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Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
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Dream Creatures

Posted by Sylex (Creator)

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Some dreams may be focused on yourself. But many of them are full of encounteers, and a dark shape lurking is not the only example. How many times, on the contrary, did you discover a tiny companion leading you to the next step of your reveries? 

Maybe a cautious squirrel telling you to keep precious things secret, a venturous rabbit encouraging you to explore more and more, or even an envious fox desiring to change a situation in another.

In Dream Creatures, it's time to meet the silent inhabitants of your dreams. Flying, jumping, running or swimming, they all have a secret to share, something that could lead you further in your dreams. 

What they just need is the appropriate offering to tame them, and they will join your Dreamscape, embellishing each of your creations, or providing precious advice to enlighten your path. Lure them and no doubt those cute allies will stay forever in your dreams.  

Each of those animals will be present on the Creature board, each with a different power. Moreover, once you lure an animal, its alter ego on the Creature board will swap its position with another on, thus varying their respective power. 

Each time you will complete a card, the power of each animal present on a shard of the achieved landscape will be triggered. They will also provide you some Slumber points bonus at the end of the game, still depending on their position on the Creature board.

Dream Creatures is an expansion for Dreamscape. To add it to your pledge, please follow these steps:
- Click on "Manage your pledge" (if you did not pledge yet, the label is "Back this Project").
- Click on "Change your pledge" and adjust your "Pledge amount" in the corresponding box.
- Do not change your "Current reward". 

During the pledge manager, you will be able to tell us what add-on you want to receive, according to the total amount you pledged.

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    1. Ben Seelbinder

      I tend to agree with what's been posted below. When I see one expansion, I think "Cool! A way to add to the game! Might as well." But then I see a second (and, for some games on KS, a third or a forth or a fifth). I've backed games in the past about this and been bitten because the expansion, although interesting when individual, do not all play nicely together.

      It also ends up being too costly. And rather than feeling like I'm missing a component of the game, I tend to back out altogether. I'll have to think more about this project.

    2. Jussi-Pekka Jokinen

      @Hayley: I came here to say pretty much the same thing. I like how the expansions look, but the way they were introduced (and priced) soured them for me. This will sadly be one of the few projects where I drop my pledge.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hayley Margules on

      I'm reposting this so that it doesn't get buried without you seeing it. I've been so, so excited about this game, and I would never be anything but respectful, but honestly, this doesn't feel very nice. I was so excited when the Will-o-Wisp's expansion came out, but to then see a second (and who knows how many more) expansions that tack a little on here, a little on there, feels like the philosophy is that we're going to spend whatever for FOMO, or just because. It seems very calculated. I don't think the gamble's going to pay off. We're certainly not adding anymore to our pledge, and this sours the campaign for us. My partner wants us to drop Will-O-Wisps. We're going to talk about it later tonight. I'd really urge you to consider which creators are really praised for their Kickstarter Customer Service (Jamey Stegmaier, for example) and look at what they do and what they don't do. Because as excited as I've been throughout this campaign, that last update really isn't cool.

      There is now a post in a 20,000+ person board game enthusiast group about how this move makes us feel taken advantage of. It might behoove you to read what board gamers on Facebook are saying, and reconsider your decision. If you thought this would get you more money, I can near-guarantee you that it won't. People who work in sales know that 86% of customers are willing to spend more for a better experience, and people are telling you how they feel about the experience you've been providing. We feel taken advantage of. So, in the end, you're going to end up making much less than if you just maintained positive, projected communication. I really, really urge you to consider what everyone is saying in the comments, and to reconsider this approach.