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Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
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Will O' The Wisp

Posted by Sylex (Creator)

Cliquez ici pour la version française.

Many words don't mean just one thing. When speaking about our dreams, it happens that we actually speak about our dearest wishes. And deep in the Dreamworld, live cute tiny beings, lost in there, only waiting for a kind soul to show them the way ahead. And for sure, once freed, they will grant the helpful dreamer you are a singular wish.

The most famous of this wisps, Will O', lives in the Dreamworld since time immemorial and thus, he knows every path of this maze, and each way to counter Mr Nightmare. No doubt that he will be thankful for each of the good fellows you will save, helping you back as much as possible, trying to reduce the growth of these horrific nightmare shards.

When playing Will O' The Wisp expansion, you will gain a precious ally to face the plans of Mr Nightmare. Before your travel phase, you will first have to move Will O', trying to swap nightmare shards into dream shards. But be careful, as for each  dream shard you save, a nightmare shard comes into the bag. What seems to be good for now, may trigger a bigger infestation later...   

On the other side, you may discover on your Dreamscape those tiny wisps, lost, waiting for a good guy to come help them. Once your dreamer reaches a nearby position, it is saved, giving you 2 advantages. 

First, the wisp grants you a wish. Choose a Wish tile depending on the color of the wisp you secured (there will be a different bunch of tiles, face up, at the beginning of each game) and take benefit of it. That could be the improvement of a location power, an amount of Slumber Points, or even scoring you points for specific and personal achievements in your Dreamscape at the end of the game.  

Soon after, Will O' is going to learn about your good deed, and thus depending on his position on the Dreamworld, he will give you the opportunity to use the location power for free. 

Quickly, you will become a master to plan where to send Will O', and when your dreamer is gonna rescue the wisps, if so. Once again, timing is a key to enhance the valuable aid of the tiny wisps and make your … wishes come true ;)

You got it, Will O' The Wisp is an expansion for Dreamscape. To add it to your pledge, please follow these steps:  

- Click on "Manage your pledge" (if you did not pledge yet, the label is "Back this Project").

- Click on "Change your pledge" and adjust your "Pledge amount" in the corresponding box. 

- Do not change your "Current reward". 

During the pledge manager, you will be able to tell us what add-on you want to receive, according to the total amount you pledged.

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