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A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
8,904 backers pledged €183,578 to help bring this project to life.

Orders will be locked soon, and Boxes!

Posted by Tabula Games (Creator)

Orders Lockdown

Hello backers,

We want to let you know that we will lock the orders on Backerkit at the end of March and, afterwards, we will take care of charging the credit cards

So, if you need to change your add-ons, your pledge level or your payment information in the survey, we suggest to do it as soon as possible before the end of this month.

In order to do so you just need to enter your Volfyirion’s survey on Backerkit. Then, you need to click “Edit your order” in the top right part of the page and the following is the list of options that will be displayed and that need to be updated before the end of March:

  • Edit Your Pledge Question Responses”: if you want to change the name you gave for the Thank you Page
  • Edit Add-ons”: if you want to change or add add-ons to your order
  • Update Credit Card”: if you need to change your payment information

Furthermore, if you want to switch your pledge level, you can find “Your pledge level” and click under it where it says “Reward”. Afterwards, you can click “Switch Pledge Levels” and choose another one.

If you have any doubt at all don’t hesitate to contact our support team at and they will be happy to help you out!

Get a look at the boxes!

We want to share with you how the box for the miniature and the card game will look. Below are some renders of the final boxes and you can see them in detail, including the proportions between the Card Game box and the Miniature box. Intense colors and only the best for the dreadful dragon Volfyirion. What do you think? 

Here is what the Card Box and the Miniature Box will look on your table!
Here is what the Card Box and the Miniature Box will look on your table!

Last but not least a little something in anticipation about the next update: we will announce the winners for the Tabula Awards and, since we have started to produce some parts of the game, we will give you more details about that, too.

Mysthea Tabletop RPG by UFO Press

For those who might be interested in the Mysthea Universe, we want to notify you that today our friends at UFO Press will be live with "Mysthea: Legends from the Borderlands" on Kickstarter! Check out their Facebook page to know more about this tabletop RPG.

Stay tuned,


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    1. Freddy

      @Shaun Clifford - just login to your backerkit account (assuming you already have one for the Kickstarter email address that you used for this campaign), then go to
      You should see a line for Volfyirion there.

    2. Missing avatar

      Shaun Clifford on

      Where can we get our backerkit link?

    3. Freddy

      @Jo Britt - did you manage to get your payment issue resolved? If not, try contacting Tabula Games by email: support [at]

    4. Missing avatar

      Dylan Choate on

      I would have to agree with some other people. The boxes look nice. The colors are cool and seem to fit what the theme is and go better with the lettering. That being said, the box for the dragon add-on looks better on the original Kickstarter page. I liked that they were different and the dragon stood out more on the other ones.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jo Britt on

      I've not had any luck on the "Contact us" page so I went with my last post from you payment didn't go through because the card company thought it was fraud. I told them it was alright to charge it, so I am here asking you to please run the number again. Thank you so much..I look forward to getting this game and playing it! 3/29/19

    6. Freddy

      @Kip Rood - as "upgraded boxes thickness" was actually one of the stretch goals that we unlocked during the campaign, I have to assume that these boxes aren't the final version, and these were only printed to show the artwork. The final version will definitely have to be made from thicker material.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ashley Tarr

      I prefer the campaign box art, especially for the mini. I was going to use it as reference for painting, and the new box kind of ruins that.

    8. METADNA

      @Tabula games adding a pdf file (or/and a add-on) for DIY boxes sleeve with the previous design would make everybody happy ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Kip Rood on

      I noticed you are showing these boxes with their lids closed. An earlier picture on Facebook was posted with the lids open. With the lids open, it was very apparent that the boxes were indeed very thin, and that these boxes are quite different from the thickness of the boxes from the campaign. Each of your KS campaigns have grown in a large part from the quality of your products from your previous campaigns. I do worry that if you deliver these assumedly thin boxes, you will encounter a large number of backers who may feel as though the product was misrepresented and they will likely be very, very unhappy. How will that dissatisfaction affect the success of your future campaigns?

    10. Missing avatar

      Pylosx on

      Don‘t like the new boxes as well! 😒

    11. METADNA

      i don't like this old fast done box mini : photo of a painting mini + common black background.
      Also i'm bored to see always the same minimalist"deluxe" design again and again for each game on ks: monochrome black or red background + yellow /gold text. This game has plenty of awesome Artworks so i'm glad Tabula make them shine on these box.
      Artwork is art
      & art is true deluxe.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ivar Randall on

      I like the fiery earth tone colors of the new boxes. Blends better with the lettering logo. Looks great. I like it.

    13. Freddy

      The new artwork is really cool, and for the card game box, I think the new design is a great fit. But for the miniature box, I actually prefer the painted miniature box cover that was shown during the campaign.

    14. Missing avatar

      blackdani on

      Interesting is that the stretch goal for thinker boxes was met.

      @Tabula can you tell us a bit more about the thickness and what changed with the stretch goal?

    15. Davina Bienkens on

      Hope the boxes are sturdier and thicker than they look...already wasn't a fan of the deluxe box, also not of these... prefered the campaign color scheme and looks.

    16. Christi Kropf

      I'm also concerned that these boxes look really, really thin. I'm hoping my eyes are playing tricks on me and these boxes aren't like the typical box you get when purchasing playing cards with the flimsy lift lids. Please tell me they are boxes that have two parts and pull apart.

    17. Christi Kropf

      I too prefer the campaign box art.

    18. Immanuel Aquino on

      @MetaDNA. You are referring to the game box, not the deck box. The deck box from the campaign looks better imo.

    19. Missing avatar


      I too think the boxes shown in the campaign were nicer looking than the new versions shown here. I know that unique art takes a lot of time and effort to create, but I also feel both boxes shouldn’t have an identical look...don’t have to be drastically different, but *some* difference would be good.

      I at least hope the Collector’s Box will stay the same as shown on the Campaign page. I *really* like the colours and simple, minimalist look of it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Roger Moix Porro on

      El contraste de color de las cajas que se mostraron durante la campaña queda mejor.
      Este no es un mal diseño, pero me gusta mucho más el inicial.

    21. Raf Bie on

      Stare pudełko z kampanii wygląda znacznie lepiej. Czy możemy wybrać?


      Prefer the ones shown in campaign by far.

    23. Fab on

      I think the box is nice, it's just the posture of the dragon that is not particularly remarkable.

    24. ZarooS on

      I prefer the deck box shown in the campaign.
      The color is not of my taste, but I shouldn't put both boxes with identical color & art, in the campaign the boxes where all different!

    25. METADNA

      bland ???? you can't make it more bland than a text on a black background as it was the case before xP

    26. Rob Martin

      These look very bland compared to what was shown in the campaign.

    27. METADNA

      I hope that the back of the cards has the image: Volfy logo + "ashen sky background" as above these boxes

    28. Kory Dondzila

      Makes me wonder what the collectors box will look like. Or will that remain the same as in the campaign.

    29. METADNA

      Artwork is true deluxe

    30. METADNA

      Superb boxes with artwork by Travis much better than the previous ones that was too much generic.

    31. Immanuel Aquino on

      Liked the deluxe feel of the box from the campaign too.

    32. Missing avatar

      blackdani on

      Kinda similar here. Though for a large part it's because I think that the dragon on the campaign box looks more fierce.
      I'm also not too sure about the color, though it's hard to judge on pictures. I'm happy if it's a box I can put in plain sight without it being too distracting or too intense, and forcing you to look away after a couple secs (if what I'm saying makes any sense).

      Thanks for the update though!

    33. Gonzalo Hernan Ortego

      I prefer the boxes shown in the campaign.