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The most protective tablet sleeve that carries not just your iPad but also you accessories. It even carries your iPhone!
The most protective tablet sleeve that carries not just your iPad but also you accessories. It even carries your iPhone!
457 backers pledged $15,748 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Mini Pouch for your iPad Mini is on Kickstarter

Dear Backers!

We have successfully launched the new mini Pouch Campaign on Kickstarter.  Please check it out at the link below.

Since we want to produce the Pouch as soon as possible, we are only running a 14days Campaign.



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Mini Pouch for your iPad Mini and More!

Dear Backers,

We have finally succeeded our project!! It was our honor to have all of your support and witness throughout our entire project, from fund raising, manufacturing and delivering. It was a great experience and opportunity for us.

However, we hope our relationship do not just end here. For the past few weeks, we had been getting request for a smaller version of our iPad Pouch. (I guess everyone is getting ready to protect or pimp up their new iPad Mini/ Nexus ). 

As a result, we went back and made a deal with our manufacturer again to produce a mini version of our iPad pouch, which we call it the "Mini Pouch". 

The good news is, for anyone who has purchased a iPad Mini, Nexus tablet or another 7" tablets and interested in pre-ordering our Mini Pouch please feel free to check out our link below:

For those of you who is interested in our new project, please go to this website:

Lumen is a bluetooth light bulb that allow you to control your light bulb via a smart phone app

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All orders a shipped!

Thank you for your patients everyone!! 

We would like to inform you that the last batch of our pouch has shipped out yesterday.  Hope you guys like it =)  Please do feel free to let us know if there can be any improvements made. 

Thank you!



It is good to know that some backers starts to receive the POUCH.  Some backer say that the Pouch is kind of tight, and yes we know that initially the pouch is tighter especially with a smart cover, but as you use it for a couple more times it will loosen up a bit more.   

We will keep you posted on the POUCH.  We are approaching some distributors and local retailers, hopefully some of them will take up a larger quantity, in that way we can offer more colors and make it more accessible in the future. 



Orders shipped!

Dear all backers!

Good news for all... after a long long long long wait... all Pouches have finally arrived the warehouse today! We wasted no time and we spent the entire day, sorting out orders, filling up shipping forms, printing shipping labels and addresses...

We have shipping all packages by air and they are expected to arrive in 1 to 2 weeks time depending on your location.

Great to have all of you as my backers! TABU will continue to work hard to create awesome and creative products

Best Regards


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