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If you missed the campaign, no worries! Pre-Orders are open on the website! Hit that Pre-Order button or to to get your copy!
If you missed the campaign, no worries! Pre-Orders are open on the website! Hit that Pre-Order button or to to get your copy!
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Stretch Goal #5 Unlocked - A 10 Page Comic featuring Nubia, Pirate Lord

Posted by Brandon Dixon (Creator)

Second day, fifth Stretch Goal unlocked! We are just clipping along with this hype train! This is one of the goals that I myself have been eagerly hoping we would get to.

I've been a huge fan of comics, basically ever since I was a kid. I've also been someone who's been very sad at the lack of good black characters in comics. We have a few, but that's it. A few.  So with Swordsfall I knew that one day I would want to tackle a comic. I just never would have guessed it to be so soon.

10 Page Comic, "The Rise of Nubia" Prologue

So I always had this idea of this cool comic introduction to a few characters. One of them being my favorite right now, Nubia.

She's what most wouldn't think of when they think Pirate Lord. 

Female, average build, bald, quiet.

And that's exactly why she's so goddamn lethal. There's something about a character who is criminally underrated that's just delicious to write. Waiting for the inevitable moment that they remind the world just who they are.

People have been asking about the Corebook. So here's the current Introduction that has a little slice of her beginnings.

Introduction Page from the Swordsfall RPG: Corebook - Art by Joakim Olofsson
Introduction Page from the Swordsfall RPG: Corebook - Art by Joakim Olofsson

The comic will show a tiny bit of her sudden rise and a little bit into her life now. We'll introduce you to her personal squad, apply named the "Killer Krew". A quick intro -

  •  Alara -  The one-armed second in command has managed to achieve a goal thought impossible. To be quieter than the notoriously stoic Captain.  The ocean life has a nasty habit of underestimating those who defy the common design. The sea floor is littered with the corpse of men who thought challenging a 1.5 meter, single-armed woman would be trivial. Alara is a prime example of why size doesn't matter. Especially when you're quick with a knife. 
  •  Nivan -   Her title of Master of Arms was given to her as a personal title, not as a ship title. One earned in battle as, during one failed raid by a rival crew, Nivan cycled through 34 different weapons scattered around the battle. Each one used flawlessly, and brutally to clear the deck of the ship of the outmatched rivals. We know it was exactly 34 weapons used in that battle. Because she currently has everyone displayed in her quarters. Bloodstains still intact. As is often said, Nivan is different. 
  •  La'Skrin - An enormous giant 2-meter tall slab of silent man. When the group walks into an area, it's often La'Skrin that's mistaken for the leader, or at the very least, the muscle. While La'Skrin is indeed every bit as powerful as he looks, he's actually a bit of a pacifist.Some of the members of his ship Dawn's Light joke that he's the heart of the Killer Krew. Just not while he's around, gentle or not, he's still 2 meters of brawn. 
  •  Bloodhawk -  Don't call him a pet. Never call Bloodhawk, a pet. The last person who made that mistake now has to explain to strangers why they're missing an eye. Bloodhawk is a Brood Eagle, a species of eagle that originates from a disappearing island.  The eagle came to the captain of Heaven's Fall during the last Trial of Kings to drop off an invitation to the mysterious contest. People have killed over a single invitation to the king crowning event. Nubia though had no such aspirations. She ripped up the invite in full view of the eagle and her crew. The bird of prey glowered at the captain and the captain glared back. The bird soared down from its perch and onto the captain's shoulder in approval. Since then, he's never far from her side.

Also, their name is meta. So meta even Nubia recognizes it.

The door to the bank crashed in with a thunderous crack. A number of figures sauntered in through the debris fluttering in the air. As the smoke cleared, the disoriented teller sitting on the other side of the room began to make out the scene.

His eyes went wide, his brain was finally started to register the twin trademarks of the woman in front of him. A gleaming bald head, and brood eagle perching majestically on her shoulder.

"Nubia" he whispered.

His eyes slowly wavered over to the colossal hunk of man towering over her, and a petite one-armed woman. His eyes darted back and forth as the totality of at all began to hit home.

1...2...3...Wait. He'd read the bulletins, he knew all too well who this pirate team was. There was four of them, exactly four. His finger twitched as it inched slowly toward the just slightly raised beige button hidden away below him.

"Please, press it. The way you smell makes me wonder what color your blood is." a voice cooed sweetly in his ear. His body stiffened as he felt the cold sting of metal pressed to the side of his throat. 

That made four.

"Killer Krew" he whimpered as his legs began to give way. His knees clattering against the sides of his desk as the fear gripped him.

The cold captain of Heaven's Fall sneered slowly at the words. Her eyes slowly, steadily, sweeping over the teller, his eyes now brimming with tears.

"Such an annoying name" she spat out with a tsk of her teeth.

I had no art to show on this one, so just some lore and such. Hope you enjoyed a peek. With that we look onto our next Stretch Goal....

Third PDF - "Pantheons of Tikor"!


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    1. diversionArchitect on

      Curious with Columbus, is this supposed to be referential to Christopher Columbus? It was my first thought, and does kind of pull away from the otherworldliness. Otherwise I like this a lot.