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Imagine a decorative object that senses what's happening in your life, and changes everyday to evoke feelings and memories.

Imagine a decorative object that senses what's happening in your life, and changes everyday to evoke feelings and memories. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on January 11, 2013.

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About this project

We have created this magical object for you: CyrcleDIY.

What is CyrcleDIY?

CyrcleDIY is an intelligent decorative object. But it is different from any other object you may have in your home or office because it's alive, sensing the things that you like: your friends, your hobbies, your favorite places, your passions, …your all life. Users can feel how those meaningful things evolve during the day, creating manifestations on the real world.

CyrcleDIY analyzes the information coming from the user’s social networks and other Internet sources, and translates the meaningful activity into gentle sounds, soft lights and little movements to evoke feelings and memories. It transforms the users’ environment into a social and emotional experience.

You can personalize CyrcleDIY by hand: write, draw or put stickers on it that represent those important things that you want CyrcleDIY to sense. For example, your best friend, that city you love, your favorite basketball team or a celebrity, the pub where all your friends get together, the social activity of a topic that interests you.... You can erase and write/draw as many times as you want as far as you use a non-permanent marker. Experiment and redesign your CyrcleDIY every week!

Then, using our web platform, you will provide the Internet-based information sources for those topics that CyrcleDIY will analyze: Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter profiles/hashtags, RSS sources, ...

But you can also create your own individualized CyrcleDIY with a more professional high quality design that we’ll print directly on the surface, making for a more elegant finish. Select the "YOUR DESIGN PRE-PRINTED" pledge and we will send you a Photoshop template of the surface to facilitate the process. Send your creation back to us and we will print it on the surface (only white CyrcleDIY at the moment). We'd love to have a gallery with your designs!

You can also explore at any moment what CyrcleDIY is sensing in a way that’s quick and fun with the Augmented Reality app. It works with any iOS or Android device with an integrated camera and you can visualize and click on the images or 3D models to access associated contents, the information related to that friend or topic that CyrcleDIY perceived as important to you. For example, if you are a Star Wars fan (as we are) check this video of our CyrcleDIY reacting when  #darthvader becomes a popular hastag on Twitter:

How Cyrcle works

The CyrcleDIY box contains: CyrcleDIY, USB cable with power plug adapter, 1 marker (black or white), 2 circular transparent stickers and a User's Guide. An available Wi-Fi access point connected to the Internet is the only thing you need to start having fun.

In just five easy steps, you’ll have your CyrcleDIY working and connected to your digital life.

Step 1: Switch on your CyrcleDIY and configure the Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Use our web platform to map and customize the applications (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram…) with your favorite topics, people, places… you want CyrcleDIY to sense, just by clicking and dragging. Watch this video:

Step 3: Customize your own CyrcleDIY by mapping these topics over the surface using markers, stickers… Be creative, it’s all yours! Or create a personal skin for the pre-printed version.

Step 4: Place the CyrcleDIY in a place that you like at your home or office, and it will become alive.

Step 5: Use your Android phone, tablet, iPhone or iPad to explore your personal CyrcleDIY with Augmented Reality.


Currently available applications that CyrcleDIY uses to analyze meaningful information are: Facebook (timeline activity and new likes), Twitter (user and hashtag/term mentions), Foursquare (new check-ins), Instagram (new pictures with a particular tag), Google Calendar (countdown to any event, holidays, birthdays,...), Google Analytics (visits), RSS sources (new content), and we are still working to increase this list.

But that’s not all: through our Open CyrcleDIY API, developers can create and publish their own CyrcleDIY applications and users can enjoy them for free :-). Your CyrcleDIY can be connected to virtually any information on the Internet.

The Scale is a special area of your CyrcleDIY located in the lower-right sector. The Scale can perceive things such as the level of activity of your friends on Facebook, the popularity of your favorite team on Twitter or the number of hits on your website, just to name a few options. It’s a social thermometer of whatever you want to measure.

For developers

Creating applications for CyrcleDIY is very easy. You just have to provide a couple of URL endpoints for your application, and our platform will periodically request info about movements to do, light colors, intensity and pulse, images or 3D models to be projected using the Augmented Reality system, URLs to navigate when clicking on those images, and so forth. You can program your application in any language as far as you reply using our JSON/HTTP language.

Why create CyrcleDIY?

We all generally think that the only way of using the Internet is through screens (computers, mobile devices) and for informational purposes. CyrcleDIY is a decorative object that uses the Internet to create an emotional space around you.

We’ve worked hard these last months alongside great contributors (engineers, design and usability experts, production managers,...) to create a product that’s attractive, easy to use, customizable and with a carefully crafted aesthetic.

What is inside

A lot of things, but the main components are:

  • Wi-Fi module (Microchip MRF24WB0MA)
  • PIC24F microcontroller 
  • Flash storage module (SST25VF032B), for downloading sounds and over-the-air firmware upgrades (4 Mbytes).
  • Motor, encoder and sensors
  • 9 LEDs (3R+3B+3G)
  • Audio amplifier and speaker
  • USB mini connector, for power and serial firmware upgrades

CyrcleDIY is powered by openPicus technology, an awesome wireless development platform that accelerated the process of creating functional prototypes from the very beginning.

The web platform for configuring applications and parameters for CyrcleDIY was coded using Symfony+MySQL+MongoDB. Additionally, we developed the CyrcleDIY Augmented Reality app for mobile devices (iOS and Android) using the Vuforia framework from Qualcomm and Unity3D.

How and where we will do it

We will manufacture the molds and implement the plastic injection process with providers in China our engineers have successfully worked with in the past for other commercial products. Those companies have manufactured similar consumer products with the required ISO certifications related to quality assurance.

Regarding electronics, we have used parts from the main semiconductor manufacturers (Microchip, Texas Instruments, Vishay Intertechnology, and some others) and we will assemble small initial runs in our R&D offices in Bilbao, and larger runs at the premises of local SMD assembling providers, so we can directly assure  and check the quality. We will upload the final firmware and perform the final functional tests before packaging and delivering.

Quality controls and production supervision will be carried out by Bizintek Innova, an engineering company with broad experience in similar products and manufacturing in Asia, to assure quality and fulfillment of production schedules.

The CyrcleDIY Team Background

We have gathered an awesome interdisciplinary team with skills ranging from electronics design or Internet platform development to Augmented Reality, located at different sites in California and the Basque Country.


If you want to receive a CyrcleDIY, please make a pledge. Either way, a good way to help us is to spread the word and share with your friends.

Like or Follow us! We thank you all for your support!


We have already covered all the costs of developing the external design, hardware, firmware and Internet platform services. So, we’re basically asking you to fund your own CyrcleDIY and some shared costs:

  • Parts, molds and manufacturing: we already have the quotes, timelines and plans for manufacturing, assembling, QA testing, packaging and transportation.
  • Testing and developing additional services (suggestions are welcome!) with the CyrcleDIY Open API before releasing it.
  • Improving the usability of the web platform UI and adding more applications.
  • Improving the Augmented Reality app for Android and iOS with more options and features (suggestions are welcome!).
  • EM Certifications (FCC, CE): this is the cost of the test and certification process to comply with regulations.


January 2013: Certification and final production planning depending on volume.
  • Product certification (FCC, CE).
  • Production planning, final selection of manufacturer and suppliers.
  • Continuous platform development.

February 2013: Molds and provisioning

  • Make injection molds with selected provider.
  • Parts provisioning.
  • Continuous platform development.

March 2013: Start production

  • Pre-production run
  • QA testing at production facilities
  • CyrcleDIY Open API released

April 2013: Production

  • Production run
  • QA testing at production facilities
  • Packaging and delivery 
  • Development of additional features for CyrcleDIY app for Android/iOS.

May 2013: Final test and shipping

  • Final firmware upload
  • Extensive QA testing at our facilities
  • Shipping to backers
  • Development of additional features for CyrcleDIY app for Android/iOS.

After May 2013:

  • First CyrcleDIY applications developed using the CyrcleDIY Open API are published
  • Create a community of users / developers: help, additional features, show your CyrcleDIY, … 

Risks and challenges

During the last 14 months, and with the help of our technology partners, we have overcome a lot of obstacles ranging from usability to engineering, achieving zero noise when moving (inspired by Walkman mechanics), visual analysis of the surface for Augmented Reality, reducing firmware size, dynamic sound downloading from the Internet, manufacturing planning, and component provisioning …

It’s been hard, it takes time, but we wanted to bring Kickstarter a product with minimal risk either for you or for us. All the photos and videos are from actual prototypes, not renders. These are the topics we are currently working on:

Platform Scalability: We’ve tested the platform with several devices simultaneously and performed some stress simulations, but we still need to guarantee 24/7 service operation. Our operations manager was the former IT Manager in a SaaS company providing service to more than 1 million customers, so we are quite confident there will be no problems with this.

Final tests: We’ve been using CyrcleDIY 24/7 for months, and we can assess its hardware and firmware is robust. Additionally, we have added some checkpoints and “silent restart” procedures in the firmware in case some unexpected situation occurs. Our systems also register every communication with your CyrcleDIY, so we can monitor the activity and provide assistance to resolve problems. Finally, we are developing a firmware upgrade application in case any bug is detected after distribution.

EM Certification (FCC, CE): we still need to perform some tests to guarantee that no electromagnetic interference is generated by CyrcleDIY. This shouldn’t be a problem since all the components we use are already certified, but we still may need to make small changes or relocate components if required.

Manufacturing: Since the very beginning of the prototyping phase, we’ve been working with experienced partners to reduce risk. Manufacturing will be carried out by the same electronics engineering firm that developed the electronics design. They work with the most reliable providers and have done all these activities before for products already in the market (e.g. mOway, Airtraq).

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