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A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
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A box filled with surprises!

Posted by Tabula Games (Creator)

Screen printed token, Miniature sample and more in our hands

Hello there, backers!

Happy New Year to our Chinese backers! Speaking of which, right before they closed up for the Chinese Holidays, our factory sent us a big box. We were so excited as we opened it, being the contents what we were eager to receive for a while!

First of all, as we opened the box, a menacing creature popped out before us. Volfyirion in all its shimmering blue "armor". It also came with a polystyrene cage, so it will be neatly locked up and you will be able to control it, at least while it is inside the box!

Volfyirion Screen printed token in our hands!
Volfyirion Screen printed token in our hands!

At the bottom of the box, an apparently harmless bubble wrap package stood ahead of us, but what came out when we unwrapped it was a huge fearsome dragon: a 120 mm ruthless creature! We really liked this pre-production sample and below there is a short video to showcase all its details.

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Furthermore, right under the huge miniature we found a little envelope. Inside there was the print of the final version of the Rulebook. Below a glimpse of the mini sized rulebook, so you can see exactly how it will look like when you open your box of Volfyirion.

The meeple helps you figure out the real dimensions
The meeple helps you figure out the real dimensions

Well, guys that is it for today. Now we wait for the factory to be back at work after the holidays and to send us the rest of pre-production. In the mean time we have so much to do, so we better head back. As soon as we receive more from them we will let everyone of you guys know and you will be part of this important step like you have been for the whole process so far. 

Please leave your feedback and stay tuned. 


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    1. Tabula Games 4-time creator on

      @Everyone: we just wanted to let you know that the reflection in the photo of the token is due to the texture of the wooden material.

    2. Nabend

      Just to counter the general 'omg the render concept art does not look like physical dragon' whine - I like the more colored dragon. The outline tracing wasn't necessary but it works

    3. Draco Studios on

      Wow! Thanks for sharing that video!

    4. Missing avatar

      David Clay on

      As you can probably tell there are a number of us who are concerned re the new look of the token. Please can you confirm asap if this is due to poor lightning/quality of the photo? If you have changed the design then please change it back? The uniform darker colour background and less blue/turquoise design detail looked much more effective.

    5. olerock on

      How long is the PM open for?

    6. Adri on

      I appreciate the update showing the assets. With regard to the token, it could be a matter of harsh lighting + oversharpening the image given how much the wood grain behind stands out as well. Only one (easy) way to know for sure though: more pictures please! :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      vincent on

      Wow the artbook and mini looks great! The token has a little bit too much blue paint. A subtle use of paint would be more beautiful.

    8. J.O. on

      I have to agree with others here, the token looks better on the campaign title picture. Great job with the rest of components and art shown until now anyway, looking forward to get the game soon.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ianik Fortin on

      Vraiment hâte de voir cela :)..... Vive le mois de Mai

    10. Missing avatar


      Agree that the token looks better on the campaign title picture with a little less printing on it. Also, it looks thicker there.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jessica Nona on

      I got one thing to say : "Yay!" \o/

    12. Missing avatar

      GamerF on

      When a new playthrough on solo mode?

    13. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Can you share the 3D models of the Volfyirion?

    14. Missing avatar

      Martin (Etisunu) on

      Really like the update, however like a few guys before I'm not so sure about the token. It might look worse due to harsh lighting, but the printing looks off to me aswell. There is too much outlining and details imo. The design that you can see in the campaign pictures looks way better to me

    15. Eric Chénard

      Nice and pretty!

    16. Missing avatar


      It ALL looks great!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Aiden Ryan on

      The token looks disappointing and the miniature appears ok, difficult to see, is it possible to have a bigger video ? Rule book cover looks very nice

    18. Missing avatar

      blackdani on

      Not sure about the token, but the miniature looks great and that's all I'm going to use anyway. Good going Tabula, can't wait to play

    19. Dominik Gottherr on

      Nice miniture but I hope that the token will look better in real life (with a not so harsh lighting)

    20. nezuko on

      when will the pledge manager close? I want to upped my pledge around 3rd weeks of February if it still opens by then?

    21. Troy Newhoff on

      I dunno about that token....

    22. Missing avatar

      Rob Harkness on

      It's all looking good. Can't wait to get my hands on my copy.

    23. Nico Grindhouse on

      Looks great ! Can’t wait to see more.