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LuMini -- A Simple Bluetooth Smart Bulb for Everyone's video poster

A simple and affordable smart bulb that fill your life with exciting colors. Read more

Boston, MA Technology
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This project was successfully funded on April 1, 2014.

A simple and affordable smart bulb that fill your life with exciting colors.

Boston, MA Technology
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About this project

Use of Kickstarter funds and Stretch Goals

We had launched the LuMini project with an initial $50,000 goal.  However we found that the project will be a lot more feasible if we break the project by stages.  We will now offer the additional sizes of LuMini once we reaches the different stretch goals

By offering fewer models at a time, we can mange the project much better.

Here is what the Media said about Lumen & LuMini

Time to Transform your room

's video poster

 Lumen and LuMini Music sync demo

TABU started the Lumen Smart Bulb project with a vision to bring fun and excitement into people life through what is seem to be ordinary item, yet much more to discover. The Lumen smart bulb, is not just about having one additional smart device in the house. We want to transform everyone's lifestyle into a more smart and efficient one. Also, giving people what seems to be ordinary a fresh new experience.

Our Project: The LuMini, a compact Bluetooth smart bulb.

Why did we want to create the LuMini?

After the initial launch of our bulbs in June 2013, we found that there was a need for a smaller, more flexible and more affordable version of our smart bulb. Many people came to us for a smart bulb that can fit into the lamps that they bought from Ikea. So we decided to find a solution for them.

LuMini is ready for the World Cup 2014?
LuMini is ready for the World Cup 2014?

Also, we want to take smart lighting to the next level, making it more accessible to everyone.  Everyone can have a few smart bulbs at their home or work place to inspire and play with. Again, we are not trying to make a "cheap" product but to find a solution that everybody can jump onto the smart bulb bandwagon.

Compact LuMini fits into a small mood lamp 

The App

Although the LuMini is new, but it can still controlled by the same great Lumen app that is already available in the app store. It has been live since June 2013 and we are always adding new features on the app making the Lumen one of the most functional smart bulbs.

Features for more fun and usage!

What's the difference between LuMini and the Original Lumen Smart Bulb?

LuMini is very much like the Original Lumen Smart Bulb, except the LuMini is more of a mood light, it has a set of RGB (R=red, G=green, B=blue) LED inside to help generate millions of colors based on your mood. Whereas the Original Lumen, it also has the same set of RGB LED, but we added a set of White LED inside, so you can get the warm white light just like the traditional LED Bulb . But don't get us wrong, you can still get white light from the LuMini, but the white light is just not as bright as the Original Lumen.

LuMini and the Original Lumen
LuMini and the Original Lumen

What's so special about the LuMini?

More Accessible

Not everyone is willing to pay a very high price "try" out something entirely new. We created the LuMini to be much more affordable so that everyone can give Bluetooth Smart bulbs a try. We want more people to discover fun of having a smart light bulb.

Fits more Lamps

LuMini is so small that we reduced the bulb size by 1/3 of the traditional LED bulbs. The LuMini will come in both E12 and E26 (E14/E27 for Europe) standard sockets. It will fit almost every lamp you can find in the store.

Ceramic Heat Sink

After hours of research, we figure that ceramic has an efficient heat conductivity, which will allows LuMini to maintain its long lifespan like any other LED bulbs and affordable for everybody.

Why did we choose Bluetooth Smart vs Wifi?

When we hear the word smart lighting, it's often associated to complicated implementation and configuration. But we do not believe in that. We want people to adopt a smart lifestyle seamlessly. That's why we chose Bluetooth solution. With this solution, each bulb has its own built in Bluetooth module that allows the bulb to directly communicate with your smart phone. That means the installation of LuMini is a breeze, all you need to do is screw the LuMini into any standard light socket and turn on the Lumen app and you are ready to go. It's that simple.

Member of the Bluetooth SIG

As a member of the Bluetooth SIG, we were proud to be invited to show case our Lumen and LuMini smart bulb at the Bluetooth Media Event Las Vegas during the CES, Jan 6, 2014. It was the first debut of the LuMini.

Even in the tech Industry, many people are still new to the smart bulb concept. We want LuMini to be the ambassador for our smart bulb Even in the tech Industry, many people are still new to the smart bulb concept. We want LuMini to be the ambassador for our smart bulb 

Our Current Progress

Production Timeline:


We have completed the prototype and are ready to focus on the certification and manufacturing of the LuMini. A great product without safety certification is never complete and secure. We have put a lot of investment into the research, design and prototyping, now we really need your help to make LuMini a safe and marketable product. We have our previous experience in manufacturing the Original Lumen and we have already established a relationship with our supplier. We believe that once we get our funding the manufacturing process will be a breeze.

The Original Lumen Smart Bulb in Production The Original Lumen Smart Bulb in Production Funding for App improvement

Unlike iOS devices, the Android OS is not one size fits all. Currently we are only able to develop an Android app that is compatible with certain Android devices including Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3. We hope that with the money we raise, we will be able to continue our development and allow more people with different devices to play with Lumen and LuMini.

Our Vision

With the experience we have gathered, we are now able to introduce the LuMini at a much friendlier price. We hope that LuMini will be the gateway for many people whom have not been able to try any smart products or home automation product due to the high initial investment. We hope that by introducing LuMini, everyone gets to experience at least a glimpse of the fun and convenient of smart appliances. We really want people to experience what we have created for the world. The funding that we are asking for is for the certification, the production of the LuMini and our app enhancement.


Where is the fun if there is no product specification:

Light Source: 12 pcs 5050 RGB LED

Power: 3 Watts (Great for night lamp)

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 Range: 20fts Voltage: 110v to 240v

Specs: E12, E14, E26, E27

Compatible iOS Device: iPhone 4s /5 /5c /5s, iPod Touch 5th generation, New iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air

Android: Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 7 and more... (Android phones that has Bluetooth4.0 and Android 4.3)

Our Team:


from nothing to something 

Last but not Least, don't forget to like us on Facebook.

Tabu Lumen facebook Tabu Lumen facebook

Risks and challenges

Every project has its risk and challenges. Leaning from previous experience, we know exactly where we have to pay more attention during the development of a smart light bulb.

2) LuMini is currently a working prototype and we have not yet sent it for certification. There may be rules and regulations that we have to follow which may ask us to change the design of the LuMini. Extra cost and time we may have to spend on the project to make sure the LuMini complies with the various safety standard of the different counties.

3) The protocol of Bluetooth 4.0 for Android are not entirely standardized, so even with the funding we may only able to develop the app for certain Android devices. It depends very much on the different Android device manufacturers adopting a more developer-friendly Bluetooth 4.0 solution in order for us to develop an stable app for Lumen Smart Bulb. At this moment we are able to run the basic features of the Lumen bulbs with the Nexus 7 and Samsung S4 with Android 4.3 OS update. Basic features include, deeming(meaning turn your light brighter or dimmer), color changing and controlling multiple bulbs at the same time. Features like Proximity, Wake Up Mode, Call Alert and Music Sync are not available on our Android App yet.

How to Overcome?
1) The Original Lumen is already in mass production and we have established a set of manufacturing method to make sure the Lumen complies with the different safety standards. We will be adopting the same method on the design and manufacturing of the LuMini

2) With the funding we will be investing more into our android development team. We will also work closer to the Google community to keep ourselves update with the latest version of Android development platform. We are glad to see Google is making an effort to standardized the Bluetooth 4.0 platform and we can foresee that Bluetooth 4.0 will soon be as common as the regular Bluetooth and Wifi that is available in most of the smart devices


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  • Yes. Since we have made all of our stretch goals, we are able to produce LuMini is all of the above sizes. Thanks for making LuMini a little bit more compatible everyday~

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  • At the end of this campaign, we will send out a survey to all backers and you can let us know which size you prefer by returning us the survey.

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    EARLY BIRDS! Be the first to help us Kickstart it. -- (You will be first batch to own ONE of our LuMini (E26/E27 Base). At $25 we want everyone to get a taste of this awesome product.)

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    LuMini SINGLE PACK -- (Are you ready for the amazing a LuMini? This pledge will get ONE LuMini (E26/E27). The small and compact yet full of awesome features smart bulbs)

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    EARLY BIRDS! TWIN LuMini PACK -- (With the increasing demand for another a TWIN pack of the LuMini, we have decided to open up another pledge level for TWO LuMIni (E26/E27) bulbs for your appetite. Thanks for your support guys!!)

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    TWIN LuMini PACK -- (You will get TWO LuMIni (E26/E27) bulbs for your amusement.)

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    LuMini MULTIPLE PACK -- (THREE LuMini Smart Bulbs. It allows you to experience the Group feature of our App, controlling all three smart bulbs in a group or create a mix and match colors combination to cater every one of your occasions.)

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    LUMEN FAMILY PACK -- (One Original Lumen Bulb ONE LuMini Bulb)

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    ULTIMATE PACK WITH 6 LuMini -- (You can create your own rainbow effect that we shown in the video. The app can control up to 6 Bulbs at the same time)

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