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A campaign and interstellar colonization sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game.
A campaign and interstellar colonization sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game.
225 backers pledged $12,548 to help bring this project to life.

Siren's Call is Funded!

Posted by Tab Creations LLC (Creator)

We’ve really been blown away by the amount of support that we’ve gotten from our generous backers. This is now our largest Kickstarter ever. You guy are awesome! And I know we say this a bunch, but we really couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you from all of us at Tab Creations!

As you likely know by now, funding ended this morning with the final pledge total at $12,548! This means that not only have we been fully funded, but we met each and every stretch goal for the campaign.

We’re really excited about this, but this isn’t our first Kickstarter. We know that for us, now that the funding period is over, it’s time to buckle down and keep pushing this game through its final stages of production. We’re proud to say that we have yet to be late sending backers their Kickstarter rewards, and we have no intention of starting now!

Future Updates

We’re planning on sending out Kickstarter updates to everyone about once a month, this way we can keep all of our backers informed about the game’s progress. If you’d like to receive updates more frequently than that, we highly encourage you to follow us on one of the following social networks. We will make updates to these pages about once a week, giving people the latest news on the game.

You can also keep us with us, or discuss our game, through our development blog or on our forums. Additionally, we have a Patreon campaign if you are interested in helping support future releases for our various game lines.

The Next Two Weeks

We plan to send out our monthly update for April in a couple weeks. It will include information on the state of Siren's Call and the unlocked extras, as well as some insight into our publication process. Until then, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Surveys will go out shortly after the backer funds process. Kickstarter usually takes about two weeks to do this.
  • PDF copies of the Shadows Over Sol game line, including the core rulebook, will be sent out once surveys are returned. The reason for this wait is that since we are fulfilling these rewards through DriveThruRPG, we need to know everyone’s DriveThruRPG accounts so that we can send the reward to the correct person.
  • Those who ordered the Against the Dark Yogi or Dime Adventures add-ons will receive these rewards at the same time.
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    1. Tab Creations LLC 6-time creator on

      @Claus & Mary - That is a great idea!

    2. Mary McMurtrey

      I'm with Claus on the blueprints idea. That would be really neat and help add to the atmosphere. I'm so glad this is funded! Really looking forward to give this a whirl. I've started collecting decks of cards so I'll have enough when I can get it to the table.

    3. Claus Bo Christensen

      Congratulations again :-)
      Something that would be pretty cool, would be blueprints / maps of the different spaceships and stations from the core rules and supplements. Maybe as part of a future Kickstarter :-)