it’s running (very soon, we hope!), but to ensure you get any future interesting announcements from us please consider joining our few-times-a-year BCB mailing list!

Once again, thank you for all the support. We love making this comic for you and it’s your patronage that makes it possible!

— Veronica and Oliver

All done! ... Mostly

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Non-Canadian backers should have received Amazon shipment notifications by now, and with the packages in those emails, this whole Kickstarter journey comes to an end!

Gosh, we really do hope you like the books.

A few notes

  • Do not always trust the Amazon delivery estimate! It could arrive sooner than they promise. (We hope it does!)
  • If you’re outside of the USA and ordered a figurine, you’ll be missing one in your book package because Amazon won’t send them overseas! But don’t worry, it’s shipping out to you in an individual box.
  • IF YOU’RE CANADIAN none of this applies and we’re waiting on a big book delivery before we can pack and send them to you direct. But we’re ready to go and it shouldn’t be long!

There’s nothing much left now! Once we sort out the Canadian orders, this Kickstarter project comes to an end. This all feels too routine to be our proper final update, though, so what we’ll do is round everything up once the Canadian stuff is on the way.

Otherwise, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you! The books will be there soon.

Your books are shipping out!

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Last night we did two things that will wrap up the BCB Kickstarter project for lots of backers — we’ve submitted many orders to Amazon so they can ship out your books and we sent you an email containing links to the finalised eBooks (if you backed at the levels which included them!)

With those steps, we’re finally on the home stretch! But we wanted to clarify a few things so you know what to expect in the coming weeks:

If your order included Ask Roseville High

We are going to progressively ship out every order throughout this month, as fast as we can. Please bear with us, while mass shipping via Amazon is like telling a robot to go to the post office for you, it can be very picky about mailing addresses and other formatting! So we’re doing it in chunks. Orders that were for Volume Two only have gone out first, but we will cover everybody else soon after.

Just keep an eye out for an automated email from Amazon. That will be your confirmation that your books (and figurines) are on the way!

If you’re in Canada

Since Canada doesn’t like Amazon sending books your way (odd, right?) we will arrange to send them ourselves via the post office. We will send you an email when they’re on the way.

If you bought a figurine but live outside of the USA

This is one loose end we’re still looking into — we haven’t got clearance to send these outside of the USA (via Amazon) just yet. Don’t worry! We will work out what to do and let you know how we work this out. One possibility is sending your books via Amazon and your figurine via the post office, but we’ll try to combine everything where we can!

If anything else is bothering you

Just let us know! We’ve received and updated every single changed address, and we believe we’re up to date with all correspondence. If you have any concerns, send us an email at with as much detail as you can provide.

This should be our second-last update, with the final one being a simple round up of how the project went, and a call for anyone who is still missing rewards. But for now, we’re happy that you will finally be getting your hands on the end result of this project!

Guess what we have

Yep, it’s a genuine bona fide “Ask Roseville High” book! These have all been printed and they came out wonderfully. As you can see from the size comparison to my (it’s me, Oliver!) large hands, it’s a very cute little thing.

So, there two questions for our wonderful backers to consider today:

Have you changed your mailing address?

It has been a few months since we sent out your non-book rewards, and we suspect a few people have moved since then (well, we have, for one!) If this is you, please send us a message on Kickstarter and we can make sure the books go out to the right address.

We’d appreciate it if you can minimise these requests by first checking the address you provided to us via the “Your Response” link on the sidebar of our Kickstarter page. We will wait about a week before assuming all the addresses are correct.

Are you ready for cat drama?

Okay, that’s not a serious question. But it gives us the opportunity to say: your books are shipping out soon!

Volume Two has arrived in America safely and is being loaded into Amazon’s warehouse, and Ask Roseville High should arrive soon after. Give us about a month to make sure everyone is covered, but if you see an email from Amazon about books (and figurines!) on their way, you’ll know it’s from us!

Thanks for having patience while we worked through a bunch of printer delays. We’re so glad we can confidently tell you that the books are approved, finished, and on their way to delivery.

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No News Is Bad News

In brief: your books will be delivered in March.


The printing companies keep delaying production. It’s complicated.


Yeah, and we’re really sorry! We relayed a promise from the printers that everything would be printed and shipped in mid-January, but that didn’t end up happening. Much to our dismay.


No way! Things are actually moving along, only with a big stupid delay in the middle. ALL the Volume 2 books have been printed, and we’re pretty sure they’re on their way to the US as we type. We even have an advance copy to show you!

Cool, right? For 274 pages it's surprisingly compact, but the heavy paper feels great and the printing quality is just perfect. You will love it.

The Ask Roseville High books are due to be printed at the end of this month, and are the main reason we’re saying “March”. The printer for this book is testing our patience to say the least! At this stage we have no idea how they could possibly justify another delay to us so it seems safe to assume that they will be shipping out next month.


You guys are wonderfully patient and supportive and we appreciate you oh-so-much. We don’t take any of it for granted — every indignant email is written for you, dear backer! And with that spirit we will get these books out the door. Please bear with us a little longer!