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A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
A fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!
8,904 backers pledged €183,578 to help bring this project to life.

Poll for the cities names and Volfyirion on Discord!

Posted by Tabula Games (Creator)

We are back

Hello everyone!

Lately we have been a bit off the radar due to the amount of work of the last two weeks. We spent entire days dealing with post-campaign matters as well as play testing all the new things we have unlocked! That is our routine these days :)

Lots of play testing recently!
Lots of play testing recently!

Name the cities

As you may remember we decided to name all the cities gathering suggestions from all our backers. We finally narrowed down the list to twelve cities names and now we need your help! Please fill in this form and let us know which names you would choose for the six cities. 

Go on with the survey now and select the six names you would like the most!

What names should those six cities have?
What names should those six cities have?

What an engaged community

Some of our most excited backers decided to create a Discord server for all things related to Volfyirion! We visited it and there is a really nice environment with a lot of engaging discussions and cool ideas about our favorite dragon!

A special thanks for the creation of this Volfyirion server goes to Martin (Etisunu), Pawel and Joey Meneghini

Join them following this link right here.

The surveys are coming soon

Next week we should start sending out post campaign surveys, allowing you to manage your pledge and finalize your order. We will make another update with all the details about this process, and we will also announce a neat surprise, so stay tuned!

Thank you all, see you soon!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Jo Britt on

      I've not had any luck on the "Contact us" page so I went with my last post from you payment didn't go through because the card company thought it was fraud. I told them it was alright to charge it, so I am here asking you to please run the number again. Thank you so much..I look forward to getting this game and playing it! 3/29/19

    2. Tabula Games 4-time creator on

      @All, thank you guys! Your enthusiasm is overwhelming :)
      @J. Aron, the surveys haven't gone out yet, but once they will you all will be notified ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      J. Aaron McComb on

      As of yet I have not received my survey, have they gone out yet?

    4. Petr K.

      The poll is going well. Exactly according to my tips :-) nice names

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Baumgartner

      5 of the cities I voted for are the popular ones! This makes me happy.

    6. Prof Nuton on

      Wow ! If Alantar is amongst the six, I'll be super proud ...
      Great way to make us feel part of the project anyway !

    7. Pádraig Mac Donnchadha on

      Voting for the city names was fun. Thanks for involving me in the creative process and letting me feel part of the project, not just a backer.

    8. Eric Chénard


    9. Fab on

      I voted for the names that are easier to pronounce.

    10. Jennifer Bisson

      Those were some very cool names, it was hard to choose!

    11. METADNA

      Nice update ! Looking forward to next week ^^)

    12. Sandyfox on

      Thank you Tabula and all those nice backers who worked for the whole community! :)

    13. nezuko on

      Let me say this: You guys at Tabula are rocks. I love how you always include bsckers for each decision of the projects. You guys are awesome. This experience is what make a backers always stay with your project and engage for future projects.