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SESAC affiliated music production company that's looking to launch a multi-album series of our original instrumentals nationwide!

SESAC affiliated music production company that's looking to launch a multi-album series of our original instrumentals nationwide! Read More
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Synergy Productions
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Synergy Productions

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The Catalyst, Vol. #1

The time has come for Synergy Productions to release it's first full feature CD, consisting strictly of just our instrumentals. This will be the first release in part of a multiple album series we are calling "The Catalyst" - which will be a collective movement to show our music production abilities to a much broader fan base & potential clientele. We undoubtedly have the skill, motivation, & ability to advance our skills well beyond our regional fan-base; the only thing we're lacking now is the money to fund & distribute a showcase project that proves this. We've put a lot of time, energy and unfortunately most of our resources & money into getting Synergy Productions LLC off the ground & officially started. Originally we had the savings set aside to cover the costs of getting the Catalyst series going but unfortunately our funds quickly dwindled as we we're faced with the burdening costs of setting up our LLC, our copyrights, trademarks & finalizing our business entity legally. We're doing everything possible to make sure we're operating our business correctly while at the same time not compromising on the quality & consistency of our music, we want the Catalyst Series to be ground-breaking!

With the help of your generous donations we have no doubt that it will be just that! We're hoping that you can help us raise enough money to cover the cost of getting this collective series going. All donations we receive will go towards that goal exactly, our expected expenses include:

- Marketing - We're going to make the Catalyst series a well known & anticipated album collection by executing an in depth, multi-faceted marketing plan. We already have a strong team ready to distribute promotional posters & flyers as soon as we can get them printed. We also plan on marketing on the internet via online ads through many music websites, search engine ads & social media ads.

- Website - will be one of the main ways to purchase the Catalyst albums. It's in the works with an excellent graphic designer & will be officially finished if we receive enough donations. We've got an excellent idea, design & layout for our official website & will give visitors a chance to stay up to date with the group, view upcoming concerts, as well as just listen to our music or purchase our albums and/ or individual instrumentals.

- Album artwork - Each volume of the Catalyst will have it's own unique album art; right down to the disc itself!

- Replication costs - such as CD's, cases, printing & replication/ copies of the finished album - (hopefully we'll be able to raise enough to cover the expenses to get mass copies made through a replication company - this would be much more cost efficient & save us significant time as well)

- Distribution costs - both locally & nationally - Obviously we want to get our music heard by as many people in as many places as possible. Our goal is to distribute the Catalyst albums not only to our new & existing fans but also to distribution companies, record labels, A&Rs, radio stations, DJs & other artists that may be interested in purchasing or leasing some of our instrumentals.

We've got the goals in mind and the plan to get there; all we need is a boost, some generous donations our Kickstarter community members and fellow dreamers.

The debut album of the Catalyst series is under way & with your help will officially drop this summer! The Catalyst, Vol. #1 is definitely not just an ordinary album -- this is our audio business card. Listening to our album, you can experience Synergy Productions in the medium we thrive in so people can hear what we're really about, easily & professionally. Our music speaks for itself - It's more than just music, it's a movement!

To get a peek at our movement check out some of our work below, a few of the songs we made the beats for:


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    You will receive two official SP tee shirts signed by both producers as well as two signed hard copies of the Catalyst: Vol. #1. For your generosity we will include your name in the executive producer credits of the Catalyst: Vol. #1, giving you instant recognition nationwide! To top it all off you will also get exclusive downloads to albums we've recorded, mixed & released from our own studio with some very talented rappers & singers.

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