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Twist it - Screw it - Pop it - Wrench it - Crack it - Wear it - Stick it - Fits 21 & 27 Tooth caps - Patent Pending
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EVERYONE READ >> How many points are on your cap, 21 or 27?

Posted by Brad (Creator)

I'd like to thank one of my backers - David F. Bishop

I will say ahead of time that I'm sorry all of my prototype testers either drink Pop-off's or Anheuser-Busch products.

David sent me a message stating that he has some twist-off caps that have 21 teeth, so I did some research. I went to the Liquor store in search of 21 tooth twist-off's, and found some Shiner Boch (Turns out its pretty good).  I matched up the Anheuser-Busch caps (Bud-Light and Platinum) and they were definitely different from the Shiner Boch, so I matched the Shiner Boch cap up to a pop-off cap I had laying around, it too had 21 teeth.  I knew that some pop-off's wouldn't be able to be worn, and I even put that into the main page to protect anyone that was going to pledge for this just for the "Wear it".  Well, I couldn't have someone pledge for something that didn't fit some twist-offs, because, well.. the whole design started as just an oval piece of aluminum with a twist off cut out.  

So I went back to the drawing board... how can I get both caps in the design, while I'm at it maybe I can make it so it will open a Plastic bottle lid... After a few prototypes, and editing code, I found out that the Plastic Bottle lid wasn't going to happen with this current design, I have one that will work, but then it won't twist off a twist-off cap, so it's either-or, and maybe I'll do that for my next project... out of Titanium??? 25k is getting closer folks.

It's ok though, I came up with a solution for both 21 and 27 tooth designs, and as far as I know, there is no other twist off on the market that can do this. (yes it's now in the patent)

So here are some pictures, I know how everyone loves pictures!

This new design will be incorporated into ALL Bottle Grenades, so if you don't want the new 21 tooth addition, then during the survey at the end of this project just let me know, I'll sit some aside just for that.

I am SO glad I came to a solution for this, and now you can wear your POP-OFF's too !!!!

It just keeps getting better, and I thank all of you for your continued support,


P.S. I'm so glad I can remove that disclaimer :)

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    1. Brad 11-time creator on

      Curt - I haven't, my wife's wine usually has a cork, who knows, maybe it already fits. Most caps are all around the same size, we may get lucky. :) Heineken caps are different, I'll have to look into that, good info.

      Adam - :) I'm here for my backers, I don't want to let anyone down, if it means putting already cut Bottle Grenades back into the mill to add the new feature, it's worth it.

      Thanks everyone, enjoy your Sunday.

    2. Adam Pitts on

      Awesome news! This project just keeps on getting better and better.

    3. Missing avatar

      Curt on

      Have you tried to open wine bottles with caps, japanese sake bottles with caps and heineken beer? If not maybe for your next project, you can design ones for wine and sake bottles.

    4. Brad 11-time creator on

      Thanks Mark! What are the odds I chose Shiner, do you have any pictures of their brewery? That would be pretty neat.

      I'm learning about machining Titanium right now, I gotta be ready, right?

      I thank all of you for the wonderful support, I was a little worried there for a bit. I have tested the new design a few times tonight and I'm just thrilled with it.

      Off to bed now,

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Bell on

      Brad Thanx for the great update, especially since I live less than 100 miles from the Shiner Bock brewery and it is my beer of choice! I was already thinking of proudly displaying that cap! Thanx also to David!
      Fantastic R & D! what a great project! Now on to 25k and Titanium!

    6. Brad 11-time creator on

      Good info Alex! You will be set now! :)

    7. Alex May on

      Thats pretty cool. Here in the UK twist off caps are a rarity. Only one I can think of would be MIller GD. Everything else is pop off. So I look forward to being able to wear a proper ale cap hah!

    8. Brad 11-time creator on

      I love Research and Development! You got it, I'll have a few of them laying around I'm sure. ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Brad 11-time creator on

      Mike - Do you have any suggestions on some good brews to try? (That I might be able to find locally)

    11. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on

      Here in Kansas, we are heading toward the golden age of beer. More and more microbreweries are popping up. I come from a family that brews their own beer. When I buy beer, its usually something I have never had before. Mostly IPA's nowadays.

      Not necessarily during the kickstarter, but I definitely encourage you to test your Bottle Grenade on every different bottle of beer you can find. Push its limits. Try to find that one bottle of beer that it can't handle. Then adapt and overcome. And enjoy the variety while doing it!

    12. Brad 11-time creator on

      Mike - Thank you! I've only drank maybe... 3 pry-off's in my life. Not much to choose from here in rural Iowa. :) I'm learning!

    13. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on

      Shiner Boch > Anheuser-Busch. In fact, just about every single pry-off cap > twist-off. In fact, I've rarely had a problem with a twist-off to the extent of needing somethin to help out. But thats ok. Sometimes you still come across the time when you have a twist-off and you need to get it off. I'm glad you were able to redesign this even after you were manufacturing them already!

      Despite the twist-off being the primary feature you started with, its not what I was backing this for. In fact, I'll never wear it either. Its a great concept. It looks great, and features multiple functions without adding too much to the size. This is why I back you.

    14. Brad 11-time creator on

      Everything fits so perfect I can't believe it. Nothing is lost, only gained!

    15. Christina

      Does the new design make the cap slip at all when you try and twist the BG on it?

    16. Brad 11-time creator on

      I think Anheuser-Busch products have 27 teeth for more surface area on your fingers so it's easier to open?

    17. Brad 11-time creator on

      I know what you mean, the bottles keep getting thinner and when you open it, it splashes all over.

      >> JUST TESTED - If you drink the current weak bottle version of Aquafina... IT WORKS!! (Not perfect, but it does work. I only tried it on a soda before, and as I don't drink soda, I had to go and buy one just for the test, haha.

    18. Missing avatar

      Patricia B on

      If you could get this to work on plastic bottles, it would be awesome. I can't tell you how much trouble I have getting water bottles open! Good luck!