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Sometimes, the grass really is greener on the other side (in some way($), at least)... This project began out of exasperation from seeing too much tragedy from violence and gun violence in my community, and with a special dedication in its creation- In honor of my deceased cousin-in-law Dorian "Choice Da' Poet" Haddix- Rest In Paradise, a young street poet from Seattle, WA whose life was cut way too short 11/18/2015, at age 26, due to homicide from a gunshot wound. In the aftermath of frustration and anger at seeing many of my peers' talent-potential left unfulfilled, I decided to continue career pursuits in lyrical artistry and music entrepreneurship...

The BoominSoundBank.Pro website venture is also created in recognition of the lack of diversity in I.T./I.T.-Gaming and Casino-Gaming (which we see as opportunity, to operate a wholly Black-0wned firm in the traditionally Asian, East Indian and White-Male dominated I.T. Industries($), while being particularly inspired by Jesse Jackson's push for the same (more racial diversity in the Tech. Industry). Looking up and across the Western South Puget Sound region to EastSide King County has always, at least for me, been likened to looking upon "a land flowing with milk & honey" or like the Jefferson's TV theme song "Movin' On Up to the East Side"- an ecomically more well-off region and social position which I felt alienated from + one which my peers/generation/social circle, though immensely gifted, often had little access to...

I, Jay L. Cotten (also known as the Artist "SJS- South J. St."- see: Patreon.com/SJSouljah)- Native to Hilltop, Tacoma, WA am working to establish the BoominSoundBank.Pro website- A start-up venture to connect the worlds of Music Production and Tech-Gaming, including Casino Gaming- with ambition and hopes to create lanes for music producers/musicians, artists, songwriters/lyricists and/or jingoists into gaming development, and especially for (but not limited to) NW Hip-Hop/Hip-Hop and West Coast Unda'Ground Sound in Gaming. Therefore, I am seeking funding for business licensing, web related commerce, travel costs, legal resources and networking functions- in the process, filling a dire need for Diversity in I.T./Tech./E.T-Gaming (Entertainment-Technology) and Casino/Slot-Machine Gaming Sectors.

*(P$:  Now imagine if popular music from artists back in the 80's like: Run DMC, Tone Loc, Madonna, Guns 'N Roses, NWA, Michael Jackson, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam/Full Force, Whodini, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Geto Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Iron Maiden, Kid Frost, and the DOC-- for example, would start playing randomly in the background of the WWF Wrestling Arcade Game posted here, back when it was Hot!... Today's Gaming Frontier$ Are Beyond Capble for such, with Opportunity in Atmosphere$ of Commercial Collaboration via Mu$ic being through the 0zone'$ Roof!)

Risks and challenges

Main challenges in establishing the BoominSoundBank.Pro website are:

-New/Minority & Black-owned company groundbreaking into a diversity-
challenged industry.

-Dealing with Tech-savvy software developers/IT support familiar with
various code and other computer language which may be difficult to

-Securing the services of a competent web developer who understands
company goals and the vision necessary to grasp the operations of the

-Marketing services to needed music producers and Top 25 Gaming
Software Companies/Casino Gaming Slot machine Developers, and
getting them onboard with a new company designed to connect them.

-Building up enough revenue to be able to comfortably meet
BoominSoundBank.Pro's commitment to reward all donations and

-Securing funding/financing through crowdfunding or bank/lending
services who may actually have dislike for, or be impartial to gaming or
music, especially Hip-Hop &/or Hardcore West Coast Hip-Hop Sound.

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    As Funding Goals Are Achieved, BoominSoundBank.Pro (to be a Web-based Subsidiary of Exa-Gent Enterprises, LLC) will be able to offer the following incentives for donations:
    1) Latest "SJS"/1-$pit. (Ent./Mngmnt.)
    Production Album Copy per $10
    2) Latest Book Copy by J. "SJS" Cotten per $15
    3) Latest Album Copy + T-Shirt
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    Logo &/or Color of Loyalty Poem printed on
    them 0R Golf-hat w/Logo, per $16-$24
    4) Both Latest Album And Latest Book Copies
    per $25-$49 Patronization;
    5) Both Latest Album and Book Copies + T-shirt
    0R Golf-hat per $50-$99 Patronization;
    6) Both Latest Album and Book Copies + T-shirt
    w/Golf-hat per $100 or more Patronization).

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