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A campaign and interstellar colonization sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game.
A campaign and interstellar colonization sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game.
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May Update

Posted by Tab Creations LLC (Creator)
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We've made great progress on Siren's Call in the past month! If you've been following along with our weekly social media updates, you already know everything we've been up these past few weeks (see Week 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6).

With any luck, you'll have the initial PDF of the book in your hands by the end of June. We'll then collect reports of typos or other issues that slipped through production, and then release a corrected PDF a couple weeks later. This corrected file is the one that will be sent to the printer (more on that below).

As a reminder, Kickstarter updates will be monthly, but we are posting weekly progress reports to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. We also have a Patreon.

Important Reminders

At this point, the surveys and a number of PDF rewards have already been sent out. Here's what you should have already have received by backer tier. This might be a good time to double-check and make sure you have everything that is expected.

  • OUR THANKS ($1): You should have received a survey thanking you.
  • THE GAME ($15/$35): You should have received PDF copies of the updated Consequence Cards and GM Screen Inserts, as well as a "print at cost" code for each.
  • THE GAME PLUS ($30/$65): You should have received the Shadows Over Sol core rulebook in PDF, as well as PDF copies of the updated Consequence Cards and GM Screen Inserts (and "print at cost" codes for the latter two).
  • THE GAME LINE ($70/$170): You should have received PDF copies of the entire Shadows Over Sol game line, as indicated on the Kickstarter page. This also includes the updated Consequence Cards and GM Screen Inserts (as well as the "print at cost" codes for those two).
  • ADD-ONS: Anyone who ordered an add-on should have received both PDF and "print at cost" codes for any included products.

Progress Report

Here is a summary of the major highlights from the past month of development.

  • At this point we've commissioned a little over half of the artwork that will appear in the game. This includes the map of Siren and the colony sheet.
  • The initial layout of the book has been completed, and we are in the process of moving chapters from initial layout to final layout by adding page references, spot art and filling any remaining gaps.
  •  The additional unlocked scenario has been written, edited and integrated into the text. The Pregenerated Colonists have been written and edited. And the Prelude Adventure has been outlined.

Printing Plans

Earlier I mentioned printing. In the past few weeks we've ran the numbers and have decided that an offset print run makes sense for Siren's Call.

The good news for you is that this means you'll receive a higher quality printed product. Even the best print-on-demand quality at the moment still can't complete with offset printing and binding. This also means that we can more easily distribute the book through traditional distribution channels, such as through your friendly local gaming store.

The downside is that offset printing has a longer turnaround time than does print-on-demand. If we deliver the final corrected PDF to the printer by June 30 (which is our current target), we have been told to expect two weeks for printing and seven weeks for shipping. And to be clear, that's shipping the books from the printer to Studio 2, our distribution partner. Rewards then still need to be sorted for fulfillment and sent out to individual backers.

The end result is that the delivery of physical rewards may be pushed back to a few weeks after our original August delivery estimate. To be clear, this does not affect PDF rewards.

Timeliness if very important to us at Tab Creations, and we understand if this is upsetting to some backers. If so, please feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to rectify the situation.

Art Previews

Take a gander at some of the artwork that we have received for the game!

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