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A Bottle of WHISKEY and a Handful of BEES -Sxip Shirey's video poster

NEW ALBUM -Janky beats, beautiful songs, impossible sounds from Brooklyn, Berlin, Babylon and Beyond . Read more

Brooklyn, NY Music
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This project was successfully funded on August 1, 2011.

NEW ALBUM -Janky beats, beautiful songs, impossible sounds from Brooklyn, Berlin, Babylon and Beyond .

Brooklyn, NY Music
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I am going to make a new album, I need your help...

Above film by Nathan Austin, illustration by Micheal Arthur, sound by Stephan Loor, Sxipenspiel by Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, music by Sxip Shirey. Filmed in Dumbo on the first day I gave up coffee. I was sweating bullets.!

The money goes to studio time, musicians, the engineer, mastering, the art work (3 artists and one designer), the printing of the CDs, the creation of the extra surprises, mailing the CDs and surprises to YOU, about 10% to Amazon and Kickstarter and then taxes on the whole thing. IF I go over 20K the rest will be spent on a publicist. I will also have an administrator/assistant to make sure all prizes get out in a timely manner! I am skimping on nothing, it will sound and look amazing. It will be art in your hands and a sonic origami event that will unfold into tsunami in ears. 


Take a good look at the photo above. That's my Albanian grandfather sitting in the middle,-those are his boys at the shop. That's his barber shop. Before the crash Grandpa Charlie owned property all around Gary and Chicago.  "He wasn't making all that money from 25 cent hair cuts", my mother recently said to me.

Why make a CD? -To Hear and to Hold

People have been asking me to make a new CD. The last one cost about 17K to produce. I had a backer for part of it and used kickstarter for part of it and I paid for part of it. This one I want to fund entirely through kickstarter.  I will  create a great piece of sonic art, wrapped up in great visual art, for you to hear and to hold. If you have Sonic New York you know how serious I am. 

A bottle of WHISKEY and a handful of BEES

Bees are value that is hard to hold, little stinging coins. Pour the whiskey on the blister to heal your hands, take a slug from the bottle to still the heart. 

A Surprise in Every Box!!!! 

My rewards are all surprises, good surprises, GREAT surprises. Also I will WEEKLY, YES WEEKLY send an mp3 or video or written story of some sort relating to the inspirations of this album and/or whatever my current sonic environment is. This is starting NOW!!! This is an act of action and art that in the end will great an great album.

The whole thing is ART

I am approaching some of my favorite visual artists to create the whole package, I am paying them, the whole thing will be amazing to see and to hold. 


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    All backers will get SOMETHING!

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    $20+ You will receive my new CD with beautiful art. I will sign it and you will be SO PLEASED at the surprise gift that is ALSO sent with it. It will be worth it!

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    Pledge $50 or more

    76 backers

    $50+ You will get my new CD and OH MY! ! There are TWO extra surprise gifts in the same parcel! You have allot to listen to now! Call your mom or other family member. This is a day to remember!

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    $100+ You will get my new CD and ALL WILL WONDER at the EXTRA special surprise gift that you received with the CD of incredible music. You will be able to wear it when you go clubbing or around the house in a formal or casual manner. Also there will ANOTHER gift, formally vaguely alluded to above.. maybe two...AND that extra bit for sure...I gotta stop now...No spoilers...

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    $1000+ Damn, oh shit...just you calm beating heart..oh ....oh yes...oh YES...JUST YOU WAIT, seriously. My hands are sweating just thinking about. Seriously.

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    $2,000 call me, it's important. we need to plan this out. It wont be simple but it will be worth it!

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    $3000+ Oh My God, for YOU, I'm gonna to...BRING...DOWN...THE...THUNDER!!!!!

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    a CASE of good Scottish Whiskey and a HANDFUL OF BEES!

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