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Thin enough for daily use with Magnetic Lens Compatibility, Tripod Mount, and Integrated Charging System! iPhone 4/4S/5  ENDING SOON
Thin enough for daily use with Magnetic Lens Compatibility, Tripod Mount, and Integrated Charging System! iPhone 4/4S/5 ENDING SOON
389 backers pledged $20,925 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kai on

      Can't believe I came and checked for an update. This project was fraudulent, so why did I think there would be an update.

    2. l.s. on

      Why hasn't Kickstarter responded to this situation to facilitate a resolution?

    3. Missing avatar

      Phil S on

      there IS an email for this "Alex" person.
      he IS associated with the project ( even has it in HIS profile )

      perhaps someone with a legal connection could email him.
      ( alexwerbickas(at) )

    4. Steve Lord Friend on

      really disappointed in how this project has turned out... taken my money and run

    5. Fuzzy Puffin on

      Joe Adams is an impossible name to google, so I found this:


      What's funny is that if you google his name you get a (now defunct) link to a session he apparently was in entitled "building a better business through crowdfunding" at a design conference.

    6. Missing avatar

      Raymond L on

      I suppose it's Graduate Armstrong State University, not Georgia Tech. More misdirection from his profile, lol.

    7. Missing avatar

      Raymond L on

      The account hasn't been logged in in over a year. I think contacting Georgia Tech may be in order to inform them that one of their (former?) students has scammed 389 people out of their money. I doubt they would want that type of association. Does anyone here know how to go about contacting his school regarding this matter?

    8. J. J. Gunnell

      Do we need to start filing lawsuits and getting the FTC involved ? This seems like fraud, and there is no courtesy of even keeping the backers updated.

    9. Missing avatar

      Phil S on…

      Report this project here. This seems like more of an official one than the google form we all did earlier

    10. Fuzzy Puffin on

      All the websites listed in Joe's profile are dead...

    11. Missing avatar

      Phil S on

      Hey joe!
      Do you have plans to support the iPhone 6 / 6+ or apple watch?

    12. l.s. on

      After no updates or communication in more than 18 months, I understand that ZoPro is defunct, as there were numerous unexpected and complex financial, design, and manufacturing setbacks. I have made multiple requests via comments and KS message to Joe Adams for a refund. In terms of a refund, it is only appropriate for Joe Adams / ZoPro to respond to and refund its loyal backers. It is an ethical breach, and I encourage an appropriate refund strategy that complies with the polices as defined by KS without further delay. I believe it has been a learning opportunity for all involved (designers and backers), however, resolution is needed.

      I have also submitted the form passed along by others in the message thread:

    13. Missing avatar

      Raymond L on

      Oh Mr. Adams... Are you still avoiding us?

    14. Missing avatar

      Darryl Cheung on

      Eastpointvet - yup, only thing I've never received either ...

      I hadn't checked the comments for a while but I filled in the form too, hopefully we'll all see something from this, and thanks for the link Marika!

    15. Eastpointvet on

      this is the only thing i have never received on kickstarter

    16. Chris Goguelin on

      I want a refund, do we have to start suing for our refunds?

    17. Gary Minato on

      Funding goal reached two years ago today - happy anniversary everyone :-(

    18. Missing avatar

      Adam Hiscox on

      I would suggest everyone fill out the form at the link below and voice your opinion. We all spent a good deal of money on a product that we will not be receiving, which equals fraud.

      Joe, it's sad that you weren't able to get your dream off the ground (although it's odd you were able to get another project done right after this -- presumably using ZoPro funds). Be straight and tell people you failed. Be a man.

    19. Missing avatar

      Marika Zep on

      I second that. I'd be happy if Joe Adams was permanently banned from KickStarter. Also filled in the form.

    20. Missing avatar

      Phil S on

      @Fuzzy Puffin

      Thank you I have also filled out this form.

    21. Fuzzy Puffin on

      It appears he hasn't even been online since Early August. I've filled out this Kickstarter form to report the project, though I doubt anything will come of it:

    22. Derek on

      So, can I have my money back?

    23. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      Joe your a joke, not only did you lose all of our money but you now don't even have the courage to reply to us. Your a terrible business man as well as a terrible person. Thanks for wasting years of our time

    24. TheEndless on

      Nearly two years and two (three, if you count the 6 plus) phone revisions, and still nothing. Could we at least get the extras like the tripod and lens kits that were part of our packages?

    25. Fuzzy Puffin on

      Darryl, I think the real reason is that he used up all the money in manufacturing. The only way we're getting a refund is if he gets sued.

    26. Missing avatar

      Darryl Cheung on

      I tried asking for a refund at least a year ago now, but Joe stated that it would be unfair to the other backers if I got a refund since he was still (I don't know how) optimistic that the ZoPro would be shipped at some point.

      What are you waiting for now Joe? The release of the iPhone 7???

      Do the right thing and refund the funds from all 389 backers ...

      Kickstarter, can you please make this scam artist refund our money with your new terms and conditions?

    27. Gary Minato on

      I'm thinking about starting a Kickstarter project to help with fitting the iPhone 6 into the iPhone 5 sized ZOpro: Incredibly Thin Case-Integrated Charging case.

      I'm having difficulty deciding whether to produce some kind of tool that will cut the iPhone 6 down to size so it fits in the case, or a tool that will stretch the ZOpro: Incredibly Thin Case-Integrated Charging case so it can fit the iPhone 6.

    28. Missing avatar

      Steven Houston on

      Before I would have argued other way But... This is a TOTAL SCAM!! NO UPDATES, NO INFORMATION, NO COMPLETION!! Please if you even want to support the little faith that is still "maybe" left in any of us, let us know what is going on!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Steven Houston on

      This is absolutely ridiculous. I have been patient and understanding, but this has gone to far. Last response I saw was from June!!! Please tell us what is going on!

    30. Missing avatar

      Phil S on

      Hey joe!
      Did you order a iPhone 6 or 6+ ?

    31. Matthew Kelly on

      Joe somehow had my post removed the popular site The project needed to be posted on the site to make everyone aware it failed and there is still no action after almost 2 years.

    32. Missing avatar

      Phil S on

      Did you watch the event joe?

    33. Gary Minato on

      Life Spot - KS project is issuing a refund since they will not be able to deliver the product;

    34. Missing avatar

      Steven Houston on

      iPhone 6 in less than a week....... What are you doing about moving this project forward? It's crazy to think this was supposed to be ready for when the new iPhone 5 came out....

    35. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      We deserve answers, what's the deal joe?

    36. Mario Frazzetto on

      Clearly Joe Adams is a gutless wonder.

    37. Mario Frazzetto on

      I DEMAND my money back!!!

    38. JayC

      From Kickstarter FAQ:

      Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

      Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn't fulfill their promises. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

    39. l.s. on

      After two years of waiting, it's time to refund ZOpro backers.

    40. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @Raymond it would have to be through your credit card company, on Amazon Payments it says you have to file a dispute within 30 days of payment.

    41. Missing avatar

      Raymond L on

      Looks like backers might as well start sending fraud claims with Amazon Payments and their respective credit cards. If nothing else, we would either get our money back, or end up pestering him enough to get some sort of response. This is getting to "Founders" level of disappointment.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rowan Warren Reynolds on

      No update in 10 months and radio silence to any comments or questions on here!

      Very poor customer service and very little compassion or consideration for any of the packers who supported you.

      You'll never succeed if this is your work ethic!

    43. Brad Dancer

      Sorry, sounds like you need to take a loan out to refund. You may not be in a position - but according to Kickstarter, if you cannot fulfill, you need to refund. What about those of us that gave you the money and trusted in you?- heading your way to a bit of a lawsuit if you don't figure this out.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kai on

      Renamed to 'Project Joke' due to a lack of updates, product or general respect for backers.

    45. Missing avatar

      Raymond L on

      So... Are we going to have to sue you to get an update? How about providing us with some exact numbers to give your backers some transparency on why you are so behind and on what still needs to be done? How much money do you still need? What do you need to get done? How many XiStera's do you need to distribute in order have enough funds to complete the ZOpro project? Are the ZOpro's ready and just waiting for distribution funds? Are the ZOpro's even made yet? What are you going to do if the iPhone 6 is released and neither the ZOpro, nor the XiStera fit it?

      With all due respect, your "not posting and update because there is nothing to update" philosophy is full of crap and just serves to anger us backers even more. At this point, you might as well sell more XiStera products to generate enough cash to repay all the ZOpro backers you have been teasing for the past two years.

    46. l.s. on

      It's time to refund all the backers since you are unable to deliver the promised product.

    47. Joe Adams 4-time creator on

      Yes, its been really frustrating that we don't have anything to update. We have shipped many XiStera's to backers who have give up on us as far as ZOpro is concerned. From our stand point we cannot give up on the project even though we are passing the product cycle. Since we were well short on funds to complete the project we obviously are in no position to refund. Distribution to our other product is key to getting the funds to complete the project and we have had some delays there. We will get something done here and as soon as we have concrete plans everyone will get an update. Joe

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