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A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
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Unlocked Artworks and a surprise!

Posted by Tabula Games (Creator)

The Artbook design is final

Hey everybody!

Recently we announced that we were going to share with you a neat surprise, and many of you were really eager to know what that is about, so here it comes! We just finalized the design of the whole Artbook and we can finally share with you the results!

Below a preview link, so you can see how it is going to be once you have it in your hands.

The Art of Volfyirion also contains all Volfyirion's Lore, an interview with Travis Anderson and even the Graphic Novel "A Journey Into Mysthea". 

We decided to share with you a small preview of the first pages in PDF to give you a glimpse of it. In case you haven't, you can add the Artbook to your pledge on the pledge manager.

Check out The Art of Volfyirion preview following this link.

Some artworks in detail

Talking about artworks, we have unlocked a lot of new artworks during the campaign that we haven't shown yet in higher resolution, so we decided to share some of them!

Here's some Destroyed cities' illustrations we unlocked during the campaign:

Tylaris destroyed
Tylaris destroyed
Vahylea destroyed
Vahylea destroyed
Alantar destroyed
Alantar destroyed

We are really happy about the game overall look, ad these artwork convey a unique theme and mood.

If you are interested in this, we have more artworks that we could show you in future updates, let us know in the comments!

A small break for the holidays

Let it Qoam
Let it Qoam

We have decided to take a small break for the holidays so the whole team can have some well-deserved downtime with family and friends.  

Starting from today evening, our office will be closed for the winter holidays. If you need us, we'll be back and ready to answer all your messages and comments on the 2nd of January!  

In the meantime, we'd like to wish you a wonderful, relaxing holiday time. We will be back next year, refreshed and ready to go forward with this adventure!

Happy holidays from the whole team!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alexandre B on

      Happy new year

      Have a question about the art book.
      Is it traduce in differents languages? Is it possible to have it in french?
      I hesitate to take it...

      Thank you for your job, but my wallet isn't happy... Mysthea, Volfiyrion, soon Icaion :)

    2. Alfredo Diana on

      I still didn't receive the mail from backerkit. I saw it's not only a problem of mine. Should we just wait? Could you post an Update about i?

    3. Chris Lane on

      When will the PM close?

    4. Alexandre Goh

      Season's Greetings And Happy New Year!

    5. Missing avatar

      fanak on


    6. Jennifer Bisson

      Happy Holidays!

      Will there be an announcement when the backer kit payments finalize? I want to make sure my card doesn't have issues again :P

    7. René Schultze

      Happy Holidays!

    8. Missing avatar

      GamerF on

      Any news on solo mode?

    9. Tabula Games 4-time creator on

      @Freddy, Yes, the art book will include the graphic novel. The total number of pages is 73 :)

    10. Xunil83 on

      The evil dragon with Santa's hat does not seem so badly bad :D
      Happy Christmas! :)

    11. Freddy

      Looks awesome! One question... the artbook will still contain the graphic novel, right... so how many pages will it be in total?

    12. METADNA

      Beautifull artwork, thanks TG ^^

    13. Missing avatar

      Cristiano Marques on

      Where can we get those images in high res? :D looking to change my wallpaper ahah

    14. Chad Pearson on

      Have a wonderful holiday season!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Bartłomiej Cieśluk on

      Enjoy well deserved Holidays and thanks for sharing this beautiful images!

      Happy Christmas!:)