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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 11 2013
SymplioBy Symplio
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SymplioBy Symplio
First created
pledged of $220,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 11 2013

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    1. Symplio Creator on

      Hi iratxeph! Yes, the possibility of creating your own connected design, both externally (decoration) and internally (behavior, through our web app), easily, without programming knowledge was one of our main goals with this version. Thank you!

    2. Benni Klomfass on

      and i just see a big failure , sorry - but you've seen it coming, didn't you?

      not surprised at all - with the 22 days you'll get maybe another 40 backers... but was it worth it investing all that time/money etc into something no one really wants/needs (there are many other CHEAP gadgets out there like these that no one needs or wants but still are being bought- but not for the price you're asking)

      sorry if this sounds harsh

    3. Missing avatar

      iratxeph on

      Hi, as a creative artist I can see a lot of possibilities for creating interactive art without having programming skills, which is something I like from your product. I hope you can do it. Good luck!

    4. Symplio Creator on

      Hi again! I As with any other decorative object (a figure/sculpture, a flower), there is no specific need for it, because it's not about "using" but about having something that forms part of an ambient .You are right, you can have any other object, you can use your decorated phone or monitor, as you mention, as a decorative object in your home, or even no decoration at all. Cyrcle is just another possibility. Thank you!

    5. Benni Klomfass on

      still didn't get this "alive decoration thing" - so it plays sounds/rotates and what?

      why would you nedd / want one for your home/office - what use has it ?

      i can decorate my phone or pc / monitor too but why would i need another device to connect to the internet - what would be that different?

    6. Symplio Creator on

      Thank you for your feedback, Benni! I will try to explain our point:

      The primary goal of Cyrcle is not "informational" as mobile phones/tablets, ...but as a customizable decorative object that you can place at your home or office (something that we don't use mobile devices for). Being connected to the Internet, that customization transforms a "dead" decorative object into an "alive" object that helps create an emotional space/ambient through subtle movements and lights without demanding your attention (as mobile devices generally do, and it's their purpose).

      We understand that it is complicated, because we all tend to associate "Internet" with mobile devices or computers, and always with "informational purposes", and it is difficult to explain that we can experiment the Internet through other kind of objects for other goals (alive decoration, in this case). Hope this helps to clarify our goal! Thank you again!

    7. Benni Klomfass on

      i'm another person who didn't get it by watching your video and reading your page - you should really be concerned imho ...

      so still - after explaining it here

      a decorative object , that creates sounds and helps you stay connected to your digital life...

      so - like your smartphone/pc/tablet ....hmmm

      i really think that you and your team have invested too much time in a worthless thing that you want to "sell" for 100 dollars... i'm keeping an eye on this - interested how many people actuallly "need" or want this thing

      anyway - good luck

    8. Max Winston on

      Ah, that does make more sense actually, thanks.

    9. Symplio Creator on

      Thank you for your feedback, Max. In three basic ideas Cyrcle is:

      1) a decorative object
      2) that you can customize both externally and internally (programmable via our web page)
      3) so that silently moves, shines or creates ambient sounds depending on what's happening on things related to you on the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, your favorite sport team, ...)

      The result is a decorative object which is "alive" and connected to your digital life.

      The goal is not functional, but "emotional" and to empower creativity, to give people the possibility of creating their own decorative object connected to their digital life (opposite to traditional decorative objects which are "dead"). Thank you!

    10. Max Winston on

      I just have to say... After reading your whole kickstarter page and watching your video, I have absolutely no idea what your product does. This is a problem.

    11. Symplio Creator on

      Hi Ralf!

      The goal of Cyrcle is giving users the power to explore new ways of using the Internet. Cyrcle is intended to be in the background of attention as a personalized "living" decorative object, connected to people, places and hobbies that you like, so you can feel how your digital life evolves. That's a big step compared to traditional decorative products.

      Additionally, if your want to bring that information to the foreground (explore contents) you can use our Augmented Reality app to access in a fancy way to the part of the Internet configured in your Cyrcle (your meaningful Internet: places, best friends, ...) using your mobile device.

      Regarding your last question, you are right, the firmware is prepared to get inputs from disc rotation and also when pressing the central button (inner part of the light). The Cyrcle will send a message with the parameters to our Internet platform where the associated service will reply with activity/content or as you guessed triggering a parallel activity such as check-in in Foursquare (even could be a kind of oracle, where movement to a position means "requesting information").

      We didn't include that info on the page, because we thought that interaction was funnier using the Augmented Reality app, and this other could be misleading, but, yes, Cyrcle provides that feature. The good part is that it is very easy to add applications to do anything to our Internet platform using HTTP/JSON.

      Hope this clarified your question! Thank you!

    12. Ralf Hülsmann

      Can you provide the elvator pitch what cycrle actualy does ?

      Besides beeing fancy, part of internet of things etc - my understanding as of now is: it checks services like twitter, facebook for ne postings and singals them while not providing the posting as text2speech or os !?

      Does it provide postings - e.g. Turn disc to "home" and set facebook location to your home adress - as well ?