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Beautifully hand-drawn, plastic tokens to creatively add depth and immersion to any RPG battlemap
Beautifully hand-drawn, plastic tokens to creatively add depth and immersion to any RPG battlemap
Beautifully hand-drawn, plastic tokens to creatively add depth and immersion to any RPG battlemap
1,431 backers pledged $65,060 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lauren about 18 hours ago

      Awesome! Glad to hear that we'll get the choice. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff about 19 hours ago

      That is great news.. thanks for the option.

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters 1 day ago

      Wow that's awesome, thank you!

    4. Geek Tank Games Creator 1 day ago

      Thru the powers of backerkit we have figured out that we can give our backers options when it comes to our T-Shirt stretch goal... When we send out our survey you’ll be asked if you want the TShirt or an extra Token set.

      To answer the “unlocked PDFs” the answer is yes. The PDFs are ready for anyone who wants to use for VTTop...

    5. Rico - Editor extraordinaire 3 days ago

      I'd prefer more tokens over a t-shirt as well, but if I get a t-shirt, I'm fine with that.

    6. Missing avatar

      jaskier89 4 days ago

      I'll just write this here mainly to make the T-Shirt-guy feel better:

      I'd very much like a T-Shirt alongside my order :-)

    7. Alice Peng 5 days ago

      Hi! I'm backing for the hard copy and the pdf. As far as I could tell, you don't have an all inclusive package for both right?
      That aside, can you please make your PDF images unlocked so they can be extracted and utilized in virtual tabletops like Fantasy Grounds II please? Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff 5 days ago

      Truth be known Im not the least bit interested in a T-shirt. So, if more tokens an option count me in.. I'm very thankful we hit the last 2 SGs.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tate Torkelson 5 days ago

      I would also love more tokens over a T-Shirt if our opinions are being considered. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Roy Melton Jr. 5 days ago

      I'd also prefer another set of Tokens instead of the T-Shirt

    11. Missing avatar

      Lauren 5 days ago


      I also would like to +1 exchanging the shirt, because it won't fit me unless it's in a women's XS (and that's kind of a weird size.)

    12. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters 5 days ago

      I wouldn't mind the shirt but it isn't going to fit me. Unless they get them in a tall it's a waste.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alex Novitski 5 days ago

      Congratulations on the funding man cannot wait to see what more you have to offer! As for the TShirt exchange, cmon people, sport the Logo and bring this guy some more money so we can get even more great sets.

    14. Kenneth Antonio 5 days ago

      Congrats! +1 to the exchanging the shirt for the extra tokens.

    15. Scott Spears 5 days ago

      Congrats to all of your crew! I'd like to support the idea that $30+ backers can choose to exchange their $15 t-shirt for another $15 set of tokens. I'd pick the more trees and rocks tokens if given a choice.

    16. Missing avatar

      Austin L
      5 days ago

      Congrats on a successful campaign!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Austin L
      5 days ago

      I’ll third that! Would rather have tokens than a t shirt!

    18. kowaiyoukai 5 days ago

      I'd like to second the idea that $30+ backers can choose to exchange their $15 t-shirt for another $15 set of tokens. Since the cost is the same, and many people aren't interested in the shirt, it's the logical move.

    19. Doug and Gemmar
      5 days ago

      For anyone who has not seen it - here is the GTM interview for the details - looking good Michael!…

    20. Steven Gerk 6 days ago

      Since, as a stretch goal, we have unlocked an extra t-shirt for everyone who's payed over $30 USD, is it possible to opt for another set of tokens instead (since they're all at the $15 price point)?

      Well done on the Kickstarter!

    21. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff 6 days ago

      @Lady and Duchess.. I believe that the artist appreciation tier is 12 bucks for all three sets in off. So yes if you add to other pledge you should be good.

    22. Lady N Duchess of Urnst 6 days ago

      If I add $12 to my pledge level can I get the 3 PDFs as well?

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters 6 days ago

      Is this project realistically going to fulfilled in 1 and a half months?

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Wells 6 days ago

      Whoray, I get Orc Mini's now!

    25. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff 6 days ago

      Looks like we made it..

    26. Geek Tank Games Creator 6 days ago

      The pdf are apart of our Artist appreciation pledge. So all backers funds for that go directly to the artist. We did sign up with backerkit, which allows any over pledged funds to be converted into a credit & the backer can choose an a la cart type selections. All of our items are in $15 increments and the PDFs are $12. Hope that helps and thanks for your support.

    27. Missing avatar

      Patience 6 days ago

      @Lauren - I also want the PDF's but have pledged for the three sets of tokens. Fingers crossed this will be an add-on option!

    28. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff 6 days ago

      @Austin.. I agree.. It's just a huge jump from 60 to 80 for bloopers.. perhaps a mega pack of tokens or something.. but bloopers. I dont think so.

    29. Missing avatar

      Lauren 6 days ago

      Did anyone hear back from the creator regarding the pdfs? Will we get them at higher reward tiers? Can we get them at higher reward tiers? (maybe instead of tshirts?)

      I'm currently pledging at the $12 level for the pdfs, but I also want the ks exclusive tokens, so I want to up my pledge. I don't want to sacrifice the pdfs for print versions of the tokens and I also really do not want a tshirt.

    30. Missing avatar

      Austin L
      6 days ago

      @Terry - it’s probably because they had no stretch goals planned past 60k. Not a huge issue with me. I just hope we can hit that Orc Mini stretch goal

    31. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff 6 days ago

      That SG is a bit of a let down.. especially for 20,000.00. I mean it's cool and all.. but its nothing Im interested in chasing down another few hundred backers down for. I'm glad to see us near the 60,000.00 Mark though.

    32. Geek Tank Games Creator 6 days ago

      We should have an update out soon. Sorry for any delays. I’m at the New Reno 2018 Gama trade show. Plus working on getting all the details finalized for the bulk order for the product. Thx to all the backers


    33. Kenneth Antonio 6 days ago

      I'm really curious on what the 80K stretch goal is. 50K was broken almost a day ago.

    34. Julian Tysoe
      on March 12

      Just want to check - I have pledged $15 for the camping set, +$15 for an add on set (because I can't decide which other set I Want), +$20 for shipping to the UK.
      Do I still qualify for stretch goals?

    35. Missing avatar

      Kimi Vu on March 12

      Over $50k!! Wow, Michael you are amazing! I am excited to see where this got your work cut out for ya!

    36. Doug and Gemmar
      on March 12

      If people notice it's quiet atm Kane from Geek Tank is currently hitting up GAMA with these!
      "Heading to Gamma 2018!!! Wish me luck schmoozing with the big dogs!!"

    37. Doug and Gemmar
      on March 12

      Vincent - retail may help once these are out in the wild - pdfs are always useful if you are wanting to skip the mailing costs...

    38. Doug and Gemmar
      on March 12

      Woot on the 50k!

    39. Missing avatar

      Vincent RAPIN on March 12

      I really interest by the project. But 30$ about shipping fees are so luck expensive... sorry i can’t pledge...

    40. Missing avatar

      Roy Melton Jr. on March 12

      $50,000 mark hit

    41. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on March 12

      Was kinda hoping the $100 pledge would include the pdf as well. I don't care about the shirt. I doubt you'll offer my size.

    42. MWilliams on March 10

      Just upgraded my pledge level so I don't miss out on any stretch goal goodies!! I'm glad you're using Backerkit because im planning on buying a second camping set through it.

    43. Devin Brown
      on March 9

      Ok this is funny. I already follow you on Instagram. You draw great battlemaps. I noticed some of your tokens looked familiar. I already back 2MinuteTabletop on Patreon. Anyway, he linked you and here I am. It's a small world, man :)

    44. Doug and Gemmar
      on March 9

      Good to see you hitting the comments though, think everyone is hoping to see the project finish out on a high and seeing activity on here is always a good sign for new backers :)

    45. Geek Tank Games Creator on March 8

      We've been responding to ppl individually thru the messenger, but to address some comments.
      Yes, the art on the back of the packaging is an exact representation of what is in the set.

      We just release an update that goes over the many Q/A we have been getting. Please check the updates a FAQs

      Yes, We are going to have future projects with an A and B side(s) that look different. I really like that idea. For this current KS, it would derail the delivery time.

      Thx again for everyone's support. We are placing our bulk order Monday and will send out Backer Kit info soon after the KS ends

    46. Missing avatar

      Austin L
      on March 8

      Is the creator reading any of these comments/questions? He has yet to comment here

    47. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on March 8

      Right, but Im not sure what all those items are. So, it would ne nice to get a list of items and quantity of each in a set.

    48. Kyle Klussendorf
      on March 7

      It looks like there's a picture of each set in the campaign information.

    49. Doug and Gemmar
      on March 7

      40k goal achieved!
      I also second the call to see what is on the sheets themselves.. let's people know if they might need a couple of copies of some or just to get a better feel for them

    50. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on March 6

      Also, is there a list of the components and # of items compiled for each set?

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