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Beautifully hand-drawn, plastic tokens to creatively add depth and immersion to any RPG battlemap
Beautifully hand-drawn, plastic tokens to creatively add depth and immersion to any RPG battlemap
Beautifully hand-drawn, plastic tokens to creatively add depth and immersion to any RPG battlemap
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    1. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      So did they come this week?

    2. Missing avatar

      James Mac Mahon on

      Hey European Backers !

      For anyone who is looking for a stand for the minis. I'm Ireland based and i've ordered all my mini stands from this United Kingdom based company. They are pretty cheap and come in a few different colors ! If they are happy to ship to Ireland i'd PRESUME they are happy enough to ship to most place in Europe!

    3. Geek Tank Games Creator on

      We expect to receive delivery 1st or 2nd week of June and we plan on hopefully shipping everything out the 3rd to last week of June. Once we get the product in we will work fast on sending it out.


    4. Dan Frederick on

      Update would be appreciated for sure.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Youngblood

      Almost June, folks. Any word?

    6. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      Everything still on target?

    7. Missing avatar

      Komondo28 on

      I should be able to buy this standies from You via Kickstarter manager or something. Amazon seller You provided doesnt ship internationaly so...

    8. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      However the orcs were a free add on so i wont hold it against them.

    9. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      Yeah not a fan of that decision.

    10. Missing avatar

      Eli Olsen on

      We have to buy an addon to use the orcs from the stretch goal? That doesnt feel very good... kinda like "here is your product, but surprise! You have to pay our partner if you want to use it!"

    11. Missing avatar

      Caimheul on

      They posted photos of the orcs on April 27th on their Facebook page. I would have liked to have something about them as part of a kickstarter update, even if it was just the same as the facebook post...…

    12. Anthony Frank Samaha on

      Any update on when these are going out? It's already May

    13. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      Those who paid.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ryan Warford on

      was everyone supposed to get the pdf's, or just those who did the minimum pledge. I still haven't received an email about them, and I don't see any links in my backerkit

    15. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      Np, we should be getting updates and emails about it, but we aren't.

    16. Schreckliche on

      @Steven, thanks -never used BackerKit, wasn’t really clear on what it was.

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      @Sch the files are available in your backer kit.

    18. Schreckliche on

      Any more word on the PDF files going out to backers who only wanted those files? It’s been about a week since the expected delivery date.

    19. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      I logged in to my backer kit to find the pdf. I just wish the odd was several files of eaxhbasset instead of a single page.

    20. Missing avatar

      Markus H. on

      I did not received mine so far :|

    21. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      Did the pdfs get released?

    22. Missing avatar

      Abigail Perkins on

      Printed out the Camp pdf on cardstock for yesterday's Tomb of Annihilation and everyone thought they were beautiful and were very impressed!

    23. Missing avatar


      PDF’s are lovely, but I’m still anxious to see the ‘real’ tokens!

    24. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      I got an email a couple of days ago telling me the balance I owed from the backer kit was collected. I don't know if that means the kit has been closed or not.

    25. Colton Hayes on

      So how is everything going? survey's completed and collected? can we backers expect an update soon in regards to information about production and/or shipment in the near future?

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      Shouldn't you make an update stating that? I'm sure very few read the comments section.

    27. Geek Tank Games Creator on

      Friday is the dead-line for the Backerkit survey.

    28. Doug and Gemmar

      for anyone asking might be worth using:
      There is a login at thebottom if you already have a backerkit account or a get me my survey if you enter your kickstarter email if you don't already (or don't know it)

    29. Missing avatar


      @Fool - Yes? Lol

    30. Missing avatar

      Jarad chittenden

      Sorry, can you please send this or to me again? Apparantly my emails from Kickstarter have been sent back and I’m not sure if I have filled out this survey.

      Sorry guys

    31. Geek Tank Games Creator on

      Really need the rest of the backers to finish the survey we sent out. We have 223 surveys that need to be completed. We'll be sending out a deadline early next week.

      The show must go on

    32. Julien Schmitt on

      Hello, Where do I register my address for delivery?
      thank you and good day.

    33. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      Mine was waiting for me. Thanks for the heads up.

    34. Doug and Gemmar

      If you have a backerkit account already it is worth logging in to check if you have it. The invites tend to be for new backerkit members so you might have been given access without an email. (just checked mine and that how it looks)

    35. Colton Hayes on

      Thank you! I guess I saw the other updates but not that one! Awesome!

    36. Julian Tysoe

      @Alex Novitski Yep, another $20 for postage as I am in the Uk

    37. Geek Tank Games Creator on

      Check out our 3rd update and it has all that info there.

    38. Colton Hayes on

      do we know more about what is included with the Kickstarter Exclusive Token Set?

    39. Geek Tank Games Creator on

      For the survey and using Backer Kit... They first do whats called a "smokescreen" which sends out only 5% to the backers. This is to make sure there are no bugs. That's what happened yesterday. Everyone should have received a survey by now. Please send us a PM if that is not the case and we will try and figure it out.

    40. Fool, Optimistically Pessimistic on

      They stated surveys would be coming out, not that they had already been sent. Patience.

    41. Missing avatar

      Alex Novitski on

      Did you factor in shipping ($7) aswell? I had to pledge $59 to get all the tokens, pdfs and cover shipping.

    42. Julian Tysoe

      Same question as Austin L. I pledged at the $15 level but added another $15 as I wanted 2 of the camping sets and that was not available as a pledge.

    43. Battle Born Games on

      I just got my survey from backerkit, super excited to get these and use them in my next D&D session! Congrats on the successful campaign!

    44. Missing avatar

      Austin L

      I just received my survey! I left a message on backerkit as well, but thought I'd ask here as well. I pledged on the $15 tier level, but pledged an extra $15 so I could take advantage of the extra KS exclusive add ons (Extra set plus the T-shirt). My backerkit page is not showing these add ons. Please help when you get a chance, thanks!

    45. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on

      Nobody has been sent the survey as far as Im aware.

    46. Missing avatar

      Markus H. on

      I still got none survey.

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