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$89,766 pledged of $175,000 goal
By Tactical Haptics
$89,766 pledged of $175,000 goal

Wireless Communication Stretch Goal and Getting a Grip Mounted in Your Project


There's lots of great news with today's update:

  • Wireless communications stretch goal for the Reactive Grip
  • How to transform Reactive Grip to take the place of other game peripherals or use it in your projects
  • Limited Special reward tiers and "Add a Grip" add-ons

Stretch Goal – Wireless Communication for Reactive Grip

From comments and our recent survey we've heard you loud and clear, having the ability to use the Reactive Grip without being tethered to your PC is important. We have been working hard to test the technical feasibility of wireless to ensure we maintain high quality touch feedback. Based on this testing we are confident with providing a wireless solution and have added a stretch goal of $245K to give all Reactive Grip Development Kits the ability to communicate with your PC wirelessly. This option will let you power the grip through the included wall adapter or use your own battery solution. The dev kit could still be used with standard USB for those that prefer this setup. We will continue to explore options for adding an integrated battery.

Getting a Grip Attached to Your Hardware Project

We have always wanted to see the Reactive Grip bring touch feedback into all kinds of your projects. For this reason the Reactive Grip was designed to be easily mounted into alternate configurations that provide the functionality of other gaming peripherals or to let you do something completely new.

Simple attachment points and readily available dimensions let you add responsive touch feedback into your hardware projects. So whether you want to use your grip as a joystick in a flight sim, a pair of grips as a machine gun, or if you're adding haptic feedback to your robot controls, it's easy to use the Reactive Grip in new ways. And even if your creations aren’t beautiful, they’ll still look great once you put on your Oculus Rift. =)

We encourage the community to share their designs and unique applications for touch feedback. We will also be making some of the attachments shown here directly available for purchase.

"Add a Grip" and Limited Special Reward Tiers

We are announcing the option to "Add a Grip" to any development kit reward tier for $165. We are also opening additional "Limited Special" reward tiers for a 1-handed development kit at $165 or a 2-handed development kit at $319. Both of these options offer an opportunity for those that wanted to add a second controller to an existing 1-handed dev kit or to add a third or fourth controller to a 2-handed kit.  Rewards will be fulfilled in the order in which you backed us.

Bundled Tracking Solutions  

From our survey we found that some of you would like to have an add-on to your dev kit or bundle that provides a tracking system compatible with the Sixense STEM system. We are still working on options for this and will let you know as soon as we have more information.


Thanks for you continued support!

-Will and the Team at Tactical Haptics

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    1. WormSlayer on November 19, 2013

      Chris Roberts has been a huge supporter of Oculus, and VR, I could see him being interested in a flight stick with reactive grip tech.

    2. CURTROCK 8 on November 19, 2013

      It ABSOLUTELY makes sense to contact CloudHead. They are paving the way as early adopters of VR tech. They already support Oculus Rift, and Razor Hydra (soon to be STEM). Although Reactive Grip is still in the development phase, some actual game implementation will prob go a long way for PR and Hype. I'm hoping the VR games in production right now, such as The Gallery, Star Citizen, and Eve : Valkyrie, etc...will all embrace Reactive Grip. Rift/Stem/Grip = Win!

    3. Tactical Haptics Creator on November 19, 2013

      @lee perring

      Again, you must be clairvoyant... Another backer made that same suggestion a few hours ago and we've sent an email that is being forwarded to Chris. We'll see if our stuff is of interest to him or the other folks the email got forwarded to...

      We were wondering if it might also make sense to contact CloudHead Games, who did
      The Gallery: Six Elements, since they already have support for the Razer Hydra.

    4. Missing avatar

      lee perring on November 19, 2013

      That's brilliant just what you need :). I would also make another suggestion, try to speak with Chris Roberts I.e the man behind star citizen, he has supported the omni and oculus rift and since star citizen is powering on to 29 million in funding I am sure getting a shout out from him and his support you would get a large influx or backers!

      Can't wait for this tech guys keep up the great work :)

    5. Tactical Haptics Creator on November 19, 2013

      @ lee perring
      You must be clairvoyant...See the great story on our Reactive Grip technology that appeared on the BBC (posted last night):

    6. Missing avatar

      lee perring on November 19, 2013

      Great update, would be perfectly happy with wireless but requireing your own battery pack, I have no problem with attaching a pack to myself if need be :).

      I really hope you succeed as it really does look like amazing tech and is one of the final pieces required to complete the VR puzzle. Need to somehow get yourselves on the BBC as everything gets great traction then :P

    7. Tactical Haptics Creator on November 18, 2013

      @CURTROCK 8 @Jan Burchard @Nadim Alam @Ben Drakes

      We're glad our update resonated with you!

    8. CURTROCK 8 on November 18, 2013

      Great update! It was especially informative to see the close-up of the Haptics in action, via the machine gun scene. Much more sophisticated than buzz & rumble. The tilt & torque feel of a Light Sabre, coupled with the proper sound FX and Oculus Rift visual immersion, would be the ideal implementation. Remember the scene with Luke, blind-folded, practicing with the hovering bot? Insert a Rift, instead of the blindfold, and the reactive grip controller in your hand.....WIN !!!!!!

    9. Nadim Alam on November 18, 2013

      Ah i see, sorry not sure how i missed that info in the update :(

      Thanks will definetly double up my pledge now that wireless is added! Well atleast as a stretch goal. Hopefully we will make it!

    10. Tactical Haptics Creator on November 18, 2013

      @ Jan Burchard
      Stay tuned. We're still working out details on "STEM-compatible" add-ons and bundles.

    11. Tactical Haptics Creator on November 18, 2013

      @ Nadim Alam
      You can just increase your current pledge by $165 to get the add-on and we'll have a questionaire after the campaign to sort out any add-ons that people paid for.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jan Burchard on November 18, 2013

      Looks really awesome, now all we need to do is to integrate the feedback into lots of games ;-)

      Also looking forward to updates on the STEM combo, maybe as an addon?

    13. Nadim Alam on November 18, 2013

      Awesome update!

      Im already at an early bird $159 for 1 controller Tier to ship in Octobar! How can i add a second controller to my pledge and still get it at the same time?

      I don't want to change my Tier to the 2 controller tier at $319 because those are shipping later in November!

    14. sutekiB on November 18, 2013

      Great update. Love the idea of different configurations using the attachment points.