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Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
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Posted by Sylex (Creator)

Cliquez ici pour la version française.

We warned you many times, dreams are not always what they seem to be... Sometimes they turn into awful nightmares, impossible to get rid of. And some other times, indeed, those bad dreams turn back into beautiful and unhoped marvels of your imagination. Those kind of dreams may appear to be so real, that they could litterally tear you out of your bed and make you wander in the middle of the night... Turning the Dreamer you are into a Sleepwaker...  

With this new Sleepwalker pledge, everything that was designed for Dreamscape will be yours. 

The Dreamscape core box. "Deep Dreams" mini-expansion. "Will O' The Wisp" expansion. "Dream Creatures" expansion, and obviously all unlocked Stretch Goals, including among other great things "White as Snow" expansion.

Yes all that you can dream about Dreamscape is included here. Sleepwalker pledge can not be combined with another pledge, so you gonna have to change your current reward, but it's totally a better offer if you want it all!  

Don't walk too much during your dreams, and still, have them sweet ;)


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    1. Redfish on

      Nice !
      Pledge modified...

    2. Quirkworthy

      Thanks Sylex!

    3. Sylex Creator on

      @Quirkworthy, @Sarah Pogson
      The shipping costs won't increase, even if you add expansion(s), or choose the "Sleepwalker" reward.

    4. Sarah Pogson on

      Very happy with this option, I am all in. Also just want to double check shipping x

    5. Quirkworthy

      This is great! Thank you.

      Does this new pledge level have different shipping costs? If so, could you please update the table on the main page to show this? Thanks.