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Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
Create and explore your own enchanted "dreamscape" in this deep and unique game for 1 to 4 players.
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2,158 backers pledged €120,364 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Eder Morales just now

      Hi - i sent an email to, but it bounced. I need to know what the process is to ask a refund. Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      perrichot about 14 hours ago

      @Sylex, salut Pierre.
      ça pourrait être sympa d'avoir des news régulières sur le jeu. Tel que des photos la production des éléments, des points de situation...
      Beaucoup de KS le font, il nous manque ça ici.

    3. Sylex Creator 1 day ago

      @John Irwin
      Absolutely, final graphics will incorporate all changes in terms of trees and dreamers shapes, and also in terms of final shards colors.

    4. John Irwin 1 day ago

      Just wondering if the card graphics are going to change to incorporate the new trees and meeples, or are the going to stay the generic meeple and green post for the tree. I have no preference but was just wondering.

    5. Sylex Creator 4 days ago

      Hi dreamers,
      As Els Peeters noticed it, we have a bunch of questions waiting for us here... Let's focus on them!

      @Sisada Ransibrahmanakul
      - The survey was scheduled to be open for one month, and more than 90% of you already answered it. To let all of you complete it, we decided to let it open for one more month.
      - As soon as a survey is complete, funds are immediatelyby Crowdox.

      @Yu-ling Huang
      As John Irwin said (thanks John), you did unlocked the last Stretch Goal. It is the custom model for the Action token, a candle, and even if the page can not be updated after the end of the campaign, you can see it in the latest update, just here:

      All the expansions are planned to reach retail. Only the Mini-expansions (Deep Dreams & On Purpose) are exclusives.

      @Eder Morales
      No idea of what this email is about. But you can contact us for sure through the KS page, or directly to:

      @Tobias Ebitsch
      Card size are 63 x 88, but as the cards are not often handled, for ourselves we don't feel it so needed to sleeve them. But whatever, it's only our feelings, so do what you prefer :)

      Sweet dreams,

    6. Els Peeters 5 days ago

      Hi everyone. The creators of this game answered a recent question on the BGG page; so I asked them in the same forum to answer the questions posed by their kickstarter backers. Hopefully they will, as I am also very curious about some of those answers. Greetings to everyone here!

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Laing 7 days ago

      Not tons of communication on this project compared to some. Interesting....

    8. Tobias Ebitsch on

      Did anybody mentioned card (sleeve) sizes already?

    9. Eder Morales on

      Does someone monitor the inbox? i have sent several e-mails and still no answer. Thanks.

    10. gerraldo

      Will the expansions later be available in retail? (If I decide to stay with my Early Bird now, but having played the game want to expand...) ;)

    11. John Irwin on

      We did unlock the last stretch goal, they just cannot change the campaign page once the Kickstarter is closed.

    12. Missing avatar

      Yu-ling Huang on

      Hi, I'm just curios.
      As my page shows "2,158 backers pledged €120,364 to help bring this project to life."
      Why didn't we unlock the last goal, which is €115k??

    13. Missing avatar

      Fiona Wong on

      Yes you get charged immediately by Crowdox

    14. Missing avatar

      Fiona Wong on

      For a month, it came out on June 10

    15. Sisada Ransibrahmanakul on

      A few questions.
      - How long will the survey open?
      - Will money collect immediately as soon as a survey completed?

    16. Missing avatar

      Geoffrion on

      Toujours pas les règles en vf

    17. Missing avatar

      André Kole on

      @Pascale. Because you wanna play to the limit with all the possibilities this game has within it. Thats serious stuff for gamers.

    18. Missing avatar

      André Kole on

      @Pascale. The sleepwalkerversion i should say. 😎

    19. Missing avatar

      Pascale Benoit-Lapointe on

      If I need to add only one add on to my pledge. Which one I should take ? And why ?

    20. Tobias Ebitsch on

      Good day Backers! One question (I know it is kinda months ahead as the games wont hit our tables in short term): Anybody aware of card sleeves sizes and the most likely final figures of cards each?

    21. Missing avatar

      perrichot on

      Bonjour, petite question. Je n'arrive pas à saisir le numéro de carte pour payer les frais de port.
      MM / AA /CVC
      cela indique "votre numéro de carte est incomplet" pourtant je mets bien la forme 0319 456 mais rien n'y fait. Pas de soucis pour vous ?

    22. Missing avatar

      Piliego Dimitri on

      Hey Sylex. Thanks for the nice overview of your progresses! Very excited about this !
      I would also like to know the solo playability (or not)of the expansions before the end of the PM.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sebastopol74 on

      Hi Sylex! Is it possible to play the expansions with the solo mode? I have to know this information before completing the pledge manager. Many thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Fiona Wong on

      @ Pilegio Dimitri exaggerating to make a point :p

      Thank you Sylex for the update! :)

    25. John Irwin on

      I think the teal blue for the dreamer is much better than the power blue

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Hansuvadha on

      My daughter, 9, says “I think you should make him smile not grin and he should maybe have sharp pointy teeth like a vampire to make it creepy.”

      I think no smile or mouth at all is nice and creepy.

    27. Missing avatar

      Merlin on

      Super la chandelle. Je préférais aussi le Mr nightmare de la campagne

    28. Missing avatar

      Christophe PETIT on

      Et pour la tête de Mr Nightmare, j'étais vraiment fan du jeton de base. Il avait la tête parfaite je trouve :) Après ce n'est que mon avis ^^

    29. Steven Tolhurst on

      Great job team ! well done last update was very good, Survey done looking forward to next update, cards look fab too .
      Thank you Pierre

    30. Missing avatar

      Christophe PETIT on

      Hello! Management fait! Merci pour ce partage avec nous, le jeu s'annonce magnifique! Je ne suis cependant pas un grand fan de Mr Nightmare... Je trouve que l'apparence générale fait un peu "pâté". Le corps mériterait peut être d'être un peu plus travaillé (par exemple avec un manteau un peu évasé sur le bas ou plus fin...). Chapeau sur les illustrations et le matos sinon ;) Keep up the good work!

    31. John Irwin on

      @Oren, I believe I read somewhere that the early bird will only benefit you if you just get the base game.

    32. Nakano

      @Oren Might be because fulfillment centers charge "picking and packing" cost for each individual items and Sleepwalker is considered being one item.

    33. Missing avatar

      Oren Douek

      No. The total including shipping is €7 more if I choose to go with the Early Bird level and then add the two add-ons compared to the total including shipping when I go with the normal Sleepwalker pledge.

    34. Maria Soledad Monedero on

      @Oren Douek, I think that € 7 correspond to shipping costs, check it

    35. Missing avatar

      Stephen Spackman


      Hi, Pierre!

      Wonderful! Thanks for the attention to detail, and keep up the good work :). This is a beautiful idea, and deserves a beautiful realisation.

    36. Stephanie Brooks

      Survey Complete! Yay!

    37. Missing avatar


      Survey completed.

    38. Missing avatar

      Oren Douek

      I have an Early Bird pledge but it's worthless as if I add the two add-ons to it, I have to pay €7 more than when just going with the normal Sleepwalker pledge... Is this correct?

    39. Dennis de Groot on

      Just received the mail for the pledge manager. Good to see progress and looking forward to the update.

    40. Missing avatar

      Piliego Dimitri on

      @Fiona Wong : Come on, it's true an update will be more than welcome but do not exagerate. At most, you're 5% considering refunding.
      Sylex is a young editor and are undoubtfully wanting to offer their backers a great game. Allow them time. Kickstarter is not an online shop.

      On another hand, I'll also be happy when I'lle read the next update ;-)

    41. Missing avatar

      Fiona Wong on

      Last update was April 20 after campaign was successful :|
      Not everyone reads comments and I had to come here to find out to check on activity
      For a first time publisher , should really do an update once a month even though there is nothing to update, mostly to reassure backers that something is actually going on behind the scenes:
      ie: files being sent to printers
      waiting for samples , double checking samples
      setting up pledge manager
      or even a timetable of your plans o.o ?!
      I AM and probably a few others are now
      40% hopeful and patient and the other 60% doubtful and considering refunding!

    42. Sylex Creator on

      Hi dreamers!
      We are now just waiting for the Crowdox team to check the pledge manager, and once it will be done, we will be able to post the update.
      Thanks for your patience.

      Sweet dreams,

    43. Missing avatar

      perrichot on

      Big lack of seriousness on this post campaign. Extremely disappointed

    44. Missing avatar

      Clemens on

      I have to say I'm used to this kind of delay towards the end of the production phase, when there is not much to tell ... but seeing such a slow start and so little communication feels a bit troubling to me

    45. Michael Walters

      Starting to be enough of a delay that I’m strongly considering contacting my credit card company for a chargeback.

    46. Eder Morales on

      Starting to be a bit concerned about this one. The comments don't say much, and just keep promising an update that is not here yet. Hopefully it's just a slow start...

    47. John Irwin on

      Am waiting with baited breath.

    48. Arhiman82 on

      Can't wait for it ! :)

    49. Sylex Creator on

      Hi Dreamers!

      We originally planned to make an update this week. The time to check and set up the final details, the Pledge Manager will be online during the next week, so that we finally decided to make a more complete update at this moment to explain it, and possibly share with you some other informations you may like ;)
      So stay tuned and check your email for it!

      Sweet dreams,

    50. Missing avatar

      perrichot on

      ça traîne, ça traîne :'(

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