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An aluminium dish shaped like a splash captured in time.
An aluminium dish shaped like a splash captured in time.
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Almost there!

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Hello Backers! It won't be too long now until your Splooshes are ready for delivery. Last week we succeeded in pressing the candle holder, completing the set.

As it has turned out the candle holder has been the most challenging piece, both in the tool creation and in getting the cut-out design to work correctly during the pressing. I am happy with the final product and I hope that you are too.

So now to the fun stuff. I will shortly be sending out a survey to get final colour preferences and current address information for delivery. But in fact, to get your Sploosh even sooner, you will have the option of picking it up at the launch party, which will be held here in Canberra. The date of party is still not yet finalised, but we are looking at early December so that you can get your Sploosh in time for Christmas. Of course at the party you will have the option of buying extra Splooshes for all your friends and family!

Thanks again for all your support during this production development phase and I look forward to getting your Splooshes to you soon.

Production continues!

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Dear Supporters,

It's been a while since my last update and in that time Sploosh has gone from a prototype concept to a happening reality. Thanks to Robert from Fink, I now have a working mould for the large Sploosh platters, which has been used to press the platters for all of your Kickstarter orders.

With the good news though, comes some not so great news. There was a set back with the production of the bowls when the mould was damaged during initial testing in the press. This means a new mould needs to be machined, which may push production back a few weeks. However as production has been actually ahead of schedule so far, it probably won't effect the final shipping date. 

In other news, I approached a local gallery shop owner and they are cautiously positive about the possibility of stocking Sploosh dishes. It is early days of course and who knows if it will all come to fruition, but it does give me real encouragement that Sploosh may indeed be a marketable product. 

I am hoping to hold a launch party/gallery opening in early November in Canberra. Invites will be sent out when the date and location are finalised. You will even be able to pick up your Sploosh dishes at the launch. I hope you'll come to the launch help celebrate and talk about the story of Sploosh. 

Thanks once again for your support.


Holidays don't mean holidays.

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Dear Sploosh supporters,

Sorry it has taken a little while to send an update, but the exigencies of finalising works for the recent Australian National Capital Artists Pin-a-4 exhibition, and completing assessments for my diploma course have seen me head down and tail up with no time for writing. There is good news though, I am now on holidays from my study for a month and will be working hard to get Sploosh finalised for production. 

But this does not mean I have not been working on Sploosh. Indeed I have been hard at work doing boring logistical things – sourcing materials, a company to do the laser cutting, packaging and labelling. Designing the layout for the cutting pattern has itself been interesting – trying to fit as many of the flat Sploosh pieces onto a single sheet. It's like making a jigsaw where the only requirement is to get as many pieces into a fixed area as possible without overlapping them. 

I am also working on the engineering drawings for the tooling, another learning challenge. I need to produce plans that outline the exact angles for both the inside and outsides of the press. Creating three dimensional objects is one thing, but planning them on paper is another! 

I have been spending time occasionally doing work experience at Fink anodising when my study workload permits, so that I can get a complete understanding of every step behind creating anodised aluminium objects, and the team there continue to be a huge support to me with Sploosh. If you don’t already know their stunning works, you can see them on their website, or in shops all around the world. 

Speaking of websites, I now have one at: where you can see and potentially purchase my latest artworks. Thanks again for your support and I will send another update soon. 


Thank You!

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Late news, but we did it!


It is very exciting to find that my goal for this Kickstarter has been reached. Thank you to all of my sponsors. You know, in many ways even more important than the money, is knowing that a whole bunch of you are in there supporting me and this exciting art project.

There are still a few more days to go, and although I have reached the basic goal, it would be great to get even more people on board, so if you can, please take a moment to send out the link to the Kickstarter to friends and colleagues.

Please do, too, take a moment to leave a comment on the webpage - I am still seeking more opinions on colours for the Sploosh dishes, and besides, I just like hearing from you! This is now not just my project, but yours too!

Thanks again, I will update again soon.