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High school, heartbreak, and cats. In two new full-color books!
High school, heartbreak, and cats. In two new full-color books!
High school, heartbreak, and cats. In two new full-color books!
355 backers pledged $35,495 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jason on

      All the best on your new project ;)

    2. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Can't replicate it on a 3rd generation iPad! However, the one I have runs iOS 6. I'd suggest upgrading to iOS 6 and making sure iBooks is the latest version. It seems to run fine, for me!

    3. Jason on

      3rd generation iPad running on iOS 5.1.1 with latest version of iBook

    4. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Which generation iPad do you have?

    5. Jason on

      Has anyone here encounter an issue when viewing the Ask Roseville High pdf on iPad through iBook ?
      Unlike Starting Over, the wordings seems to be digital and they are never displayed properly (words jumbled up; missing words).
      Any advice ??

    6. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Just a quick note to anyone leaving further comments on the Kickstarter page about order concerns— the best way to get things sorted out is to send us a message through Kickstarter so we can correspond with you.

    7. SwordFire

      Not a problem. I can wait a little longer. :)

      I had ordered from Amazon before, but never request them to deliver overseas. I usually request them to send the items to Portland for packages consolidation, after which the Singapore postal service will handle the rest of the journey. So far, most packages reached me within a month.

    8. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Have you ordered from Amazon before? It should be no slower (or faster!) than that. Sometimes they take a while to ship overseas, though it usually is about a month. I'd give it another few weeks, but if the end of this month rolls by and you're still waiting, we can try sending out another set!

    9. SwordFire

      Yikes! I just realised my books have not arrive yet, a month after receiving the notification. Hopefully they didn't get stuck somewhere... Is there any way to find out the status?

      The figurine has not arrive yet as well, but books are more important. ;D

    10. Daniel Hicks on

      yay! Books have arrived tyvm!

    11. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      No problem at all! The previous email we sent you must have been caught in a spam filter, but I've re-sent the message.

    12. raych3l on

      This is a little embaressing, but the email I got a long time ago for my e-books is no longer around because I didn't think I'd have use for them... but then I just recently got a Kindle out of the blue, do you think you could pm me the e-books? I'm sorry if I'm being annoying. I just didnt know I'd actually end up with an e-reader to put them on ;_;'

    13. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Volume 2 is in stock and ready to ship as of yesterday. Ask Roseville High has been fully printed, but they need us to approve a copy before they ship it to the Amazon warehouse in America. We should have received that copy last Friday but as the printer helpfully sent it to the wrong address we won't see it until Thursday at earliest.

      Because we've suffered so many stupid setbacks just like that one we're waiting to look at this advance copy before announcing anything. If all's good, we will post an update about when everyone will receive their books and figurines.

      There is of course a chance that they printed it in bright yellow on fluorescent red paper, which is why we're hesitating until we're SURE there's no more printing to do. :)

    14. Jordan M. Isaacs on

      Is there any update about this? I still haven't received the books or the figurine. What's going on?

    15. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Sadly not, but we'll be posting an update about it really soon! Just waiting on an email first.

    16. Khrizart on

      Did you send the Physical copies? I haven't receive mine yet... :(

    17. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      It looks like a few eBook emails from Christmas Eve went missing. I've PM'd yours, Lauren, but for anyone else who missed the link, just send a message on Kickstarter and we'll sort it out!

      Or just wait. We'll have a new update post pretty soon.

    18. L B on

      Hey, I just wanted to ask. I had done the $30 pledge (and just finally checked my e-mail, since it's my non-main account), so I'm wondering if the eBooks had been sent out like they were going to be on Christmas Eve? Thanks for any response!

    19. Jordan M. Isaacs on

      I just got my non-book non-figure rewards! Couldn't be more excited for the rest of the stuff! And my personalized sketch was wonderful. Thank you, Taeshi!

    20. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      When we're ready to issue it! We're trying to finish the books before we do that. The closer to delivery we issue the survey the more likely we are to get current addresses.

    21. Missing avatar

      DJumper on

      When do we get the survey?

    22. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on


    23. Tylor Childers on

      If I want to increase my donation level post-kickstarter can I just add the amount using the BCB store? (I am currently at the 45$ level but I want the eBooks and ARH so can I just add the extra 20$ through the store with a note or something?)

    24. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      I think you misunderstood what the PayPal pledges were supposed to be for! But it's okay, I've sent you a message and we can work out how to refund you for the double pledge.

    25. Missing avatar

      seikyuu on

      Quick question. Got that update E-mail that said to donate money with a comment saying what rewards to get if you don't have paypal. I did that and got charged the $95 by both the BCB store tip, and Amazon. I went to Amazon and cancelled the payment authorization cause I didn't want to pay for the same thing twice. I'm not gonna get two shipments of the same stuff am I?

    26. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Thank you! It has been a big effort but it has been great to see so many people interested in these books.

    27. Missing avatar

      James C King on

      I sadly can't stay awake these last few hours... Congratulations Taeshi and SuitCase - A nicely run Kickstarter!

    28. Brian Holme on

      i just upped to 140$ so i could get the candy and the lucy figure the sketch is just a bonus. lol

    29. L B on

      Oh hey, you hit 30k! Congrats once more!

    30. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      That's not very conventional! We'll just take things as they go. If it hits $30k, cool, if not, no problem!

    31. Missing avatar

      seikyuu on

      I think if you announced that the new goal of $30k is the last stretch goal you might get more donations. Cause, well...think about it. When the last goal was reached and a new goal was set my first initial thought was "Aw man, even if we reach this goal there's probably another behind it that we'll fail even if we don't fail this one". I'm just saying, may be a good idea for contributors to know where the ultimate target is and if'll stay there. Then again it could be a god awful idea. Your choice.

    32. L B on

      Congrats on reaching the stretch goal!

    33. Aris5467 on

      Yay now all we have to hope is that, 1 the pledged money is real and 2 the world does not end any time soon

    34. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Wow! We'll put up an update with the full set of character images soon.

    35. Missing avatar

      James C King on

      Congratulations Taeshi!

    36. Jason on

      I dont know how but..........
      We've reached the stretchgoal in just a day from $21k to $25k. !!!!!!
      Congratulations to Taeshi ;)

    37. Aris5467 on

      i bet the lucy print will be last because that is the one i want to see the most, that always happens with me :(

    38. Missing avatar

      James C King on

      ARG! I just noticed my favorite chapter was 63!
      Now I'm going to have to find some other original page to request :(

    39. Missing avatar

      James C King on

      Taeshi - Thanks, I didn't want to short change you by not asking (Or have to get you the money else how)

    40. Missing avatar

      Bizkit on

      Come one people! Less than $5,000 til we reach the new goal, and only 10 days in which to reach it!

    41. Veronica Vera 5-time creator on

      Yes, forget about shipping at the $250+ tiers. It's included for everyone.

    42. Missing avatar

      James C King on

      Hey Taeshi - Is shipping included for non-North American backers at and above the $250 tier, or do we still need to include the costs?

    43. Aris5467 on

      yay after a bit of thinking i finaly backed i will probaly switch to the ebook set f the 25k goal is not reached though.

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Wife just brought me my Christmas present, the $115 pledge but she's gonna make me wait till christmas waaaaaaaaahhhh!

    45. Missing avatar

      Ashley Walker on

      YESSSSSSSSSSSS! I the Ask Roseville High Book! *fistpump*

      Also, is that an Augustus keychain? Dawwww I wish I had that much money to pledge!

    46. Sammy on

      Well done, Tae and Suit!

    47. Fenfir on

      Early Christmas present to myself ;)
      Just have to think of something to be drawn on "Pretty art paper" now :P

    48. Andy on

      Yay! Thank you everybody for getting this funded!

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