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Twist it - Screw it - Pop it - Wrench it - Crack it - Wear it - Stick it - Fits 21 & 27 Tooth caps - Patent Pending
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Posted by Brad (Creator)

Thanks to ALL of YOU we have met OUR stretch goal!

I have added a Reward for the new Pattern, due to the huge success of this project I am just playing it safe with the Reward ship dates.  After all it's better to get yours early than late, right?  C'mon, everyone likes surprises. :D

I will update the main page's picture with a fully functional Bottle Grenade showing off the new pattern in about... 14hours.

Thanks again EVERYONE!

I know... the suspense is killing me too, but it's family time now... you know.. you seen my son :)

Night,  -Brad

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    1. Brad 11-time creator on

      Hmmm... I just noticed that I don't have the pattern with multiple sized HEX..

      I'll go ahead and add that now.

      Thanks Everyone!

    2. Brad 11-time creator on

      Check main page everyone! :D

    3. Brad 11-time creator on

      Well, let me get my shopping cart full over at Tormach, I'll post a screenshot and that will be my "Stretchier Goal" (plus shipping of about 1500lbs)

      I smell exotic metal... anyone else?

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Brad 11-time creator on

      Well thank you very very much! :D

      Just an update for Anodizing... still no mail, not sure whats going on.

      Maybe I can come up with something else for a "stretchier goal"? :D

      Which reminds me, some people have messaged me about some of the crazy things I've said.
      "Late Bird Special" seems to be the popular one, maybe it will stick?

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      Matthew J. Weir on

      This is my first project to back. I have been surfing kickstarter for some time now and decided to join. I think I was only a member for a day or two and saw your product. I am a pre-engineering teacher so when I saw the project I knew it was a home run.

    7. Brad 11-time creator on

      Matthew - I see you just joined, have only backed this project, and only commented here.. How did you end up here?

    8. Brad 11-time creator on

      I have a "Patent Pending". It's far to expensive to push these through immediately, but they say I'm just as protected due to the file date.

      Thanks Matthew, I appreciate the emotionally kind words! :)

      Derik - How are your estimation skills :P - Remember I'm not currently mixing the new design with a TEXT engraving

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      Matthew J. Weir on

      This is outstanding that you (we I guess I could say) have met the goals and successfully changed surface designs. You should be proud and hell I'm proud of you! Also have you thought about patent rights. I'm not a lawyer or an inverter but this could really blowup fast and I want you to be protected later as this thing grows.

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      (Estimated ship date)

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      Can I just add $1 to my custom engraved one and get that but keep my Feb ship date? =D