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A campaign and interstellar colonization sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game.
A campaign and interstellar colonization sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game.
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Deck Plans Unlocked!

Posted by Tab Creations LLC (Creator)
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It’s now been almost a week since the launch of the Siren’s Call Kickstarter! Since the last update, we’ve reached our third stretch goal and are very, very close to reaching a fourth!

The last goal unlocked a set of high resolution deck plans for the ARC Project colony ship! These will be made available in print as a poster map, and digitally in a high resolution image format. An electronic version and an "at cost" code for the print version will be included in all reward tiers at THE GAME and up.

The next goal unlocks a variety of product upgrades for Shadows Over Sol, including a GM Screen Insert for the new Colony Building system in Siren’s Call, an update to the Roll20 character sheet and a revision of the Quick-Start to include better art and an upgraded layout! Even better, we're on the cusp of reaching this goal!

As a reminder, our Patreon Challenge goal is also still open! That is, we have a Patreon where every three months we release an adventure or other supplement for the Shadows Over Sol, Dime Adventures or Against the Dark Yogi roleplaying games. If we can increase our Patreon to 25 patrons—and at this point we are only 6 patrons away—in July, we will release a second Shadows Over Sol adventure free to all patrons!

Finally, thank you so much, everyone, for your support! We seriously couldn’t do this would you!

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    1. David South on

      Oooohhh I hope it looks good. Poster maps are always a way to impress me. I will certainly be ordering that poster.

      More pretty maps would be awesome stretch goals! Maybe one showing a starmap showing the 3 Alpha Centauri suns (or at least the two main ones), Siren's Call, and other planets and moons!