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Survive harsh lands and dreadful monsters in an immersive euro strategic board game with high-detail miniatures and dreamlike artwork.
Survive harsh lands and dreadful monsters in an immersive euro strategic board game with high-detail miniatures and dreamlike artwork.
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Icaion Unveiled!

Posted by Tabula Games (Creator)

Time to reveal our second surprise

It's time! Let's reveal the second surprise! Brace yourself since we have a lot to unveil!

We are an indie company born on Kickstarter with a relatively small project. We were able to grow to a point where we can now make games with the depth of Mysthea. We want to give value to you, the community that's made this happen, in every way we can.


Mysthea is part of a bigger project that we are finally ready to unveil. The world we created, with its extended lore and immersive artwork, is the universe where we will set our next game: Icaion

There is still a lot left to discover. In Mysthea we explore the world as the inhabitants of the islands floating above the clouds. But these people are completely unaware that there is a whole other planet below them. What’s beneath that blanket of clouds?

Our next project, Icaion, will be set in these unknown realms beneath the sky.
Our next project, Icaion, will be set in these unknown realms beneath the sky.

This game has been in development for a while. It’s currently followed by another team and both games will be completely standalone titles. The same game designers, along with the game art, universe and lore, will be the links that bring these two projects together.

And here's the really exciting news!

We are collaborating with this second team to make something rare and innovative happen. The idea is to merge the two games, mixing their components to create a third and entirely new game where two civilizations will finally meet and discover one another.

The third game will only use components and miniatures that come from both Mysthea and Icaion boxes. It’s not going to be an expansion, but a completely free and additional standalone game for everyone who backs both campaigns. All three games will be of different genres with unique mechanics, and will be completely independent from one another, outside of the game lore and theme. 

Rewarding those who believe in us

We want to reward your trust in our vision. As a backer of Mysthea you will be able to assemble this new game if you decide to continue to support us in the future. On top of that, we will also add an exclusive reward for all returning backers, still to be decided!

We do not have an ETA for our next project and we don’t want to move the attention there, since at the moment our only focus is to make Mysthea the best game we can. But nonetheless it was important for us to layout this path that we are envisioning!

Thank you for your support.


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    1. Stian Haugen on


      Are there any news on Icaion?

    2. Dasha Vovnenko on

      This is so amazing!! You guys are so innovative and it feel like you really care about your products and vision! I feel like thats what this industry really need since its such an over satutared market with bland games that simply sell because they have a lot of marketing.

      I really appriaciate the unique experience you are thinking of providing! Hopefully other companies take you as an example and push themselves to think out side the box as well.

    3. George

      This idea sold me...I wasn't going to back another...but...sounds too interesting.

    4. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Celen on

      Will we receive a notification when Icaion goes live on Kickstarter?

    5. Colette Robinson on

      Okay Tabula, you finally managed to get me to cave in and back this.

    6. Lauren F. Ignacio

      @Tabula - I'm in love with this idea! So innovative, creative, out-of-the-box!! I can't wait to hear more about the second world.

      @Jakub - If you follow Tabula Games, KS will notify you of all future campaigns they launch. It's especially helpful with the app. If you don't already have the app on your phone, I highly recommend you dl it.

    7. Jakub Guber Križan on

      Stupid autocorrect... William = will, trasy = ready, Icarion = Icaion

    8. Jakub Guber Križan on

      That os more than epic !!! :) Good Job guys :) William you Also send information Via mail when the Icarion will be trasy to be backed???

    9. Michael Glambeck

      Any hints at what kind of gameplay the next game will have?

    10. METADNA

      @Tabula Games: for the backers reward I suggest a discount rate or an automatic access to a possible EB (without a second artbook) for Icaion.

    11. Sascha on

      Great update, i love it

    12. Ben Hansen on

      Very excited for this update, the main reason I'm backing this project is because of the theme, lore, art, and obvious passion put into the product. See eager to see what comes next !

    13. METADNA

      @Tabula Games: considering the importance that the Reward will have for this campaign and the next one, don't hesitate to make a poll maybe a vote among your backers ^^

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrea Giuriato on

      This is GREAT!! Very good project Tabula!!

    15. Stefan Löw on

      3 for 2?
      what a great idea!
      I love it!

    16. Bruno Gaia

      Well that just confirms what I thought of this project in the first place: neat , genuine, coherent and singular world that calls for a lot of developments. I'm glad I'm in it with you :)

    17. Petr K.

      WOOOOOOW! Epic monumental gameboard idea! I love it

    18. Filipa Tato

      One of the best updates ever yeah ;)
      I'm staying and supporting, super excited to know more.
      That's a refreshing idea, well done!

    19. Marco Boschini on

      So suddenly I am not just backing a game, but a game + 50% of another XD sounds cool <3

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Asimaz on

      This is so exciting! I am definitely on board for that! Guess I will have to get a bigger gaming table :D

    21. Kevin Wible

      Sounds exciting! Marie receive emails from Kickstarter or from you fine folks letting us know when the next campaign starts?

    22. Missing avatar

      Ken Turman

      Sounds F'n amazing! Truly innovative, do your Thang boo-boo! Can't wait to hear more about the world etc. Any plans for an TRPG?

    23. Kenneth Lundevold

      Really cool update! Nice to have a look inside your visions and future plans!

    24. Ivo van der Hoeven on

      Interesting! I'll be judging the other game on its own merit, but I love the idea of combining game pieces and lore :)

    25. Robert J. Hapunkt on

      Whooohoooo I didn’t see that coming 😱😱😱👍👍👍

    26. Missing avatar

      Carlos Acevedo

      One of the best updates i have received in a while.

      Cant wait to see what you guys come up next. Glad to be a backer.

    27. Nate Fowler on

      I LOVE IT. What an innovative idea! Man, I'm so excited by the possibilities! The fact that the third game requires no additional components (other than a digital or physical rulebook, I assume) is an amazing perk!

    28. JF Dicaire

      That’s really Interesting ! Can’t wait to get more details, eventually!

    29. Missing avatar

      Dwight on

      Epic Update love this idea!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Brian Bari

      That’s awesome I’m on board put me all in for both lol or make an auto pledge button somehow

    31. Missing avatar

      Levarre on

      Now that's news ! 😎 You are absolutely unique and worth supporting in every aspect. Keep up the amazing work. YOU got my money for sure!

    32. Missing avatar

      Brian Bari