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Swim smarter. Heart rate sensors, workout tracking, IntensityCoach and PaceKeeper smart feedback. Improve strength & get in shape.
Swim smarter. Heart rate sensors, workout tracking, IntensityCoach & PaceKeeper smart feedback. Improve strength & get in shape.
Swim smarter. Heart rate sensors, workout tracking, IntensityCoach & PaceKeeper smart feedback. Improve strength & get in shape.
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Road to Swimmo, Current Software Focus and a Big Thank You


Hello Swimmers,  
we want to let you know what is our focus right now, what changes and improvements we have published since the last update and what is new on our website. 

Road To Swimmo 

As we are very close to having all white Swimmos shipped to Kickstarter backers, we thought we'll prepare a little infographic showing our and your road to Swimmo. It's been and still is the most exciting journey we've ever been on and we are happy it's far from over. Take a look at the Road To Swimmo.


Our Current Software Focus 

In the latest version of watch firmware 1.3.0 released publicly we've added:

  • Secured double taps for even better noise protection to prevent pausing by motion during swim, (if you experience some issues with not responding Rotate&Tap sensor, please wait for 2-3s without motion and then tap).
  • Motion filter detection from v1.2.4 to v1.3 improved to not cause problems for some minority of users with freezing "unresponsive" sensor.
  • More stable turning off of the POX light after the workout.
  • Lap counting algorithms improvements.
  • Watch ON all the time during the whole workout. Turned off screen saving. (This is experimental, may change, depending on feedback on battery life.) 
  • Off screen less sensitive to taps and motion. 
  • From now on Swimmo doesn't end training automatically when not active for long period of time. 
  • Rest time is no longer added in lap data times during data transfer. 
  • Improved connectivity parameters negotiated by the watch. This gives the benefits of 100% safe firmware update process, reconnections should no longer happen, faster connectivity on Android devices, more stable data transfer. 
  • Incorporated additional testing methods during production. Additionally, in coming days we'll add German, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Chinese versions of the watch software.

For best experience, please remember to update your watch regularly when alerts show up or simply by using Swimmo mobile app -> Settings -> Troubleshooting -> UPDATE NOW button.

After that we have lined up for future upcoming version of software: 

  • Interval set features introduced, set stats are available on the watch, these details will be transferred to the app in next releases 
  • Rest stats and rest timer features introduced, rest stats are available on the watch, these details will be transferred to the app in next releases 
  • Algorithms extended to collect more swimming metrics (rest time, SWOLF, stroke count...), will be transferred to the app in next releases 
  • Algorithms improvements in lap counting of reported edge cases and introduction of new algorithms signals to help in cases of miscounting 
  • Algorithms improvements in HR readings of some reported cases

You can always follow progress of product changes and improvements here.

New on our Website 

We are constantly adding new content to our website to better explain benefits of owning Swimmo but also to let everybody share an opinion on our Training Watch for Swimmers. That's why we have launched our Voices site where we publish some of the user's opinions and experiences with the device. You can see the site here and when you share a photo of Swimmo don't forget to mention Swimmo in the post! 

We'd also want to remind you that you can find many answers to your questions about Swimmo on our FAQ page as well as Video Guides. That's the fastest way for you to get support on some specific subjects and find out about how Swimmo works. 

Near future at Swimmo 

Since we have solid hardware base with constant improvement of our software we will intensify our efforts to increase swimmer's awareness of our training watch via many complimentary activities such as online campaigns, articles, professional reviews, swimming competition partnerships and others as we believe there's a real need for a device like Swimmo among swimmers of all kinds. 

If you want to be a part of these activities all you need to do is to post a simple post about Swimmo on Twitter or Facebook with a photo mentioning Swimmo or using hashtag #swimmo or #TheWaterIsYours. Join the fun! 


We want to thank you here for all the positive comments and constructive feedback you've been sending - we feel motivated to work even harder on future improvements and features. We also are thrilled about how often and how far you've already swum using Swimmo - this is the best indication for us that what we do is useful and helps you with your everyday workout!

We constantly keep improving, innovating and listening to your feedback to change swimming as we know it.


Thank You,
The Swimmo Team

White Swimmo Production, Interval Stats Development and Usage Stats

Hello Swimmers,  

                          welcome to our first update of the year! Today we'll talk about white Swimmo manufacturing, amazing usage statistics, development of Interval training detection and our brand new FAQ site that will answer your frequently asked questions!  

White Swimmo in production  

We are happy to say that, as we mentioned in previous update, white Swimmos are being manufactured as we speak. The test process of materials is over, plastics were sent to our production partners and first units are here! See one of the first white Swimmos below:  


As for the shipping those white units they are just starting to be assembled and should be shipped from our manufacturing partner in next weeks. And this  process will look exactly like what we've described previously: 

We ship watches to our shipping forwarder in UK. Addresses are verified and a 48-hour notice is sent out to you asking to confirm your shipping details. That's when Swimmo goes to transit and will be transferred from London to your address. We can't guarantee how long this part takes as it depends region to region and country to country.

Also the final batch (with few exceptions) of Black&White Swimmos will be shipped from our shipping forwarder this week!

Some amazing stats from You!  

To make a great product with lots of features is one make one that people really love using is a real measure of success! That's why we'd love to share with you some statistics about Swimmo usage that clearly indicates you are really enjoying our training watch:  

First of all we are proud to tell you that 70% of Android users say they love Swimmo. This is a very high number for the first edition of any consumer electronic device so we thank you for your support!

We are also stoked that you really are using Swimmo all the time and in recent days we have reached 3,5 millions of yards swam using Swimmo so we feel amazed and very glad that you find Swimmo useful and fun to wear!

3,5 million yards is the distance between London and Athens so basically you've already swam across whole Europe using Swimmo! This is growing really strong, we are excited watching this

Developing Improvements and Interval Stats 

As we stabilised the current software (Android, iOS, backend, watch software etc.) after the initial massive flow of users, we can now speed up development of improvements and brand new features for Swimmo. 

First big improvement coming to the watch will be always ON display option so you can glance at your results at any moment during your workout. We also plan to further improve lap counting algorithms in some identified cases. This should come out publicly together with changes already released in previous beta version (v1.2.4).  

What we plan to release next will be Interval Set Stats that will let you see your workouts divided into sets instead of laps. 

This will be a two-stage process of updates. You will be able to update your firmware with intervals preview on the watch first. This means that you'll be able to see your workout set-by set on your wrist. Next to follow will be updates to our mobile apps to extend the stats. 

We do hope it's going to make Swimmo even more useful for all of you! We can't wait for your feedback! 

These new capabilities will also help us debug some lap counting edge cases making the whole product even more precise! As we keep emphasising we are here for the long term.

Brand new FAQ site 

We also want to inform all of you that there's a new FAQ site available that can help answer many of your questions about Swimmo and make your experience even more enjoyable! We plan to constantly add more information there! Our process here is to eliminate the roots of the issues first instead of publishing upfront a bulky FAQ.

Access Frequently Asked Questions or watch our quick start video that help you with most basic tasks with Swimmo.


Changes in publishing updates. 

As we are close to shipping Swimmo to all backers we've decided that from January we will have two types of updates: 

1. Shipment and logistics 

 As we are very close to shipping all Kickstarter units, we won't push logistics news to  inboxes but make them available to everybody on our Kickstarter page. This way we won't send you mail messages that may not be interesting. At the same time we will use the 48 hour notices we send before the dispatch to make sure all the details of your order are correct. This is continous process of every healthy company that ships.

2. Product, features, improvements 

The second type of updates will talk about new features and exciting improvements for Swimmo Watch and App and these updates will be send to all of You so that you can try them out and give us feedback on everything that is new and improve the product  on your wrist.

We are constantly improving and perfecting. Your mobile apps get automatic updates, so except very rare cases you are enjoying latest stable version. Different thing is with watch firmware, which is updated less often due to complexity and importance of this critical software. We plan to inform you here only about major changes and new features when released fully publicly. Smaller improvements will come from regular updates and could be learned at our FAQ.

This year will bring a number of new and fresh elements to both Swimmo Watch and Swimmo App and we plan to make Swimmo even more useful to greater number of swimmers! Hope we will deliver you some excitement with software updates.

Thank You,
The Swimmo Team

Shipping status, White Swimmos and how our company works


Hello Swimmers, 
this is a fresh update that will give you news on the shipping status and next steps, will give you more info on the White Swimmo and we'll explain more about how our company works in order to be successful in the future.

Shipping Progress

Answering your questions, we’d like to present you with a little summary of our shipping progress. As of today, we’ve shipped:

Kickstarter Backers (placed via April-May '15): 
- 100% Black Swimmos in EU shipped
- 100% Black Swimmos in U.S. and Canada (North America) shipped or in transit
- 100% Black&White Swimmos in EU shipped
- 100% engraved Swimmos shipped
- Started shipping of MIX (Black&White) units to U.S.
- Today shipping parcels of multiple Swimmos in BLK and MIX (48h notice will came out today)
- Started shipping BLK units to Asia & other (meaning every country except U.S. and European Union - which got them already, in fact today Asia/Other should get 48h notice if you didn't get it earlier)

During next two-three weeks, we will be shipping remaining Black&White Swimmos to North America and to Asia & Other from our manufacturing partner to our shipping center and then to you. That except white version should very soon clear Kickstarter backlog of products.

(White Swimmos are not included here – see below for more details.)

Shipping Notices

We'd also like to make it clear that we are using a shipping forwarder from UK that is receiving watches from our manufacturing plant. During this time you receive 48 hour notice. That's when the transit from the shipping center to you begins and the time it takes depends on the region or even country you live in. After parcel finally is in external logistics (e.g. DPDUK), you also get shipped out/tracking email.

If you have purchased more than one Swimmo and your order includes White Swimmo the order will be processed later once white units are very soon available (see update below).

We plan to start shipping Black and Black&White Swimmos to pre-order customers this month and hope to send out new batches often. We also plan to create a better way to present overview of shipping progress for both backers and pre-orders. If you have any questions, you can ask via We kindly ask you for patience.

To ship Swimmo to pre-order customers we'll use the same tools (BackerKit) we are using now so you will receive a 48 hours notice before the watch go into transit from the shipping center to your address. Then you are able to update your address. These orders will be imported into BackerKit tool in batches and send out 48 h notices too if necessary.

White Swimmo - status update

Producing a high quality, long lasting product in white plastics that will meet all requirements for pool and salted environment is an incredibly complex task.   

Huge production companies with years of experience have acknowledged this complexity when they introduced white versions of their product even if they weren't supposed to be in the water at all (with the biggest example of white iPhone that was delayed for many months).

But we wanted to give you choice in colors and we wanted to make an object that will fit your style and your character. So, we've began extensive process of choosing from hundreds of materials and their combinations using specialized chlorine and salt endurance tests. Why? To make sure your Swimmo looks great even after hundreds of hours in the water.

This of course had initially impacted the timeline for the production of white watches and that is why they are the last color to be manufactured. As we explained earlier we can't easily switch from production of one color to another on the fly, so we had to produce large batches of black, then black & white and very soon white watches.

We have found the perfect mix to produce white watches and put them through a real chlorine hell to see if they prevail. And they did.

Now that you know that we also want to present you with a timeline of next steps for all of you that choose white Swimmo. White plastics should arrive in about 10 days to our manufacturer and we are now planning the shipments of White Swimmos in January.

How does our company work?

There are many stakeholders in the Swimmo project, one of them are backers, which we are the most grateful to, because you were the force to start this company and shared our enthusiasm about swimming tracking from the very first day of this Kickstarter campaign.

Sometimes decisions are not easy to make due to many stakeholders input (backers, investors, planning future growth, channels, deliverables) which together will make Swimmo not one-time only KS event but sustainable organization supporting you further and improving product for everybody going forward. 

When we've launched our Kickstarter campaign in April last year there wasn't many complete swimming tracking solutions swimmers were happy about. Together we've started something and today there's more companies trying to build a real swimming trackers. This is for benefit of swimming community. Our mission was always to change swimming in motivation and tracking by delivering high quality products that will grow with time to satisfy the needs of all kinds of swimmers whatever their workout is. 

That is why we need to continue our efforts to find new customers and revenue sources in order to be a success story not only here on Kickstarter but also on this exciting market of sports trackers and training watches. We want to give you the best Customer Care available, more and more features coming as free updates and the smartest watch for swimmers on the market.

That is a new path for us - in many ways challenging - but we are listening to you and trying our best. We know we make mistakes along the way but we learn from them and move forward to fulfill the mission and the promise of Swimmo. We are asking for your understanding and promise our full commitment.

Update you App!

Remember to update your Swimmo App regularly as we are constantly improving your Swimmo experience by releasing new versions of the application. It is particularly important on Android as we are often improving compatibility of new and less mainstream Android devices (and there's hundreds of them released every year!).

Thank You,
The Swimmo Team

Shipping news, improvements and the best way to contact us

Hello swimmers, 

we are back with our shipping update that includes the details of our next steps and also remind you about the best way to contact us! 

Shipping to USA and Canada

We are now in the process of moving another batch of 300 watches to our UK shipping center that should be finalized this week. After confirming addresses, they should go out to our U.S. and Canadian Kickstarter backers next week around Wednesday and arrive at their doors a week later. 

As you can see - this is a multi-stage process that requires many 3-rd parties to work in sync but at the same time it is the safest and quickest way to get the watches to you without worrying about any mismatch or lost packages. 

Please keep in mind that our goal is the same as yours - we want to deliver Swimmo to You - our backers as quickly as possible and all our decisions take that into account. 

We also do our best to give you all the answers we have so that you can be informed and up to date as we are. Every update we prepare we try our best to share all we can in order to let you know that we are open about this whole process. Hope you understand that we are focused at delivering Swimmo to you in a efficient and problem-free way! 

Your experience with sport trackers - the survey 

We want to invite all of you to share your previous and present experiences with other sport trackers to help us make Swimmo and our websites more tuned to your needs and let you find all information you need easily and quickly! 

To share your opinions please fill out the survey at this adress: (We would be really greatful!)

Improvements implemented thanks to your feedback 

Your feedback is making Swimmo better every day! During last 3 weeks, we've released new versions of both iOS and Android Apps and updated firmware on the watch. 

We have implemented multiple improvements during last few weeks: 
- improved sync and Bluetooth management, especially on Android
- even higher security of your workout data during transfer
- more responsive and tuned Rotate&Tap gestures
- eliminated accidental pause during workout (beta release)
- improved Strava integration
and many more! 

Best way to contact us 

We want to remind you that if you have something to share with us or you've encountered any issues with your Swimmo to fastest and easiest way to contact us is via the link below. 

This helps us react in a timely fashion to all your questions! 

Thank You,
The Swimmo Team

Exclusive Pre-Premiere of Swimmo Video Spot


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