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$4,945 pledged of $11,500 goal
$4,945 pledged of $11,500 goal

Contributor Spotlight: Sean Tiffany


Another of the hyper-talented artists that we've been fortunate enough to work with on this project is Sean Tiffany, whom we met a couple of years ago when we sat on a webcomic creators' panel together at Denver Comic Con.

Sean is the creator of Oilcan Drive, a futuristic Rock-n-Roll adventure comic. But it's more than just a comic: Sean is a musician himself, and he records the songs played by the fictional band, making Oilcan Drive a true multimedia experience!

With his bold lines and knack for drawing machinery, Sean was well suited to draw The Bombardier and his Pegasus Flight Pack. Sean's style really shines on this piece, making it a fine addition to our art print lineup!

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