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Thin enough for daily use with Magnetic Lens Compatibility, Tripod Mount, and Integrated Charging System! iPhone 4/4S/5 ENDING SOON
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Joe Adams

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Down, but not out.


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Getting Very Close To A Finished Product.... Again.


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Long Productive Trip and things are coming together.

We have traveled from N. America to Hong Kong to Shenzhen and to our production facility in Guanlan.  We have spent every waking moment juggling meetings with packaging, wiring, lenses, and all of the other parts that make up ZOpro.  Things are coming together and we are making final tweaks along the way to make sure that the you will be satisfied after the long wait.  The small changes including off colors and some minor fit issues should all come together about the same time when we get the first final ZOpro's assembled and approved next week.  I plan to stay until assembled units are being put into the packages and Patrick (above) lives in Shenzhen and will continue to oversee assembly, packing and shipping once I head back.

                                                                                   (red is way off and being corrected)

The package above is a mock up and the final boxes will be printed with foil stamped logos and some unique textures.  The boxes should be ready about the time the final ZOpro's are being assembled and then we will be off to the races.

It's been a long wait and we have made plenty of mistakes but learned to much in the process.  We want to let all of you know how much we appreciate your patience and your support and want to thank you for making the whole experience possible.  Another update will be posted when we start assembly and shipping. 

Team ZOpro

ZOpro Injection Molded Case on the iPhone 5

Hi Everyone.  This is just a short update as we are getting ready to head over to China this week and bring ZOpro home!  Everything about the case really has exceeded our expectations and we really love the soft touch exterior on the final version.  It's simply luxurious.

Keep in mind that the case here is shown without the metal parts.  Those are being made right now and will be confirmed upon arrival with the cable and other parts for assembly.

We had a small issue on how difficult it was to push the bottom and the top together.  It's just a slight modification and our supplier is working that out now.  That is the first item that will be confirmed so they can start producing the quantities we need for assembly and fulfillment.

We will be sending out surveys this week before boarding the plane.  One of the options you will be given is to choose pre-production packaging or final packaging.  We are offering this option to backers who just want to get their ZOpro as soon as possible and don't really care if the packaging is final.  It may only make a difference of ten days or so but everything counts.  We will also be getting color request along with address confirmations and other house keeping items.

As far as delivery date for shipping we will update you all on that during the trip when we have confirmed all of the parts.  Boxes for US Backers will be shipped by air in bulk and most of the international orders will be shipped directly from China. 

And we will be sending along some shots of the factory where ZOpro is made as well.  Our goal is to get them out as soon as possible but we need to make sure overall quality is a priority.

Will be updating again soon!

Team ZOpro

Bringing ZOpro home...


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