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TAD is the story of rare visionaries who came together in Detroit to share stories of innovation, bravery, and perseverance.
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Oh no we DIDN'T. New "BETA" reward level.

Posted by TAD Film (Creator)

We're jumping-beans excited to announce this exciting new reward for the TAD Kickstarter, and it starts today!!

You've been there: the hot, dry road to inspiration. And if you aren't careful, dehydration can kill. What is the solution that is pocket-sized and never needs refilling? Yes, the Water of TAD. This precious hydration tool (or shall we say idea-dration?) is now in the hands of Apple Computer's approval team.

But will they allow the masses to imbibe? It's hard to say, as the Water of TAD is potent. Some early spy shots of Water of TAD in the wild

For a limited time, if you back us at the $30.00 BETA level or above, you'll get exclusive access to rich-media productivity tools that literally no one else has. And remember, at TAD we believe that everyTHING and everyONE is forever in beta. So don't get lost in the desert of burnout and die of thirst. Save yourself and those you care about, and become a TAD backer today!

Please note this exclusive preview beta is over-the-air, easy to install, and requires no explicit testing or bug reporting. And it's open to the first 50 (iPhone 4, 4S or 5) users who select the reward. Sorry Android lovers, we adore your "tech-y-ness," and we hope to include you in a future release.

Instructions: Once you've become a BETA backer, contact us at the link on the main page with your kickstarter name and email where you'd like us to send the invite. If you already have a TestFlight account, you may provide that email if you like. We'll process new backers daily, but please allow 24-48 hours to receive your team invite.

May your holiday weekend be filled with ideas you jot down for later,



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    1. TAD Film Creator on

      To clarify, app preview is available to all backers at the $30 BETA level and above!