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Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
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2,158 backers pledged €120,364 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. LaëtitiaFranckS 23 minutes ago

      C'est lors du Pledge Manager que tu pourras choisir la version VF ou VO

    2. Missing avatar

      perrichot about 15 hours ago

      où en sommes nous avec les règles en FR ? :)
      Par ailleurs comment savoir si on va recevoir le jeu en FR et non en Anglais ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Hansuvadha about 17 hours ago

      There are 9 games I've backed that are yet to ship. This is the one I'm most excited about. Dreamscape!

    4. LaëtitiaFranckS 3 days ago

      Prochainement je pense.. Depuis la fin de campagne, il y a du avoir pas mal de boulot sur Dreamscape.

    5. Arhiman82 3 days ago

      Des nouvelles sur ce projet? :)

    6. John Irwin 4 days ago

      A monthly update would be nice. It has been a month.

    7. INGO77 6 days ago

      I dreamed of an update with lots of information and photos on the production of the game ..... then I woke up and I spent 29 days without news.
      Come on, sylex make us dream

    8. John Irwin on May 15

      Can't wait for the new update!

    9. Sylex Creator on May 14

      Hey Dreamers!
      Long time no see, so I hope you had great moments playing, and dreaming of coming games;)
      No that this pause is over, we are ready to go on next steps for Dreamscape, starting with the pledge manager. We are now setting it up, so that it will be online in a couple of weeks.

      All details about it will be in the next update, maybe with some other information too :)

      Sweet dreams,

    10. John Irwin on May 8

      The final stretch goal was custom action track tokens.

    11. Missing avatar

      Evan Williams
      on May 8

      It'd be nice to get an update showing what the final SG we unlocked was. :)

    12. John Irwin on May 8

      Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

    13. John Irwin on May 6

      I think the game is perfectly balanced as far as interaction is concerned.

    14. Nakano
      on May 5

      I hope expansions bring game mechanics that adds to the interactivity and makes the game feel (if it does feel) less multiplayer solitaire. For example, tracks that people may compete on for extra points (something like seen in Terra Mystica). I have no solid understanding what would be the best strategy to implement these, but hopefully the designers have concrete, working and fun ideas.

    15. Dirkjan82 on May 4

      Paid was supposed to be played. Typo with autocorrect...

    16. Dirkjan82 on May 4

      @Vincent: me too. In past Kickstarter games I went for everything because it looks like a great deal. But the expansions rarely get played if they get paid at all. To play them I think you need a good understanding of the base game which often even isn't played enough for that.
      The speed in which this campaign came out with so many expansions made me skeptical too. I considered cancelling before the project ended, but decided that the game looks nice enough to just go with the bar game and it's free expansions. I'm not gonna add on a single one because of above reasons and I wanna spend a bit less.

    17. Vincent on May 3

      In general I am always skeptical about expansions (sometimes they distract too much from the core game or some never even leave the box) so for now I have the regular pledge (Early Bird). When the PM comes I might add extra add-ons but I would like to see some more details (game play video, rulebook,...) before I can make a decision. You guys think this is possible?

    18. Missing avatar

      Brendon Larimore on May 1

      @sylex. Sent a message about canceling my order and getting a refund please:)

    19. Sylex Edition Collaborator on April 30

      @Iain Odlin @ Frederic Cuvilly : we took some days off. We are back really soon :)
      @ Christophe Petit : As we alsways said, the date is Jan 2019. It must be a mistake, we will contact Atalia to correct it. Thx

    20. Missing avatar

      Iain Odlin on April 30

      It's been quite a bit since this Kickstarter closed and no communication since. Any news, Sylex folks?

    21. Missing avatar

      Frederic Cuvilly on April 29

      J'espère que j'aurais bien l'email pour le pledge manager car depuis l'update 15 j'ai plus reçu les emails des news...

    22. Missing avatar

      Christophe PETIT on April 27

      Hello! J'ai vu que le jeu était annoncé par Atalia en octobre en boutique. Ça veut dire que nous le recevrons dans ces eaux là ? Comme la date de livraison était annoncée en janvier 2019, j'ai été étonné.

    23. Missing avatar

      Yohan Dallaire Boily on April 26

      @Henry So. No. 115K is WIP and no art to show at this moment.

    24. Henry So on April 26

      Wait... There's a SG beyond the custom action track tokens at 115k€?

    25. Missing avatar

      Evan Williams
      on April 26

      @John, I think it's the anticipation of the post campaign update/pledge manager and the unveiling of the last SG.

    26. John Irwin on April 26

      Quite around here. We must not want to wake anyone up.

    27. dlampron on April 24

      @david Verket Quand un KS se termine ca peut prendre 2 semaines avant que l'$ soit transféré a Sylex et également Sylex doit configurer le 'pledge manager' ex.backerkit ou autre de leur choix ... delai normal. Site externe qui permet de payer les frais de port ou de modifier/ajouter de quoi a son pledge. C'est pourquoi dans le bas de la page il est mentionné: Les frais de port seront impactés à la fin de la campagne, pendant la phase du « pledge manager ».

    28. Missing avatar

      david Verlet on April 24

      Question je ne comprends pas quand je vais devoir payer les frais d'expédition. (Je viens de pledger le All-IN à 65 euros)
      Merci d'avance

    29. Shannon Kelly
      on April 23

      Hurray! Congratulations! :D

    30. Ivan Feliciangeli
      on April 21

      First of all congratulations on a superb campaign for an amazing game!
      Sorry if already addressed, I red same thing on this at the beginning of the campaign... Is there a possibility for stickers on the wooden discs, just a printable file would be nice.

    31. Nakano
      on April 21

      They will certainly use some pledge manager system since we still need to pay for shipping.

    32. INGO77 on April 21

      Do you use a pledge manager as a "backerkit"?

    33. GinjaNinja on April 21

      Quick note: I noticed a graphic error in the cloud picture used on the rule book. It's on every page middle left of each page. Its minor and It's easy to miss and Would be a shame if it made it into the final version.

    34. yobErt
      on April 21

      i pledge 60€ before sleepwalker pledge level was available.
      will there be a pledge manager or how can i change to sleepwalker/have all expansions?

    35. Missing avatar

      William de Jager on April 20

      great campaign

    36. gerraldo
      on April 20

      @Marco & Fiona: KS exclusive is only the Mini-Expansion "Deep Dreams"! All other stretched or otherwise included expansions will be later available at retail (hence the words "free" and "retail value X").

      So, not very much exclusives here, but lots of free expansions! ;)

    37. Missing avatar

      Fiona Wong on April 20

      @Marco ks exclusives for Both pledge tiers
      Dreamer/ Sleepwalker

      Mini expansion “Deep Dreams”
      Mini expansion “Personal Dreams” (the
      85k - 100k stretch goals)
      and the two expansions
      White as Snow (retail 15 euro)
      The Red Raven (retail 15 euro)

      If you pledge Sleepwalker
      Then the Animals and Wil of Wisps expansions (altogether 4 expansions!)

    38. Missing avatar

      Marco Zamanni on April 20

      Congratulations! Can anyone recap which content will be KS exclusive? it's not clear on the Caimpagn page.

    39. Daniel Carlsson on April 19

      Congratz!!! And now we Want to know the last sg :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Jason on April 19

      And now the wait begins, oh well, it's gonna very much worth it! Congrats on the great campaign!

    41. Sylex Creator on April 19

      Once again.... thanks a lot for all your kind messages, let's go on dreaming together ;)

    42. Missing avatar

      Christophe PETIT on April 19

      Congrats guys! A little stretch bonus for the 120K? :p

    43. Missing avatar

      MAILLARD on April 19

      Un immense merci à Sylex. Hâte de découvrir la petite merveille en 2019 😊

    44. Missing avatar

      androma on April 19

      Well done !

    45. LaëtitiaFranckS on April 19

      Congrats !!!
      Campagne envoutante, et des updates séduisantes a tout point de vue

    46. John Irwin on April 19

      Congrats on the 120K!

    47. Missing avatar

      tazyel on April 19

      Félicitation pour cette campagne orchestré d'une main de maitre :)
      Bravo Sylex et M. Ausloos :)

    48. Vincent on April 19


    49. Steven Tolhurst on April 19

      Tres bien mon amies !
      Super Kickstarter , well deserved success enjoy it . Really looking forward to seeing the updates as it developes.
      A big thank you to all the team

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