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If you missed the campaign, no worries! Pre-Orders are open on the website! Hit that Pre-Order button or to to get your copy!
If you missed the campaign, no worries! Pre-Orders are open on the website! Hit that Pre-Order button or to to get your copy!
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Stretch Goal #7 Unlocked - Top Notch Editing and Formatting

Posted by Brandon Dixon (Creator)

Instead of doing one big fat update, I thought it would be better to split these up. I can't believe how fast we're clipping through these Stretch Goals. It feels so good!

So what's in this next Stretch Goal?

Top Notch Editing and Formatting

This tier is where we add on a layer of finish to the whole project. With the count now at THREE books, it's clear that additional hands are needed. And not just friends who are editors, doing it for Free.99, but professionals. People whose very job is to clean up my grammatical mess. 

Those special people deserve to be paid.

So who is on the editing team for "Welcome to Tikor"? Well portions of the tabletop community will certainly recognize these names.

Nicholas Johnson, also known around the Twitterverse as Draconick, is the first member of the editing team! Anyone who has read his work or seen his tweets knows that he has a way with words. And seemingly impeccable grammar. He's agreed to join the editing team to help make these books silky smooth. He takes commissions for editing, so make sure to hit him up.

Imachinate works as the Editing Chair at Worldbuilding Magazine. I did an interview for them that was published in their February Issue, "Death and Taxes". It was a fantastic interview and I recommend all the backers to read it. When I  first read the interview I was instantly blown away by the editing. They had somehow retained my voice while making it flow. After reading that interview I knew that whoever edited it was someone I needed in the future.

These two literary beast will be apart of the overall editing process for the upcoming books. They surely won't be the only two editors, I'm sure. I received a number of requests and offers from people willing to edit and proofread. Depending on how things go, that may still happen. But these two were on my list before the Kickstarter even started due to the work I'd already seen.

Post Kickstarter I'll throw up a Google Form to take in applicants for Editing in case we need more.

With that we now have a slightly longer road to....

 Fourth PDF - "The Animalists' Guide to Creatures" - Art by Jonah Lobe and T'umo Mere 

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