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A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
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The two Houses join forces to defeat the dragon and a surprise!

Posted by Tabula Games (Creator)

Delve into Volfyirion's Co-op mode

Hello, everyone!

In the last updates we explained the Solo Mode and the 4 Player Mode, you should go check them in case you missed them.

Today we are gonna talk about the last extra mode unlocked during the campaign: the Co-op Mode

Volfyirion is on a rampage

Volfyirion's rage escalated in something never seen before. The dragon is so furious that attacks aimlessly everything and everyone, the only chance to survive is to join forces.  

You will have to cope with the fact that a truce is the only way possible at this stage. Will you be able to set aside your resentment and cooperate with your long time rival for your survival?

Defeat the creature with the help of your rival House!
Defeat the creature with the help of your rival House!

Here Volfyirion threatens all the cities by flying abruptly from one to another, wrecking havoc anywhere it goes. In this mode the rage of Volfyirion is represented by the Rage Deck (composed by Wonder Cards).

During each turn Wonder Cards are revealed and placed in two columns: the first Wonder Card revealed determines the Move Volfyirion action. The cost of all Wonder Cards in the chart represents Volfyirion's attack value. All you have to do to calculate the cost is to simply multiply the cost of the cards on the same row and then sum the value of each row together.

Stick together against Volfyirion
Stick together against Volfyirion

Players can attack the Wonder Cards trying to break the dragon's pattern and, in the meantime, they can Seal them to gain time

It goes without saying that Volfyirion's strength will increase for each city destroyed and the two players can try to defeat it individually or together, but the requirements will be different.  

Tabula Awards are coming soon!

Some of you may remember that during the last day of campaign we announced a surprise to reward our loyal backers. Well, hold your breaths, because Tabula Awards are finally about to start! We are in the process of choosing two winners and soon we will announce them, so stay tuned!

Surprise for our French language backers  

We are happy to inform you that we made an agreement with Légion Distribution and now our French language backers can get the Card Game in French!

Volfyirion's pledge converter in French!
Volfyirion's pledge converter in French!

To receive your game in French, head on the add-on section of your survey on Backerkit. An extra option will be available, the "Pledge Converter: French" add-on. It is completely free and, if you are interested, you can add it to your order. Once the add-on is added to your order, all the Card Games previously selected (included the copies inside the Collector's Box) will be delivered to you in French.

Please leave your feedback and let us know what you think.

See you soon,


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    1. olerock on

      will co-op work for more than 2 players?

    2. 2BitCents on

      I can't wait to try the co-op! Great update

    3. Missing avatar

      Vauchelle Romain on

      Hey there !
      Thanks for the French version, really appreciate !

      If you need any proof-reader, I'm in !

    4. Frz on

      Thx for trying to fix things gone wild with French Mysthea.
      Must admit you guys are putting some efforts to deal with this..
      Many thanks.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexandre B on

      Hello TG.
      Thanks for the french concerter.
      I add the french pledge 😁

    6. Freddy

      @Charles Ingorgia - log in to your backerkit account, then go here and add the 'Pledge Converter: French':…

    7. Freddy

      @jeanfrancoisp - you only need to add 1 French upgrade. Then your ENTIRE order (ALL card games, including both collector's boxes) will be the French version.

    8. Freddy

      @Francis RAKOTOARISON - yes, if you select the French upgrade option, then ALL your card games will be the French version

    9. Eric Chénard

      Oh merci!!! I add the French pledge!!!

    10. Francis RAKOTOARISON

      J'espère que le "French Converter" concerne l'ensemble du pledge : à la fois la boite de base et les jeux de carte additionnels ?!

    11. Missing avatar

      Florian Prz on

      Yeah !!
      Thanks for the french translation !!!

    12. Missing avatar

      jeanfrancoisp on

      @Charles Ingoria tu retournes dans ton pledge manager via le lien donné dans ta première confirmation et au niveau des add-on tu prends la version française.

    13. Missing avatar

      jeanfrancoisp on

      Hello when you have 2 collectors box and can't add two pledeg french what do we do ?

    14. T7Cray

      French version !!!
      Excellent !!

    15. Charles Ingorgia on

      Comment dois je faire pour avoir la version française ? Merci pour votre aide car je ne vois pas ou est le "add-on"

    16. Jennifer Bisson

      Very cool about the French version!

      Co-op sounds really challenging....awesome!

    17. Missing avatar

      CAVAGNE Cédric on

      I don’t Know Howard to do for french version?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jano on

      Hi again. I found the pledge converter. It worked for me (I added the pledge converter to my add-ons).

    19. Missing avatar

      Jano on

      Where is the French pledge converter ?
      Cant find it.
      Thank you

    20. Missing avatar

      Julien Michel on

      Thanks à lot for the french version :)! I have the same problem for the shipping charged again when I add the addon.

      @Morvan if You have à solution..

    21. Missing avatar

      morvan on

      Great news for us! I tried To take the add on but i ve been charged for 7€ for the shipping so I gave up because I've already paid the same shipping previously. Is it normal to pay again if we want the french converter ? Thanks

    22. Missing avatar

      Oliver Rabut on

      Great news! Any chances for a german version?

    23. Missing avatar


      How great news for frenchies! 👍☺️

    24. Missing avatar

      Gary Vernet on

      Damn ! That's great !

    25. Missing avatar

      MISSLIN Arnaud on

      Good news ! Thank you for the surprise of the french version !!!

    26. Khyinn on

      Merci Tabula d'avoir trouvé un accord pour la version française !

      Thanks Tabula for the french version of the game !

    27. Antoine Galarneau

      Do you have area distribution restriction for french version (I'm from Canada) & thank you for french version.

    28. Fab on

      As my fellow french backers I want to know if we'll get the game at the same time of the english edition. Otherwise I'm not interested.
      Good update though!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jessica Nona on

      Awesome how you reacted to get in touch with Légion Distribution and managed something for French backers! OK, so now let's upgrade my pledge.

      Thank you Tabula Games! Can't wait to get my copy along with the Mysthea extra stock I ordered too! :D

    30. Missing avatar

      Payet Matthias

      Thank you very much for the french version!! Great!!

    31. Missing avatar

      VinceL on

      Good news for the french. Will the french card will be delivered at the same time than the game?
      If we chose the french version, will we receive our game later?

    32. Missing avatar

      Michal on

      Awesome! Can you give us estimated shipping date? 🙂

    33. Akrythael on

      You guys ROCK for the French version!

    34. Telgar

      Wow. This is a big news. Thank you.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Extraordinary news for the french version. Quite unexpected and I must say, quite pleased about it.

    36. Arhiman82 on

      Awesome! Plegde updated. Merci beaucoup :)

    37. Kriss Korb'Art on

      Thanks from the froggies ! ^^

    38. Sora on

      Thanks for the french !!!