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$5,207 pledged of $1,200 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$5,207 pledged of $1,200 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. David South just now

      @ Jt Crawford, me too!

      I would love to see stretchgoals of a starmap of the Alpha Centauri system, or maybe an additional optional portion of the Siren's Call campaign.

    2. Jt Crawford
      18 minutes ago

      I'm excited to see what other stretch goals that are planned!

    3. Zharden about 4 hours ago

      Hello Everyone! Just giving some feedback to the creator that I learned about you from advertisement on RPG.NET. Otherwise, didn't know you existed! Looks like a very interesting project.

    4. Tab Creations LLC 6-time creator 5 days ago

      Thanks! We're glad that you're enjoying the game!

    5. Missing avatar

      Max Gorham 5 days ago

      As an aspiring amateur RPG writer I am so impressed with your project! This looks great and I am reading through the preview now. If I ever manage to get my project put together enough to crowdfund, offering an immediate digital version to backers of all levels is definitely something I am going to do. Congrats on the project and great work!

    6. David South on March 14

      Awesome! Thanks for the detailed response, that was quite helpful.

    7. Tab Creations LLC 6-time creator on March 14

      The campaign is structured similarly to the “Plot Point” campaigns released by Pinnacle Entertainment and a number of other companies. This means that there is a core campaign arc, which tells the big story of the colonization effort in the background, but it is constructed in a way that gives GMs the freedom to write and run their own stories in the foreground. Essentially there are a number of pivotal events and scenarios that drive the core story arc forward, but these are intended to be interspersed between other adventures. These interspersed scenarios can either be written by the GM to suit the players, or the GM can pick one of the many “side treks” that will be included in the book.

      So to answer your question, how many hours it will take depends highly on which scenarios the GM chooses to run. If the GM sticks solely to the core scenarios, running one after another, it could be run in as little as 32 hours (eight 4-hour sessions). On the other hand, the GM is a completionist and wants to run ever side trek, it could take as much as 92 hours or more (assuming 24 sessions). Personally, my playtest group ran through it in 68 hours (seventeen 4-hour sessions).

    8. David South on March 14

      About how many hours do you anticipate it would take to complete the Siren's Call campaign?

    9. Tab Creations LLC 6-time creator on March 13

      @FredH - No problem! In a few minutes we’ll send you a message with details on how to receive those as an add-on.

    10. FredH
      on March 13

      There doesn't seem to be a way to get the game line in PDF, *plus* the original game and Siren's Call in print. Would it be possible for the individual books to be made available as add-ons?

    11. Tab Creations LLC 6-time creator on March 13

      We do have plans for such a thing in the works! You may have guessed an upcoming stretch goal. ;)

    12. Robert Davis
      on March 13

      Really excited about this KS. I notice that one of the stretch goals is for a poster map of Siren. Any chance you might consider do a similar thing for the actual ARC Project generation ship itself?